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72 /100 WILSONOVA 689
“3 regular and 2 seasonal beer from the brewery, some of their beers in plastic bottle in the fridge“
kolemkoukolem 224 days ago
68 /100 WILSONOVA 689
“The newer of the two Slaný brewpubs, Továrna is located by the local railway station, a nice, fairly short walk from the center. Looking monumental from the outside, it doesn't actually take that big of a part of the big building - a couple of floors, 40-50 places per floor, a classic dark wood affair, and a nice little patio outside. 6 taps I think, taken by their 10° pale, 12° pale and dark, and their rotating APA. The rest was I guess Birells or something. Expected more, but the beers are nice. The APA (which changes hops frequently) was described on a board outside (the APA description in the toilet was out of date(?!)). Good service. Didn't go for the food this time. Dunno, kinda expected more from it and its selection - Antoš has it beat when it comes to the selection, but these guys are holding their own when it comes to quality. Should revisit it at some point. How to get there: If you want to start your Slaný visit here, and not at Antoš, take the 388 bus (preferably) from Nádraží Veleslavín to the "Slaný, železniční stanice" station and backtrack a little. I guess the ticket should be 40 CZK just for the "out of Prague" part of the trip in one direction.“
Marko 587 days ago
72 /100 WILSONOVA 25
“Another surprising but welcome find in Slaný on Wilsonova, forming a little island of craft with Hugo (and Továrna). It's honestly primarily a wine store, with its 12 taps or so being almost exclusively dedicated to wine, however, it's definitely a beer store as well, as its 3-4 fridges are pretty well stocked. Krušnohor has its own fridge pretty much, there are a bunch of Máša beers, a new brewery for me - Chmeloun from Kralupy, Švihov, Želiv, Záhora, Chříč, a few bottles of Clock and Zichovec and some random others perhaps. Quite a good representation of styles honestly, though not all the breweries are hype stuff. Good prices. Must be (and should be) a boon for the locals, and even I found different ticks, so definitely worth visiting when it town - and probably the same for wine too!“
Marko 587 days ago
72 /100
Hugo Bagel Café (Restaurant)
“Despite having 2 breweries, Slaný isn't much of a craft beer destination, or at least that's what Google would have you believe. Searched if it could recommend any craft beer places and it only listed the breweries. Imagine my surprise when, walking from the center to Tovarna, I spotted a Zichovec sign and this place. The outside menu didn't promise much, but it suddenly became obvious that this bagel café has a pretty good selection - 6 taps, generally rotating Zichovec, Matuška, Černý Potoka and Pioneer Beer (had a Bakalář n/a as well). The fridge hosted a good selection of those as well, and a Redbrook cider too. The food generally looks nice, but sadly, ate elsewhere - next time I'll probably prioritize this. Good service all in all too. The inside patio is quite nice, and a relaxing place to have a beer or a meal and chill. All in all, a great find in my book! How to get here? Well, it's on Wilsonova street going from the city center to or from Tovarna and the railway station, so hard to miss if in town.“
Marko 587 days ago
70 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Ah, Antoš, once a brewpub, now they have a production facility on the eastern edge of town - there may still be some production going here, but I don't know. Their beer quality was a bit of a rollercoaster over the years, and still is (the Slanee brand being a pretty terrible case of rebrandeeng). The place came highly recommended for the ribs and its cheapness, albeit by a friend who hasn't visited the place in a long while. Nicely central, a stone's throw from the main square, it has a fairly sizable patio - not even sure they allow indoor seating now, and I certainly didn't see anyone doing that there. Pleasant, fast service, professional. 7 beers were said to be on tap, but the Kölschoid wasn't on. Their 11.8% was there (44 CZK) , their polotmavá 13% (46 CZK) , a sub par summer ale, a nice kiwi gose, okayish cherry sour and Tlustý Netopýr IPA (specials for something like 60-something for 0.4l). The regular lager was in very good shape, but isn't Czechia's top class (anymore?). They have bottles of more if you don't want to go to the beer store at the brewery. Had something from the daily menu for 125 crowns - the meat was very nice, the rest unexciting. All in all, a no-brainer if you're in town, really no competition in the center itself. Slaný makes for a passable few-hour detour from Prague anyway, and this potentially combines passably with a late flight or something. How to get here: 388 from Nádraží Veleslavín (green line metro towards Nemocnice Motol) to Slaný, Pražská and walk on towards Slaný's center (can't miss the direction honestly). Paid 40 CZK in one direction, but I have a pass for Prague, so it might be more for you. 342 from the same station and 324 from Zličín work as well, but take much longer as they are far less direct. If you time things right with 388, you'll be in the pub in slightly less than an hour. PS. It's actually something like 20 minutes away from the airport by car, just in case you're cutting it very, very short. :D“
Marko 589 days ago
74 /100 WILSONOVA 689
“brewpub outside Slany town centre. 6 of their own beers on tap, all of them very tasty., Staff friendly and helpful. Didn't try the food. Well worth a visit if you are in the area!“
Quack-Duck 2163 days ago
82 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Visited 16.10.17 in the evening. We had to cancel our initial plans to enter the city for a quick drink before the flight due to a car accident right after the German-Czech border. Bummer. Looked at RB map and figured that this place is on the way to the airport, so why not? So yes, a brewpub right off the road from Saxony to Prague, and apparently 5 minutes from the airport. Literally. It was busy with diners when we got there but the service was efficient and took our time-limit into consideration. Staff speaks English, beer is decent, food is good (a few vegetarian and one vegan option). Better than killing time and paying for overpriced airport beer.“
kerenmk 2280 days ago
90 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Prostřední je velmi příjemné a navozuje dobrou atmosféru. Obsluha je příjemná a profesionální.Výběr je široký a jídlo je velmi chutné. Pivo je čepováno do adekvátních sklenic, dobře vymytých a bez vedlejších zápachů. Cenově se jedná o vyšší kategorie ale stojící za to.“
Jamedra 2615 days ago
62 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10


Centrum przypominające małe miasteczko, natomiast obrzeża mają charakter upadłego industrializmu. Dojazd prosty, 50 minut z centrum Pragi. W samych Slanach kierować się na rynek.
Dwupiętrowe pomieszczenie + piwnica. Wystrój drewniany. W środku kadzie. Klimatyczny.
Można się porozumieć w języku angielskim. Poza tym obsługa miła ale średnio ogarnięta.
Wybór piw
Wybór słaby, praktycznie tylko jedno piwo warte uwagi.
Dodatkowe informacje
Brak możliwość zakupienia czegokolwiek związanego z browarem.
Warty odwiedzenia jedynie w przypadku gdy jest się w okolicy.“
FurgajoncyHnys 2814 days ago
72 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Splendid brewpub and restaurant in a newly refurbished old house on the southern edge of the sleepy town of Slaný("salty"); a broad selection of their own excellent beers (plus occasional seasonals) is offered; the - sigh - czech food is only half as depressing as in many other "restaurants" Really worth the journey from Praha!“
pivnizub 3463 days ago
88 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Very good brewpub and restaurant with quality czech food. Good service (it’s rare for CZ). One of the best master brewer and beer. Try Tlusty Netopyr - hoppy, bitter and malty rye IPA.“
Jmum 3748 days ago
70 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Cosy brewpub in this cosy Bohemian town. Several beers on tap, also some in bottles to take away. Very friendly and helpful staff. Didn’t try the food but locals say it’s good.“
Quack-Duck 3763 days ago
86 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“Excellent. 40Km from Prague. 4 taps. Sublime quality. Good and friendly English spoken service. This was an amazing experience. Of course cheap and all of that on top . .“
Dedollewaitor 4078 days ago
80 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“If you take the trip to Slany from Praha, Dejvicka, be aware that there are many bus stops around Dejvicka! I had to look for a while and found it in Evropska just outside Hotel Diplomat. From the bus station in Slany it is just a short walk to the brewpub. It is located behind the Church you can see from the bus stop. I also recommend a walking around the main square in Slany. At the brewpub I started with their new Rauchbier, a really good one! Totally 6 beers on tap and some more or less uninteresting bottled beers. I do not rate the food. I ordered a starter/beer snack, called head cheese. Weird stuff, but I ate it.... Local people seated around me seemed to enjoy their meal. Some among the staff spoke English well. (Visited 23rd February 2012)“
Bryne 4373 days ago
76 /100 VINAŘICKÉHO 14/10
“New brewpub, easy reachable from Prague, dejvická bus station with only a 35 min ride, for just 44 CZK. Nice lookin exterior, and that counts for the interior as well. Newly renovated, tasteful decorated with a lot of copper, even the air ventilation ducts and pipings made of something that looks like copper. 3 different seating areas makes this place seat a lot without being to big. Nice vaulted ceiling in the hallway. Brewkettles have a cetral location in the tap room. Roof made of course pine. 5 beers brewed on the premises on tap. A good food selection, which also tasted good.“
gunnar 4731 days ago
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