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72 /100 DĚTENICE 1
“Stylish medieval place , Unusual a funny service as they act unpleasantly just how they would do so centuries ago , 2 local beers , Very tasty grilled meat , Bit more then pricey. Original place to go in every 5 years.“
tampierre 3740 days ago
72 /100 DĚTENICE 1
“We visited on privately arranged bus trip, 22 of us that first had late lunch and a bunch of beers, then finished with a tour of the brewery. Visited on June 4, 2011. Food was good to great, beers were nice too. Service is funny. If you have a problem with humor or grumpy service, stay clear of this place. If you can have a laugh, it’s nice. The poor girl that got the job of doing our brewery tour wasn’t used to it, but was still nice to see the brewery itself. I can see myself going back with a big group just for having a crazy old good time, eating too much and drinking too much.“
gnoff 4692 days ago
80 /100 DĚTENICE 1
“one part medieval re-enactment village, one part bizarro-world barbeque restaurant and one-part dungeon. hay-covered floors, fireplaces adorned with skulls, if this were in the US it would be called a tourist trap, but just how many tourists do they get in detenice? I guess some... people who come to this place. regardless I still loved it... food was good to great, beer the same. one of the funniest little places I’ve ever been.“
3fourths 5218 days ago
16 /100 DĚTENICE 1
“Detenice or How to convert a pigsty into a gold-mine : Oh what a nice medieval place to savour home brewed beer ! .... the atmosphere ! A candle-lit, dark pig-sty or cowshed, decorated with old agriculture-tools, straw-covered floor..., no electrical lamps can spoil this original medieval atmosphere, in which You neither can read the menu nor recognize if You drink a Svetlý or a Cerný. Then comes a charming waitress, dressed in the medieval way, politely screaming for your wishes and immediately she types your orders into her nice, tiny modern calculator. Presumable they couldn’t find in Bohemia some medieval computers..... The young waitresses are very pally with the guests, using the familiar ty (czech)-form (which is normally reserved for family, children and close friends). Surely You’ll enjoy your beer better, if these two-legged cows ask You: Co budeš chlastat (What do You want to booze?). In the same way politely invited to order some meals: Nechceš neco žrát ? (Don’t You want to nosh anything or to eat greedily like a pig). This question alone will raise the quality of the mediocre and unmodestly priced medieval czech meals...........“
pivnizub 6788 days ago
84 /100 DĚTENICE 1
“What a place. This is a medieval-themed Czech restaurant housed in a renovated barn in a poor village in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Decoration inside is beauitiful, straw litters the floor, authentic old bricks and stones form the walls. There are 3 rooms to eat and drink in, all with different decorations. All are in candle-lit darkness. You have to eat with your hands, and they give you a bucket of water to clean your fingers while you eat. Very noisy as a medieval place should be, especially when the pirates are there playing drums, singing and cursing. There is a nice brewing museum in the barn’s attic. And to top it all off, the beer here is the best I had in the whole trip. Wood-fired lauter tuns, open fermentation in wooden barrels, lagering in oak barrels, and filtering through straw. The beers are so flavorful, delicate, quenching and complex for low-gravity lagers. RESERVATIONS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR DINNER. There aren’t any tourists here, this is a place to entertain Czech people only, some of them were actually laughing that tourists had made all the way to Detenice. An intense multi-sensorial experience!!“
MartinT 6822 days ago
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