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60 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“Prices, prices prices. This store is all about getting your drink on for minimal amounts of money. When you can pick up a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada, Summit seasons, or most Goose Island brews for $10.99, you know you have a kick ass place to stock up the beer fridge. A lot of six-packs are offered, including one of the only places I have seen that offers Walter Payton Roundhouse brews in bottles, for cheap. A decent selection of foreign brews, some harder to find 22 oz bottles from Three Floyds, Breckenridge and others. Mix and match bottles are very limited and pretty much include all the Sam Adams and Red Hook brews out at the given time. Wine selection is good and they have almost all the brands of liquor you would ever want. Hours are really f-ed up though and I believe they close at 8:45 in the evening....which sucks when coming home from work or a softball game later. Prices on everything are dirt cheap and they do offer up marked down beers that were involved in some broken cases. Rarer beer offerings are generally found here throughout the year but around the holiday seasons they are much more prevalent, so watch their displays and coolers there. Only cash, check or debit card accepted, no credit cards. Overall a fine place to purchase large quantities of brew.“
Narnad 5333 days ago
52 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“In this area, this is correctly the best beer store...however, do not expect anything special at all....just a billion midwestern six packs...the rest of the store rocks.“
Walt 5753 days ago
56 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“this by far is the best woodmans i’ve been in, nice selection of imports and domestics beers. have a limited selection of mix and match but you can get around that“
TheGuy 5799 days ago
44 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“I’m going to be honest, this place is a HUGE. disappointment. It’s gigantic, but having seven places for a stack of Bud Light is NOT selection. They have few new beers, and a good selection of beer in general, so I suppose if you’re in the neighborhood and you’re desperate it’s worth a stop, but it’s not worth it if you’re looking for a decent selection of seasonals of difficult-to-find micros. I think you might be far better off checking out a smaller grocery store.“
gws57 5924 days ago
56 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“This is one big grocery store! The liquor department is a separate entity and is as large as many stand-alone bottle shops. If you’re just shopping for beer, you’d be best off parking and entering at the North-end of the building.

A clean place... rather airy. Prices here are very nice, although (as mentioned before) the selection was rather bland. Deeper discounts on purchases of 6+ of the same item. No more Bells. No mead. A smattering of this and that. Nearly everything is cold... including the help. Cashier was nice but everyone else ignored me. Goofy brick-tiled floor makes your bottles clink and clank like a Pachinko machine as you push your cart around the store.

My sister lives just up the road so I may stop at Woodman’s again if I know her fridge is empty.“
frankenkitty 6209 days ago
66 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“Let me begin by saying this isn’t really Carpentersville. Exactly the same as the other Woodman’s I went to in Beloit. However, the selection is much different. A lot of Bells- $6.99, Great Lakes-$6.39, Three Floyds-$7.49. There are some good micros here, especially for a grocery store, and everything is cheap. They had the most pathetic assortment of singles, mostly Berghoff stuff and leinenkuggels. Imports were pretty lame. They had a fairly good selection of bombers and bigger bottles of European stuff. You can’t beat the prices here. I’m gonna shop here more often.“
Zeswaft 6603 days ago
62 /100 2100 RANDALL RD
“Okay, this is just like any other Woodmans and has a pretty good selection for beer in general. They do have some good stuff occasionally, things like Dreadnaught, bells, capital, etc. Dont expect anything grand, but within 30 miles right now this is the best that is out there.“
SubstanceT 6711 days ago
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