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84 /100 9301 RED ARROW HIGHWAY
“Been here a couple of times now and really enjoyed the visits. The pizza is very good and they have some good beer selections that were well done. Sat inside with outside seating also available. Had a couple of nice Belgian style ales the gf had a couple nice lagers with lunch. Also had nice porters and a very good dopplebock.“
KPD 287 days ago
74 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“Visited on a blazing July 4th, easy to get in post covid, had 4 beers all good, will visit again when in area.“
KPD 297 days ago
88 /100 9301 RED ARROW HIGHWAY
“Killer spot just a few minutes' drive from Transient, located on a large property with extensive parking and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Very large, varied taplist with many barrel aged and other specialty items to be found. Flights of 5 available or single 5 oz pours. Beer quality is extremely high. I haven't been to their IL locations, so I don't know how this compares, but this place was very impressive. Mandatory visit when in the SW of Michigan.“
mcberko 427 days ago
34 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Right across the street from Transient, so I don't know how they stay in business. Pleasant interior and friendly staff. Small pours available of all beers. All four I tried were absolutely horrendous -- incompetently brewed, not dialled in properly, and chaotic. Avoid this place like the plague.“
mcberko 427 days ago
84 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“Well worth going out of your way for a visit, as they simply brew some of the best beers in this already impressive state. 8-10 beers on tap, with 5 oz pours available -- can be rather pricey at $4-5 for some, but the quality is there. The tasting room is small and intimate. Friendly enough service. Lots of bottles and can available to go that aren't available on tap. Mandatory visit when in SW Michigan.“
mcberko 427 days ago
76 /100 9301 RED ARROW HIGHWAY
“A surprisingly large taproom with picnic style seating, a few TVs and a large outdoor patio. Service was solid, a bit weird in how you ordered but it appeared to work. There were 12 beers on tap with small pours available. I did not try the food but it did look good. Prices were on the low end which was nice. A cool little spot.“
deyholla 906 days ago
84 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“Visited for Bark Lord Day. Really liked the vibe, and the beer selection was great! Would recommend.“
Ktwse 1035 days ago
74 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“Fun looking taproom and merch layout. Service is a bit slow, if its busy I can there be a bit of a wait. Only 6 beers on, a bit disappointing. The ipa's were solid, a real nice foudre beer. A ton of cans to go, so this is the place to grab stuff to take to go in Western Michigan. Right off the highway, I'd swing through again.“
chibuck 1077 days ago
66 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Right across the street from Transient, so this is worth a quick stop. Small spot, but some nice outdoor seating. Had a really nice milkshake ipa and ba a scotch ale, but most of the other stuff was average.“
chibuck 1077 days ago
64 /100 9301 RED ARROW HIGHWAY
“The minute we walked in the vibe was for very young crowd. Even on a Sunday evening the modern music was pounding our ears. We sat down and severs were very indifferent and not service friendly. Every one of the many of the staff looked barley 21. I have been to hundreds of places and never felt so ignored, not even busy. The beer was decent though.“
BlackBeerPG 1293 days ago
84 /100 9301 RED ARROW HIGHWAY
“Visited on a Friday afternoon during early August during good weather. Building is a bit odd, but once you get inside it works. Bar is up front where you order food and can get drinks and then you sit down. Gratuity and tax are included so the price you see is the price you pay, which is nice and refreshing. Beergarden is all decked out and open and very nice looking. Beer selection was nice with a broad choice of styles and quality beers. Will definitely be back.“
drdisque 1362 days ago
94 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“It is a smaller taproom that was packed when I went. It is an open space with a small beer garden out front. The beers here are typically really outstanding, especially the pale ales and sours, the staff was good despite the crowd. Beer is available to go though no singles of their canned offerings which are a bit pricey, though their large formats and draft prices are well within reason. Great place.“
crossovert 1463 days ago
66 /100 9301 RED ARROW HIGHWAY
“This is an odd-looking taproom space in Bridgman, a small town that has a few breweries and wineries. It has a very odd layout and ordering system. The pizza was pretty decent. Beers are okay. That is about it.. Looks like a biergarten is in the works, that will be nice.“
crossovert 1463 days ago
74 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“A brewpub in downtown Bridgman across the street from Transient (which is the real draw to the area). Atmosphere is alright, as is the beer, which boasts a good selection of pedestrian offerings. The food is the real draw though. Eat here and drink at Transient.“
b3shine 1540 days ago
84 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“Great little taproom with a warehouse feel to the place. It was packed but not too noisy during my visit. Bartender kept up with the crowd and had a good attitude despite being a bit overwhelmed. A nice selection of taps plus plenty of bottles to go. Prices are good. A must stop on 94.“
deyholla 1586 days ago
64 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“This is a relocation as they brewed beers at One Trick Pony in Lansing, IL. Small warehouse garage feel, minimal, and bit young millennials vibe. Not so welcoming staff. We went to Tapistry Brewing across the street soon after where they seem to be pro customer. I will have to visit again here to see if i can talk to brewer. Make the beer sign selection more readable.“
BlackBeerPG 1672 days ago
76 /100 4229 LAKE ST
“Small place that is more a rewery than a bar. Small taproom in front, with a very small patio out front. Very friendly woman serving beers, and the crowd seemed to be made up of a few locals. The beer here was very nice overall, I wasn’t really impressed with their sour beers, but their APA’s and Imperial Stouts I had were really really good. Under the radar place that I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from in the future.“
Maakun 1728 days ago
80 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Friendly bartenders as with the owners. Good tasting beers, new food menu than most places.“
BlackBeerPG 2016 days ago
64 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Went on a Sunday afternoon during vacation. Just stopped to have a beer after grocery shopping in town. Place is sort of oddly set up with the bar in back and a couch in front staring at the wall, and then a set of tables in the corner opposite the bar. Service was prompt and helpful, but was a little disappointed in the small number of taps they had - something like only 6 or 8 at the time. Seemed small for a brewery that distributes statewide. Prices were very reasonable, with low gravity beers at just $4/pint.“
drdisque 2097 days ago
86 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“On a main street of small town, outside looks kind of inconspicuous. Inside is new, medium sized, smaller bar area, can see brewing facility from the bar. Lots of taps filled with different styles, by far the most was imperial or regular IPA. Hummus was very good. Tasting flight of any tier for a reasonable price. All of the beer was well done and few that were great. Bar tender was one of the brewers and was very informative. A must stop if your in the area.“
bigtaster 2226 days ago
78 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Stopped in just off the freeway on the home. A nice taproom with a medium sized bar on the right and a good amount of seating. Service was a bit slow at the start but was solid overall and bartender knew about their beers. There were about 16 beers on tap with flights available. Really enjoyed my Cuban and the hummus we had. Prices were great. Solid brewpub.“
deyholla 2332 days ago
82 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Right in downtown Bridgman, easy to find. Couple miles north of Greenbush. Bigger and roomier than expected. Cute little girl serving knew her beer and was very friendly (Jan says perfect for Harrison!). Bar seats probably 10-12 plus there is seating for probably 50 more. Got pretty crowded before we left and girl and big bartender (or cook?) dude seemed to be able to handle everyone no problem. Pretty dark in there with a warehouse type feel as the windows face north (?) and was not catching much sun. TVs to watch the Lions game on the couch. Everyone very friendly, beers pretty good, large pours on the cheapish flights and good food. What is not to like?“
ck1 2392 days ago
68 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Stopped in after several years and had small pours of a half dozen or so beers. It is still a nice place, food was good staff were very friendly. Beer quality was not what it was last visit, I put the other two pubs in town ahead on quality by a good amount.“
KPD 2446 days ago
92 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“A new must stop in SW Michigan... Good brews and great food with nice sized portions. Friendly staff that is knowledgeable a plus too. Lots of variety on the beer menu with a good amount of sessionable brews as well.“
BBB63 2486 days ago
98 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“This place is a gem in Southwest Michigan, same as Greenbush. They have a large beer selection, organized by tier (ABV). IPA’s are solid, and their higher gravity beers are excellent, especially the Belgian varietals. Food was great although they have only sandwiches. They have a couple selections for kids (and lot of crayons!). If you’re in the area, check it out.“
jlulensk 2499 days ago
64 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Been there in November 2013. The bartender at The Livery told us to stop here on our way to Greenbush and Three Floyds. We took 8 tasters, so we cover the menu at that time. New place, new equipment. Good beer, no bad recipes, but not solide. But we can taste that they are still adapting to the equipment. We’ll come back next year to taste the progress.“
Arcanor 2553 days ago
90 /100 4236 LAKE ST
“Miles from Greenbush, not far from I-94 and making my frequent excursions into the great beer state of Michigan even better. Service was excellent as was the selection. I visited on the way in (twice) and on the way out and many of the tap had turned over and there were quite a few one-offs. Service was excellent, everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. The little bit of food I sampled was good as well. This is the type of place I’d love to have in my neighborhood.“
esjaygee 2739 days ago