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60 /100 SELSKÁ 1589/8A, MĚSTO
“This one is in a joining place between the communist-era center of Havirov, with appartment blocks being a literal stone's throw away, and the rural hillside of Havirov. Luckily, the patio comes with a view of the latter and the mountains that stretch to the south not far from this metropolitan area. Not too big, red, modern brewpub with the brewing equipment on display. Excellent food. As for the beers, the Horka pils is very good; the other ones not so much. But then again, a tasting flight is available and 200m down the street there is the second brewpub in Havirov, so a stop-by is quite feasible.“
ElDesmadre 431 days ago
74 /100 SELSKÁ 1329/43, MĚSTO
“A stone's throw away from Havirov's main, Soviet-tinged prospect, err, I mean alley, though in a surprisingly green, rural setting. Quite inviting restaurant interior and they do have a big patio with a really nice playground for the kids. Good service and excellent burger. I even liked their fries, which I normally don't. As for the beer, they brew an excellent 12 degree pilsner, a well made desitka and a very good polotmave. The rest were rather so-so but it's worth it to stop by for the aforementioned brews. And they have a tasting board. Recommended.“
ElDesmadre 433 days ago
58 /100 SELSKÁ 1329/43, MĚSTO
“Nekuøácka banketka zavøená, protože se ztratily klíèe. Jídlo slušné, ale ne excelentní. Pivo jak které, klasická dvanáctka a èerné velice dobré, zbytek prùmìr až podprùmìr. Obsluha OK.“
Ruprecht_007 2146 days ago
66 /100
Pivotéka Havířov (Beer Store)
“Pivotéka zaměřená spíše na domovarníky. Výběr lahvových piv sice není příliš velký, ale dá se. Kladně hodnotím zejména obsluhu...“
Ruprecht_007 3162 days ago
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