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70 /100
Barvírna (Liberec) (Restaurant)
“op vakantie in tsjechie langs gegaan tijdens uitstap in liberec een toffe plaats toen we binnen kwamen zei de barkeepster dat we beter op het terras gingen zitten omdat het te warm binnen was het terras tuin was tof rustig geen last van de drukte van de stad ik denk rond de 10 tappen waar de meeste craft bieren waren je kunt er een bier tasting palet pakken de bieren waren goed de bediening ook deze plaats moet je zeker bezoeken als je liberec bent“
Wim 201 days ago
72 /100
Barvírna (Liberec) (Restaurant)
“Visited on a quick pub crawl after the IPA fest. A completely different vibe from Azyl - a modern place, with what seemed to be American-style food. The service seemingly at first glance not that into beer perhaps, but pretty much pros I reckon. 10 taps, generally stuff from the north and west of the country, they annoyingly call Beer Factory's regular Světlý Ležák by another name (Stará Plzeň), though it's the same beer. Found a new Volt tick for me though. Seems to have a basic but wide foreign selection too. There's definitely someone here who's into craft and does their best, I reckon, and it's a must-visit in town. It will become even more of a must-visit after they start bringing in the beers they brew elsewhere - and even more so when they refurbish the building next door to be a brewery for them.“
Marko 384 days ago
80 /100 ŠIROKÁ 302/31, JEŘÁB
“Azyl is a cult place, located in what used to be an old factory building, it has the repurposed/squat vibes of a place like, say, Medika in Zagreb, with mostly young, alternative people - of the punk variety here perhaps, but I'd guess of most varieties bar the extremist ones taking a dilapidated industrial building and turning it into a functional, thriving venue of cultural expression of all kinds, a safe spot for many, and, in this case, one of two most serious craft beer places in town, and in the eyes of many, the most serious. It's a sprawling area, and I visited for their IPA fest, which they've been organizing for years, so I'm not sure how much of it is open normally, though I will revisit it when it's in its normal functioning form. There is a patio apparently - one that anyone can come to really and even BYOB, but the selection here makes that kinda silly. 7 taps I reckon, constantly rotating, craft only - and more than 100 bottles (at least at some point). Not sure how many are active parallel usually, and not sure about food - there were some options for the fest though. Will give it a better balanced review, but from what I've seen and heard about it, I have huge respect for the place, which kinda raises the final score.“
Marko 385 days ago
64 /100
Ztráty a Nálezy (Restaurant)
“Visited a few weeks back, one of the only places open early enough for me to pop in on my way to the IPA fest in Azyl, sliding through the ice-covered streets of Liberec. Unassuming from the outside, quaint and classic from the inside, the locals seemingly loving it as it was pretty packed since it opened. The main attraction is the potato-driven menu, I guess traditional for the area? Looked tasty, but I sadly wasn't hungry. Found a stool by the bar in the area connecting two main rooms of the place. The beer selection is... not really 30 bottles - didn't see any evidence of that, not even close - the tap selection was Albrecht 11° (29/39), Urquell, Radegast and Birells. Went for Albrecht, because of course I would... and the first whiff gave out a distinct unwashed pipe smell - maybe I was the first one to order it that day and they didn't do their due diligence... -1 on Service because of that, which was otherwise pro. After that dissipated, it showed itself to be in excellent shape and very tasty, a herbal/bitter CZ pils, by the book. All in all, if this was once a better place for beer, it didn't seem to be so anymore, but I'm definitely considering to revisit it for some gratin next time, and maybe I'll tweak the score. It almost certainly scores far higher as a restaurant, but here the focus is beer...“
Marko 385 days ago
74 /100
Pivotéka Liberec (Beer Store)
“Beer, liqour and wine shop. A solid selection of Czech craft beer. Got some 10 new bottles/cans added to my goodie back. Unfortunately a lot of the beers sold are in 75 cl bottles, so when you visit on foot, there is a limit to your shopping. Anywsy highly recommended.“
madbeer101 603 days ago
48 /100 HANYCHOVSKÁ 328/10
“Nice big place not too far from the railway station...3 of the brews on friendly service too...“
Wirralbeerveg 1290 days ago
74 /100 ŠIROKÁ 302/31, JEŘÁB
“From the centre (Town hall, Radnice) 700 metres to the west. Yes, this is a pub where you find regional and local craft beers. Cold and tasty. Alright selection. 2018.“
djoeye 1293 days ago
68 /100 NÁM. DR. E. BENEŠE 1/1
“Tall "gothic" town hall (Radnice) in the heart of Liberec. If hungry early afternoon, the calm times between 16 and 18, are good. Very nice n big dinner restaurant with 12 taps. Many Svijany beers here. Sometimes «degustační prkénka” (tasting board), so if you need extra Svijany ticks, this place is hot. Also some other craft beers. 2018.“
djoeye 1293 days ago
72 /100
Barvírna (Liberec) (Restaurant)
“Central location, a beer pub & restaurant, with 10 taps plus bottles, and a tempting menu. Hungry and thirsty an early afternoon, then this a good place in Liberec, with a good czech kitchen, and craft beers from Beer Factory Plzen, Mazak, Lobec, Cobolis, Clock and others. 2018.“
djoeye 1293 days ago
64 /100 NA POŘÍČÍ 113/11
“Very central location. Bottle shop with many Frydlant Albrecht beers. Also sometimes other craft brands. Five taps. Two three tables, so it also works as a tiny pub, where one can enjoy a draught.“
djoeye 1293 days ago
78 /100 HANYCHOVSKÁ 328/10
“Quite stylish place, looks from the outside like a traditional warehouse from the wild west. Inside it is more chaotic and random. Wooden ceiling, a metal reproduction of a bicycle plastered to the bar etc. Open kitchen serving very good, albeit pricey food. Very professional, smiling service. Very good, nay, I'd say even excellent beers. Small selection but great quality. Might be the best beer place in town.“
ElDesmadre 1527 days ago
50 /100 ŠIROKÁ 302/31, JEŘÁB
“Visited in November 2018. Squat-like punk venue full of flyers, frequented by young, alternative people, with Cannibal Corpse blaring from the speakers. Quite smelly, politically-charged place. I like to visit such bars every now and then just to remind myself of why I don't like them in the first place. The beer selection is quite good for Liberec, though only 2 of the 5 taps were locked and loaded during my visit. Anyway, since Liberec is not exactly an exciting beer city, this is one of the places to go, I guess.“
ElDesmadre 1527 days ago
62 /100 SOUSEDSKÁ 600
“Jak zawsze w tej sieci jest kilka lodówek z produktami lokalnych browarów, ale jedynie duże wersje - 0,7, 1 albo półtora litra. Do tego spory wybór piw "zwykłych" czeskich i zagranicznych.“
Pudelek 1540 days ago
70 /100 ŠIROKÁ 302/31, JEŘÁB
“Knajpka punkowo-hipisowska w zaniedbanej części centrum Liberca. Niesamowity klimat, ciekawy wystrój, a na kranie kilka piw - jedne fajne, inne mniej, lecz jest w czym wybierać. Z jedzeniem słabo.“
Pudelek 1540 days ago
“Good selection of Czech beer abd some from abroad.“
mariuszek 3194 days ago
“Polotmavý ležák se v dobì návštìvy zrovna asi nepovedl, obsluha "divná", zahrádka pøeplácaná sádrovými trpajzlíky a dalšími potvorami....“
Ruprecht_007 3944 days ago
“Imagine a single-family house in the further suburbs of Liberec (Reichenberg), exactly in Stary Harcov (Alt Harzdorf), with an adjacent garage or barn and a shadowless grass-covered garden: that is the the "Vendelin - empire"! A dim tap-room, a partly covered veranda with wooden benches and the above mentioned "beer-garden" are the only places to sample the excellent brews of Mr. Vendelín Krkoška. Worth a detour!“
pivnizub 5280 days ago
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