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“I used to be an avid DEPs fan when it was at its older, smaller location. All the employees were helpful and you never had to look far to ask for help. As mentioned below, they have a nice variety, but few choices within each category. Since it’s moved locations it’s changed a lot. Staff is neither helpful nor knowledgeable. In fact, twice now they have been downright rude to me, if not condescending. I have been a regular customer since I moved to Cincinnati three years ago, but they’ve officially lost me. I live right down the street and I’d rather drive to Newport to Party Source than go to DEPs again. It’s a shame.“
magent2 4107 days ago
“My wife and I popped in here on an impromptu search for Schlafly Pumpkin Ale that was hitting dead ends at the other stores across the river. After a few phone calls to various stores from the parking lot of another store, this place had it and set it aside for us. They also pointed at the other remaining six-pack on the shelf, which we quickly bought up. The beer cooler revealed a nice selection of bombers and six-packs, and though not a selection on scale with Party Town or Party Source, a nice level of quality.“
phaleslu 4261 days ago
52 /100 1017 S FORT THOMAS AVE
“micro pub with one homemade brew on rotating tap. Place is smoky and frequented by locals. Food was really good and cheap. Service was OK (server’s first night on the job). Owner brews his own beer. Atmosphere was bar scene with a pool table and a jukebox.“
Chudwick 4596 days ago
“very professional. service is friendly, but not too interested in offering unrequested help. Nice variety, but few choices for each variety. Simply quality over quantity. lots of hard-to-find beers. Prices are cheap considering this is Kentucky. I do plan on going again and again (real close to where I live), because of these hard-to-find choices.“
Chudwick 4602 days ago
“I am rating this slightly higher than I would if it was not right up the street from my house. So, location plays into my overall rating. This place is mainly a wine store, but has a great beer selection cheaper than Party Source and Party Town. However, the selection is much smaller compared to the two. I found a few hard to find Dogfish Head beers here. They have a great selection of 22oz, but not many, if any, singles.“
AndyReynolds 5457 days ago
“Good Value, Nice Belgian Selection“
brandonbeer 5690 days ago
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