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88 /100
Beer Bazaar (Beer Store)
“This is a small store in the middle of nowhere; it has a vast section though. Lots of self-distroed breweries in Chicago come up here. the selection is pretty wide considering the store size and everything is available as a single. There is also a large amount of space dedicated to bombers and large formats. If they upped the ante and offered more 6 pack selections they would be a real gem, but for now I go there every once in awhile because it is near my parent’s house.“
crossovert 1489 days ago
80 /100
Beer Bazaar (Beer Store)
“Good store. All beer. Sorted by style. Some coolers, mostly not. Tough to get in and out, prices slightly high, but not many other options in the area. Sister store to Jim’s in Mundelein. Jim’s is slightly better“
ck1 2111 days ago
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