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68 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“A small town brewery restaurant which was quite busy on a Sunday afternoon. They had 4 beers of their own on tap plus 10 guest ones (Stone, Founders, Firestone Walker...). Service was friendly, the beers pretty OK and food decent. Maybe some spices could turn it tastier. If you’re heading from Iowa City to Toppling Goliath like we it could be a recommendable stop.“
rosenbergh 2518 days ago
76 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“Nice place about a 10 mile drive north of Iowa City. Pretty big space with a large bar area and lots of outdoor seating for the 4 days a year Iowa isn’t below zero or over 100. Food has some misses but for the most part is very solid. I’d go so far as to say this is the best food I’ve ever had in the Iowa City area and probably in Iowa in general. Service is a step up from Iowa City, but pretty sub par or perhaps lets just call it average. The beer really shines here. They are doing a great job with gold ales mainly super hoppy pales and berliners. Overall the sour beers I’ve had here have been some of the best I’ve had, Que Sera is a true gem. The malt liquors deserve a good shoutout as well. Just very solid brewing, honestly the best brewpub going in Iowa by a long shot. My only complaint about the beers is that sometimes they’re too high boost for my liking but knowing the brewer that makes total sense. Food and beer is quite inexpensive and a steal for the quality. This is a true gem in the middle of a complete wasteland of good food and fresh beer. My score seems low for how nice this place is, probably should have the number one spot in Iowa.“
DietPepsican 2997 days ago
46 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“I have had a beer on tap elsewhere before and it was decent. What I had on tap at the brewpub was subpar. A decent small selection of guest taps. Expensive but good food. Service was terrible. Decent looking place but seemed cookie cutter blah. Overall it was certainly not worth the trip. Meh.“
heemer77 3005 days ago
80 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“A surprisingly good brewpub in Solon, Iowa, near Iowa City. They had around 8 house taps, plus a bunch of interesting guest taps (Stone Xocoveza and some other unusual offerings). Their house taps included some interesting styles you wouldn’t expect from a small brewery, such as berliner weisse, gose, barrel aged imperial stout, harvest ale. All were pretty good. The menu focuses on "farm to table" ingredients, slightly above your typical pub food in quality. The smoked Laotian pork sandwich was very good. Overall this place surprised me, and it’s clearly worth a visit, especially given that you’re not going to find much better in this location.“
LilBeerDoctor 3270 days ago
78 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“Up-and-coming new brewpub. Solid home brews, good selection of guest taps, food that is good pub fare. The bartenders are enthusiastic about all beer (not just their own) and have a good knowledge base. Worth a stop if you are in the area. “
rondphoto 3384 days ago
80 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“Large brewpub in Solon, nice looking spacious interior, high ceilings. I came here at 5pm on a week day and the place filled up very quickly with a local crowd, mostly there to eat. They had 7 of their own beers on tap and a few guest taps as well, including Tilquin Gueuze! Their beers were pretty good, this place has a lot of potential. Tasters were $2-3 and nearly 7 oz. The food menu looked good, I didn’t eat, though. Thanks to the bartender at Backpocket for letting me know about this place. I would like to come back next time I visit the Hawkeye State.“
ajnepple 3466 days ago
70 /100 101 W MAIN ST
“Good addition to eastern iowa. I think it has promise, but it’s early still. Big loud rooms. About 7 of their own beers on tap, plus a few Stone and others. Food was ok. Re-rating now: it’s gotten MUCH better. Their beers have improved immensely.“
GJF 3558 days ago
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