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82 /100 136 CEDAR AVENUE
“This location also serves as 9th hour brewing where they sell their beers too. Harbor brewing newly renovated place. Large beer list, and friendly bar tenders. We found that we like the 5 beers we had as a flight.“
BlackBeerPG 142 days ago
60 /100 37041 N IL RT 83
“Neat little place. Most of the beer is in a walk-in cooler. Rando selection of singles on the middle table but it appeared you could pull singles of anything, which I did without issue. Seemed like the beers were pretty fresh in the walk-in. The front facing doors on the other hand were a little scary. 2017 beers in there. Belgians that maybe could take it. But the Hop Stoopid label had almost completely faded from the light. Also a deli with Board Head meats that looks tasty. Customer service was very meh. Prices fine.“
Drake 539 days ago
38 /100
Lake Villa Liquor (Beer Store)
“Pass. I stopped here because online reviews were good. Store is a mess, and not in a good way. Stock seemed old. Very little organization. The restroom in the corner lent a urine smell to about a third of the store. Only thing I left with was a 2020 Bourbon County variant. Didn't trust anything else. On the plus side I was greeted, asked if I needed help, and the guy there seemed genuinely friendly.“
Drake 539 days ago
76 /100 37041 N IL RT 83
“Great little store with a good selection of micro brews“
Dhacmbs 4365 days ago
72 /100 37041 N IL RT 83
“Nice variety of craft brews, all cold. Walk in cooler. Mix and match a six pack. Owner will remember you by name if you stop to chat. Deli with sandwiches, but I have never had one. Large humidor.“
scrubfish 4423 days ago
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