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“Typical Whole Foods location, pretty solid wall of local and other beers, surprisingly reasonable prices. Easy stop before heading downtown.“
desurfer 1439 days ago
“Good selection with a few beers I could not find anywhere else. They have a decent single offering as well. Whole Foods has a great atmosphere which always adds to your perception of the place, but it is not a top beer lovers destination in NO. However, I enjoy going there sometimes for obvious reasons. Food selection is top notch no surprise.“
Poobah 2353 days ago
74 /100 714 ELMEER
“Typical box type store with wine, liquor and a bit of beer. Also has a small grocery/bistro on the other half of the building that looked like a place to get a decent meal, a la Whole Foods. Very friendly guy in the small back beer area, typical grocery store-styled checkout service at the front. I was pleased to find about a dozen regional brews and the remainder of the roughly 150 beers were a decent selection of the stuff I see almost everywhere. Prices seemed in-line, but wasn’t able to do comparison shopping in the area.“
nearbeer 2357 days ago
“I really like this place. The selection is amazing and constantly rotates, so you will always be able to find new beers as a regular. The food is also some of the best bar food I’ve had for a chain. Service is incredible as well. Where they get you is the prices. Beer averages 8-9 a piece and can go up to as much as over $50 for a nice bottle. The food is a little more reasonable, with some burger choices.“
airrick2003 2376 days ago
88 /100
Dorignac’s Food Center (Grocery Store)
“Been here before but this trip was much better. While perusing their selection Sonny approached me to ask if I have any questions. I said that I’d like to try something new, then he proceeded to spend 15 minutes with me telling me all the ones that he regards as unique and/or exceptional. His knowledge was extensive and was supported by his travels to many locations where the beers are brewed - Bamburg for example. Their offering is significantly better than my last visit which was only one year ago. They were right up there with Stein’s in obscure choices, but their quantity was greater in scope.“
Poobah 2609 days ago
“One of two Whole Foods that I visited while in NOLA. This one was just as close to the business district as the Arabella Station location and was easier to get in and out of. The beer selection was also better. Not as trendy but still a nice place to pick up some brewskis.“
fiveacestx 2737 days ago
“Visited February 19, 2014.

This is in a large shopping center at a very busy intersection so I imagine that this place gets a lot of traffic which hopefully that equates to high turn over in the beer department. They do have a decent selection and I didn’t see any out of date seasonals on the shelf so there is that. They’ve got a decent amount of beer in the fridge and a little on the shelf. I’m starting to see a pattern here, that people in Louisiana can appreciate good beer but 1) not in New Orleans and 2) they don’t make a lot of good beer here. Step out of the city limits and you’ll find better beer selections. Bayou Teche, Monk’s, and NOLA were there as were St Arnolds, Shiner, and Sweetwater. Chimay, Orval, Lindemans, the Belgian classics were present too. The biggest surprise for me was seeing an Anchorage beer on the shelf.

Over all the beer selection here is not bad at all. You won’t find anything super limited but you can definitely find something good. Oh, and this is where I got to tick king cake“
t0rin0 2825 days ago
74 /100 714 ELMEER
“Visited February 19, 2014.

This is one of about five liquor stores (that are rateable here) on Veterans Memorial Blvd. Technically this is on Elmeer but you can see it from the main road. This is also one of the best of the bunch. The others include a Greek specialty store that has practically no beer and a decent Whole Foods.

This place is large for a wine store and it has some sort of deli counter that I did not bother looking at. Most of the store is dedicated to wine but they have a second room in which a wall is dedicated to beer. On that wall you can find a number of local beers and some regional beers as well as some of the national brands and imports. The import shelf has the standard stuff (some good some not) like Rochefort, Corsendonk, Dupont, Lindemans, Orval, Modelo, Stella, Chimay, Delirium, and Westmalle. Not too many national brands present but I did see some Stone, Brooklyn, Clown Shoes, New Belgium, and Magic Hat.

Prices were a bit high, the selection was pretty good, over all not a bad store.“
t0rin0 2825 days ago
76 /100 3501 VETERANS BLVD
“Visited February 19, 2014.

This was supposed to be a quick stop on the way up north to Old Rail but the beer list is pretty impressive. Well, it was extensive and in that sense It was impressive but it also features a lot of locals. They also had some local bottles. Monk’s, Abita, NOLA, Tin Roof, Bayou Teche, they’re all represented. I guess Wasatch is distributed down here. They also have some crap like Blue Moon, Sol, and Dos Equis. It’s no Avenue Pub or anything but it’s a place to get a good beer. It’s also across the street from the Whole Foods that is rateable.

This gigantic tap list is hidden in a dimly lit bar that is next door to an auto repair center and a Chinese restaurant. It’s also on a very busy intersection that can take several minutes to cross on foot. It’s very dark and divey in here but I guess that’s alright. It has a Moe’s Tavern feel to it. I didn’t try any of the food though some of the burgers have some appetizing names like the Chimay Bleu Cheese Burger, The Optimator Burger (with chili), and the Delirium Mushroom Jack Burger. Prices were a little high on drinks and food but since I didn’t try the food they might have been large portions. Certianly judging by some of the clientele I can believe that the portions are large.

I probably wouldn’t make a trip for this but if staying in the area I could see spending an hour here over a burger and a beer.“
t0rin0 2826 days ago
74 /100
Dorignac’s Food Center (Grocery Store)
“Visited February 19, 2014.

Wow, not bad for a grocery store. In fact not bad for NOLA (area). At this point I hadn’t been to Stein’s yet so the only respectable beer places thus far on the trip were Avenue, dba, and Jimani. Those are of course all bars but the point is that all the liquor stores in town (at least around the French quarter) are garbage. Here they have a decent sized aisle full of beer. Lots of classics available like Delirium, Chimay, Corsendonk, Weihenstephaner, Unibroue, Orval, and St Bernardus. They had some American staples as well like Rogue, Sierra Nevada, and Sam Adams but they also had some more local and regional stuff like Parish, Monk’s, Abita, and St Arnold. To top it off they have several 5L mini kegs if that’s your thing. There is a small amount of refrigerated beer but most of it is on the shelf. Not entirely bad since I didn’t see much in the way of hoppy beer rotting away but it would be nice to see more of it kept cold.

Beyond that it’s a pretty common (albeit large) grocery store. It’s easy to spot from the main road (Veterans Memorial Blvd, which causes problems due to naming inconsistency) and they have plenty of parking. Pricing is average, maybe a little better than average.“
t0rin0 2826 days ago
22 /100
Byblos Market (Grocery Store)
“Visited February 19, 2014.

Yeesh. Who added this? When I saw this I was thinking it would be a gourmet shop where I could maybe find some Greek and possibly other obscure beers but no. They have one fridge door with a few macros in it and nothing else, though I did see a lone bottle of Viru sitting behind the counter (at least that’s what it looked like). Not to disparage the store, which did have a lot of interesting foods, but this is NOT a beer stop. Also, it’s on the wrong place on the map. It should be about a mile to the east, a few blocks from Dorignac’s (which actually has a good selection).“
t0rin0 2830 days ago
“Standard Whole Foods setup; grocery store, but well lit and well organized. Staff is nice, but rare that someone assists those shopping for beer. Selection was pretty good with plenty of local options for people passing through that want to sample things they can’t find out of the area. A few rare big bottles, but overall I thought the prices were a little high. Not a bad place to find a few new things to try, but do note that everything is chilled and you won’t find anything at room temperature.“
sonnycheeba 2953 days ago
74 /100 3501 VETERANS BLVD
“Pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this place in Metairie. Dark, pub feel inside. TVs for the sports fan. Range of tap selections was pretty impressive. Prices reasonable. Would stop by again if staying the area.“
accpete 4634 days ago
74 /100 714 ELMEER
“definately a must stop when going to metairie. all beers are sold as singles which is good and all are room temp. they are a bit more expensive than whole foods, but most of whole foods selection is kept ice cold.“
deepsouth 4957 days ago
76 /100 714 ELMEER
“You can find a pretty good selection of beer here. Not as good as it once was, but still lots to select from. Good food too!“
LeRay 5164 days ago
84 /100 714 ELMEER
“This place has the best beer selection of any store in the city!“
Beerbuddha 5233 days ago
70 /100 3501 VETERANS BLVD
“Inside is dark, somewhat loud, and smoky but overall decent. Quality beer selection, and the opportunity to order half-pints is great for trying multiple beers. Pretty nice burger and waffle fries. I’d go again.“
desurfer 5291 days ago
80 /100 3501 VETERANS BLVD
“take the journey around the world but start at #1 and work your way through to 75. try the sirloin - incredible. lots of TV’s tons of variety and the lizard.“
Frauditor 5334 days ago
72 /100 714 ELMEER
“Ambiance; was that of your typical Now Orleans Deli. The isles were wide and fairly clean for the amount of traffic that goes in and out of there. Service; if you are buying wine, the staff is all over you, but when I had a question about pricing or the availability of there beer I had to go find someone. Selection; was very good. Food; there is a Deli and the food smelled great, didn’t eat... I have friends who live in Kenner, La, she and her husband recommend it highly. Overall; the staff is friendly, courteous and even offered to take my purchase to my car. There website for the most part reflects what they have in stock. One staff member told me they were in the process of updating there beer list due to discontinuation or availability of beer products from there distributor(s). My only grips was (1) the availability of 750ml bottles, very small selection; (2) that all bottles of beer, no matter the size, was sold individually or by the case; Example I picked up a six pack Afflingem Blond 12oz bottles @ 2.79 a bottle, that is 16.74 for a six pack. Went to another store down the street and it was 9.99 for the same six pack. Anyway, a little on the pricy side for what I’m use to, but the selection is good. I recommend a look.“
LLee 5484 days ago
80 /100 3501 VETERANS BLVD
“Great place. Decent pub decor. Large selection of beers. Food is great. Parking lot is tight. Don’t drive drunk!“
n0kwa 5620 days ago
“Worst burger I have had in years. No lie this thing was awful. I am a dork and I order my burgers medium well. I didn’t think it was possible, but they managed to completely burn the crap out of the outside of it without cooking the inside to even medium done. As a feat of grill engineering that is amazing. As a food it was awful. To prove they wern’t done the bun was stale! Everyone else enjoyed their food so I think the lesson here is don’t order a burger. The beer is middle of the road with the APA being the standout, but it tastes exactly like Sierra Nevada so don’t expect anything exotic.“
NYHarvey 5988 days ago
“3/2007 UPDATE; Beer is now brewed by Heiner Brau from Covington. Great German lagers on tap here now. The trout dish was very good. check it out. Located in a strip mall in suburban New Orleans. I’ve stopped by for beers only a few times but I’ve heard the food is very good. There are usually 5/6 beers on tap, with the quality ranging from good (IPA) to great (Abbey, Mild Stout. In the beer desert that is Louisiana, Zea provides top-notch quality beers.“
bleeng 6254 days ago
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