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74 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
DSG 2839 days ago
52 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Was there on noon 2013-11. We add breakfast at Tree Floyds, so the bar was high. First the staff couldn’t explain the beer style on the menu. 1 beer out of 5 was infected. We learned days after our visit that the Master Brewer had left the place. That explain everything. But I also learn lately that he’s back. So I will have to pass by to give it another try...“
Arcanor 2934 days ago
70 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Always busy crowd, beers are varied and tasty, so is food. Staff changes somewhat, as in the Brewers and bartenders. their Bourbon aged beers are worth the wait. Parking is slightly tricky depend time of day.“
BlackBeerPG 3124 days ago
74 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Une grand salle à mi-chemin entre le glamour et le resto familial. Une section plus pub anglais près de l’entrée est là pour fuir le brouhaha. La sélection est décente, la bouffe moins. C’est possible de partir avec des bouteilles et si vous êtes chanceux, quelques versions BA sont franchement bien exécutées.“
Marheb 3414 days ago
72 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Very cool train themed brewery with lots of nice taps and yummy food.“
mikem409 3431 days ago
90 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Bar and restaurant in an old railroad station in a great little city square area. Really friendly staff and we sat right at the bar. Beer was fantastic, food was above average. I would definitely try again.“
theothermatt 3434 days ago
78 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“A solid brewpub in Flossmoor, just outside of Chicago. It is a fairly spacious place. There are several TVs in the pub area. The beer list is pretty lengthy, at least 10 on tap, with about 5 regulars and probably like 8 seasonals, including some interesting beers such as a double rye IPA, 2 barrel aged beers, etc. The beers were good, but I’m not sure I’d say they were "world class". There is bottled beer too. The food is above average pub fare. I had a ridiculously large chicken salad (that was quite good). Overall, a good but forgettable place. I think they are still living on their reputation from ~6 years ago, but the beers I had weren’t quite at that level. Good variety though.“
LilBeerDoctor 3509 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“A converted train station, this big bar with a nice dining area is refreshingly fun without being tacky. Service was very good and efficient. Food was hearty and relatively cheap. Huge beer selection, with most above average. A great stop that is easy, pleasant and has lots of room.“
Ferris 3530 days ago
88 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Stopped in after 3F. Much quieter atmosphere, with a pretty cool bar and restaurant in an old train station. Brewing equipment, including a lot of copper, on display through glass. They were running 14 taps when I was there, all their own beers, including one sour and a couple of barrel aged goodies in addition to their regulars. Service was really nice, although the bartender kept calling me sweetie, and at one point I am sure she called me "love" :). Roll your own taster flights of any five of their beers in four ounce pours was kind of a nice treat. Wings were pretty good (after the rating was completed). All in all a fun place that I wish was closer to home.“
bytemesis 3697 days ago
88 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Hard place to find anything ad to say. Beer is great and interesting. Definitely a premier brewpub nationally for beers alone. Atmosphere is exactly what you’d expect in this area: a comfortable upperclass suburban casual dining joint. Food is good high class american pub fare. I can’t really imagine a scenario where someone wasn’t happy they visited.“
mkgrenwel 3741 days ago
82 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“GREAT environment to ENJOY beer but hold on if you’re not expecting the train as you gaze at the platform at the bar.“
TonysPourHouse 3786 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Stopped in for lunch on a weekday afternoon. Several items on the menu looked good and narrowed my choice down to the pulled pork. Very good. Ordered a flight of their beers (8), good selection. Was impressed with the whole brewpub, remodeled train station, very cool. Near the bar they have a cooler of their beers, so we picked up a couuple that we did not try with lunch. Reasonbly priced, and they were cold, always travel with a cooler and a growler. We also decided to fill our growler to share with our family. Will definitely return when we are in the area.“
jandd1983 3952 days ago
76 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Visited 7/30/2010 and again on 10/12/2010. More recently I stopped in for dinner with my aunt and uncle after GTMW 2012.

The first time was right around dinner time so it was pretty full and noisy. I did get a seat at the bar however. The girl at the bar was too busy talking to one of the patrons to help me much but I got my sampler and ordered a burger.

The food was alright, not bad but nothing to write home about. The beer was mostly average but there were a couple of exceptions like Slump Buster Mild, Tree Hugger Organic Chocolate Brown, and Vishnu’s Vice.

Moving around was difficult (walking to the bathroom or just trying to leave the place) as people were everywhere.

The sampler wasn’t priced too high and neither was the food. I think between the two my tab would have been $18. But then I got a bottle of the .357 Imperial Pilsner and Vishnu’s Vice to go and my tab came back at $40something. Good lord.

The second time was late and on a Tuesday night. There were 2 or 3 people at the bar and one table full of noisy drunk people, not that I have a problem with that. At least they were playing good music on the juke box. Got to try a nice glass of the Inner Sanctum IPA.

Would go back to try what’s new or if in the area.“
t0rin0 3969 days ago
78 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“ My wife, her friend, and I ventured to Flossmoor Station in late summer 2012 for our first experience. The location is a unique train station style restaurant/brewpub/bar that is massive. I’m assuming they can seat 250+ people at full capacity. We went on a Monday afternoon so it was slower but the service was great. I tried a couple beers there and took one home with me to try. There certainly was a wide and long list of beers to choose from. The food was just as good as the beer, so I will be returning again in the near future!“
Lemke10 4218 days ago
76 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Great place, first time here. Tuesday night, so I’m sure it was slower than normal, but good service. Food was very good, had the fish tacos. Of course their beers are also very good - about 15 or so of their own beer on tap. The 2 I had were excellent, especially the Panama Red.“
csaso 4241 days ago
76 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“The one time I went was on Bourbon barrel aged Hi-Fi Rye release day. Thus, it was f-ing packed, service was stressed and non-existent, and the crowd was pumped. Not a good atmosphere rate the restaurant but the beer was good and the 20 or so $1 tacos we got were a damn good deal for a hungry drunkard.“
EHouse 4299 days ago
78 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Great spot south of Chicago. Busy place yet with friendly service that cared for beer geeks. Solid if not excellent beer. Had plenty of fun being there. Highly recommended.“
Radek Kliber 4317 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Quaint joint, particularly coming here just a few minutes after the altogether different vibe of Three Floyds. Nice little suburb, and a very cool idea for a brewpub. Handsomely appointed, excellent service. Sat at the bar, ordered up a salad, which was average. But the taplist was terrific, and I had a chance to try multiple brews I’d never heard of as well as some real treats! Definitely recommended and I’d look forward to going back if I had the chance.“
JCB 4345 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“A nice place in an old train station with a nice outdoor seating area. Food has been good every time I have been. Service is good but they aren’t overtly knowledgeable. Selection is good with usually at least a barrel aged offering. Prices are fare and it is worth a stop if you are down this way.“
deyholla 4386 days ago
76 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“I thoroughly enjoyed the train station environment. Good solid pub food, and a decent selection of beer. I enjoyed both the food and beer I tried.“
queenholly 4412 days ago
92 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Wow. I was in town for a conference and stopped by here. This place was near perfection. I ordered a beer sampler and they brought me 16 different brews they had on tap. The food was high quality bar food - fish and chips were fantastic, and the pulled pork sandwich was quite good. Good service and a great local selection. And the aura was exactly what I want/expect from a local brewpub.“
maxwelldeux 4417 days ago
90 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“top notch small brewery. Good service, good food, Great beer. Go there if you are in the area.“
BeerBob26 4474 days ago
90 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Stumbled in during happy hour, when they had free pizza, sausage and peppers, nachos with tons of topping, and of course, beer. It was comfortably crowded with a great vibe, good service despite the crowds. Range of beers available was well above average, and all were solid to outstanding. A must-stop on any itinerary near Chicago.“
Travlr 4511 days ago
94 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“awesome place. great selection of beer. great ambiance. Great place to bring kids. Food and service really great. Beer is even better!“
quibus 4517 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Location right off of the tracks. Rainy cold day added to the ambiance. Pulled up a seat at the bar. Loved the toy train going around the top of the brewery. Lots of house brews on tap but nothing unique. Hoping for world-class but only had working class. Still glad I had a chance to visit.“
BOLTZ7555 4523 days ago
82 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Stopped by for lunch late October 2011. Very cool brewery/restaurant in a very nice town. Inside is big and clean. Service was good and prompt but you could tell the guy knew nothing about beer, that’s ok, I do. Selection of beer was very good, a dozen or so different offerings with the highlight being BA Collaborative Evil. Food was great, lots of options to chose from. Value seemed great for the sampler and lunch. This place is a must stop, for the beer, food and town.“
savnac 4526 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Stopped here on my way out of Chicago. Really nice location, and the inside was very appealing. My sister, who has been to many brewpubs ranks Flossmoor as her favorite based on appearance. I ordered the beer sampler, and chicken flautas, which were excellent. And my sister ordered the vegetable plate, which was huge! and fresh! The beers were of decent quality, I didn’t get to try anything rare, but it was a worthwhile stop.“
RudiNicole 4549 days ago
82 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“(Visited 02/2011): Made the nearly two hour drive from the northwest suburbs of Chicago to visit Flossmoor. The brewpub is located on Sterling right next to some train tracks and sits up a short hill of a circle. Parking is fairly abundant on the streets in all directions. The inside stays with the train theme and offers a view of the brewing equipment right at the entrance. The bar is straight back and there is table seating through the rest of the space. Available beers are posted in the bar area. As for the beers they have around 12 on tap and they are available in a sampler. Bottled Flossmoor brews are located in a small cooler to go as well, and I assume they can be consumed on premise too. Service on a moderately busy weekday evening was good. The server had a good grasp of the beers on tap and was attentive throughout my meal. Flossmoor’s food menu is fairly eclectic and they appear to do different "theme" foods. Typical appetizers, soups and sandwiches are augmented with gigantic burritos, fajitas, perch dinners etc. My food was enjoyable. Overall I am happy to have made the trip here and would visit again if given the chance.“
Dogbrick 4596 days ago
72 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Old train station, a bit upscale. Restaurant with a brewpub inside, small bar area. Good food. A lot of personality. Beer choices a bit limited. Nice place though.“
AWISLguy 4611 days ago
68 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Second timing visiting here, stopped by after visiting 3floyds which is very close. The food is very good and service is also on top of things. I would have to make the comment that after being here twice I have yet to find any of their more specialty beers on tap. Both times were early in the week a Monday and Tuesday. After reading reviews of some interesting beers rated only a few days before they were no longer available. It would seem that they make really small batches and tend to run out on the weekend. So I would say weekends would be a better time to go for more interesting offerings, which I’ll have to try myself. Did pick up some nice bottles though, and look forward to visiting again.“
Atom 4626 days ago
88 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“It’s a shame this brew pub is SOOOOO far south of me. I was in the area one morning for work about 10:30ish. I figured as long as I was in the area I might as well stop in. They were technically closed at the time (their break between breakfast and lunch) but they let me come in anyway and enjoy a brew while I waited to the cooking crew to arrive for lunch. I chilled out, enjoyed a beef sandwich and a few brews. I would definitely suggest stopping in if your in the area.“
JoePeesie 4646 days ago
74 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“I found parking to be easy, but it was about 2PM and the place was dead slow. An old train station and the restaurant looks good. Didn’t eat. Had a sampler with 5 good beers. Bottles to go with some limited selections. Everything seems pricy. Bartender was nice and helpful. I’ll be back when I’m in the area.“
Drake 4662 days ago
84 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Loved this place. Went on a Sunday afternoon with our 4.5 yr old son. Very nice menu selection. We had swanky salads and the onion soup. Our son had pizza. Everyone was very happy with their food. I tried a few sample beers, they were all wonderful. Staff was friendly and attentive too. Fun, and worth the trip. I wish we had a place like this in our area.“
15_2_Kuhnhenn 4669 days ago
84 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“The best food of the Illinois brewpubs that I’ve visited. Becky, a bartender is incredible. She doesn’t forget what you drink or even what salad dressing you prefer, even after a couple of months of not seeing her. Great atmosphere,good food, and a nice selection of beers. Worth taking the time to visit.“
ramrodivs 4678 days ago
82 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Nice brewpub in a train station. Menu typical but solid pub fare - very good. Very nice tap list of their beers. The only bad thing is the lack of parking. Otherwise a must stop if in the area.“
shrubber85 4689 days ago
88 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Really enjoyed that this was actually a train station right behind it. This one of the coolest bars in terms of appearance I have been too. Decor inside was great, staff was friendly, the place was really big. Really worth a stop here if your in the chicago area. They have nice patio out back too with a caboose too. Had a good time here.“
Ontbeertaster 4758 days ago
76 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Samples up to 7 from the house selection or all on tap up to 14. Ambient and clean, separate bar and dining, staff OK but not overwhelmed friendly on the dining section; didn’t try the bar. Busy on lunch time. Food very good.“
tkrjukoff 4765 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“I finally made it out here after realizing its only a 10 minute drive from one of suburban offices. A very cool location, a total small town atmosphere in the middle of no-where, easy parking out front and right by a metra stop for easy and safe travel from downtown. You walk in and the first thing I think is I can’t believe how big this place is, a huge bar area, then a dining room, then a separate dining room attached there. We were seated in the main dining room, which was a bit of a downer as being the first weekend of college football, only had one tv which was turned to White Sox baseball. The place itself is a little on the older looking side without much decorations but has a certain homey feel to it. Selection wise they had 6-8 beers that are always on tap (50-50 good and garbage) and they had limited or seasonals. That’s a big plus in my book, sadly no one offs or anything super special. The server was nice, but mildly helpful or knowledgable about beer. We ordered a sampler which was a good variety of beer, and awesomely included every beer of theirs they had on tap. The regular beers even had a laminted map that pointed to the beer and had a nice descirption. Very useful but for those who don’t know what beer to drink in what order probably not too helpful for them. The food was above average bar food and there was a huge selection. I was very surprised by this place, it exceeded my expectations in all ways and is a place I highly recommend depsite beers that are VERY hit or miss.“
chibuck 4799 days ago
70 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“This is a very quant, unique place. It was couteous and pleasant, but I would not say warm and inviting. The food was quite good and the service efficient on a quiet Sunday Aternoon. the beers are OK but a really big Beer might help the selection“
kassner 4813 days ago
80 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Making some pretty interesting beer now.“
JJSuds 4828 days ago
94 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Ambiance - A mixture of craft beer fans and locals with a wide range of backgrounds. Service - Is amazing, but that’s most likely cause I’m on a first name basis with almost all the bartenders (<3 to Annie and Becky!). Selection - The specialties are almost always above average if not exceptional Food - Despite the owner’s delusion of the quality of the food, it’s extremely mediocre. People only eat here, or think the food is good, is because there’s not much else of a choice in this area. Value -No mini-pint bullshit like FFF does with their DIPA’s, you can get full pints of everything except barrel aged beers.“
Icephyre 4874 days ago
74 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Neat location, but too far to visit on a regular basis. Food was your basic brewpub fare, but well made. They were out of the two most interesting sounding beers the last time we were there, but what I did have was very good.“
dragonlady1010 4954 days ago
92 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Awesome brewpub in a very cool location. The staff was very attentive. Great beer from what I tried. A top-notch brewpub.“
zizzybalubba 4962 days ago
78 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Of the southern Chicago and NW Indiana brewery’s this is the best stop. Cool location as well as a safe and scenic surroundings. The food is head and shoulders better than the competing locations as well as the beer. The fact that you can stumble out of the building and catch a train is a plus. Problems are that it gets very busy and service can be slowed due to this and it also is a family destination so little kids abound.“
redlem 5007 days ago
84 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Visited for the first time. They were out ot the beer I came to get, but Tree Hugger was excellent along with their standard Pullman Brown. I will be back.“
smconger 5045 days ago
78 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“I have a habit of wandering into nice pubs out of torrential rainstorms, and so it was with the Flossmoor Station brewpub in April 2009. It’s a handsome building and part of an active station on Chicago’s METRA line, which would probably make accessing the spot from downtown much easier than driving. I started with the Zephyr light and moved up to the Panama Red - both fresh and delicious. I was on my ownsome in the dining area - I suspect the rating would be higher if I was in the bar section with friends. Still, I feel "Excellent" is an accurate rating for this place. Oh yes, and the chicken wings were pretty good, too! One of the very best brewpubs I’ve ever been in. I’d be back in a flash if it weren’t so tricky to get to (my Chicago adventures usually take me way to the northwest), but I will try to return one day. Highly recommended.“
Mooncattie 5088 days ago
48 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Visited just as they were opening on a Friday. Set in a cool location (an old train station), our hopes were high, given this place’s reputation. We didn’t eat, but sampled all the beers -- and unfortunately we were a little disappointed. Although none of them were bad, none of them really stood out either. The menu seemed to be pretty standard American fare, too. Seems like a lot of people (us too) go in combination with a drive to Three Floyds ... definitely save yourself for the much better stop down the road in Munster IN. Brewery #509.“
Braudog 5125 days ago
60 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“ Went here the night before DLD. The atmosphere is that of a family restaurant, which I expected. There was a decent bar area filled with locals, some of whom, to my horror, were drinking MILLER LITE! They had quite a few of their beers available at the time, and I believe there were 12 included in the sampler, as well as some guest taps. The quality of the beer was very underwhelming. In general, the hoppy beers and brown ales/porters were good, whereas everything else left a lot to be desired. My ratings ranged from C- to A-. The .357 Imperial Pilsner that was being special-released that day was a flop. The food was pretty good but nothing to write home about. Pretty typical for a family restaurant/brewpub. Service was decent, although the waiter seemed a bit confused about which beer was which. At a brewpub, you’ve got to know what’s currently on tap. So this is the great Flossmoor, is it? I must say I sort of agree with the complainers on this one. It’s an above average brewpub, but definitely not a great one. Seems their previous brewer, Todd, may have been putting out some better beer. I’d believe it considering he’s doing great stuff at FiftyFifty now.“
nickd717 5127 days ago
82 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“Last day in Chicago for my Dark Lord trip, went here for an early Sunday lunch. There were a few people there for brunch, but we had pretty much the whole place to ourselves. Claimed the wrap around area of the bar and settled in for a fairly sizeable sampler of their 12 beers on tap (and at $9 or $10 excellently priced). The food was a slight departure from the typical brewpub fare. Pretzel bread was good, but the cheese dip, which I had envisioned as an actual dip, was more of a spread. Green bean fries, and the big burrito were tasty. Nice place with a nice atmosphere and the train station theme throughout was pretty cool.“
j12601 5134 days ago
90 /100 1035 STERLING AVE
“I was really impressed with this place. Came out here twice while visiting the area during Dark Lord Day weekend, and I enjoyed my time spent at Flossmoor much better than what I experienced at FFF. Took the wife and family out to dinner and was impressed with the selection -- kids seemed happy and they also had a few nice vegetarian selections. All the beers I tried were phenomenal -- in particular the Pullman Brown. I ended up buying a bunch of bottles to take home and may even choose to stay in the area next trip to Chicago.“
chaz01 5138 days ago
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