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82 /100 92500 CR-690
“Tucked away near a small lake, nice looking beer garden, local vibe. Nice layout, friendly staff. Plenty of selection, beers were decent. Prices of t-shirts maybe a bit high. Has that roadhouse look, very clean interior. Worth the trip.“
BlackBeerPG 1187 days ago
66 /100
Zeke's (Bar)
“I’d rate Zekes just decent. They have a large selections of import beers, or they should anyways. They claim to have over 250 but when i was there with a group of buddies we picked 3 beers that were out of stock. Pricy to drink these in the bar, I believe they do have a ’beer to go’ list where the beers are significantly cheaper. The food was decent, but over priced. The service was just so-so. This is a small town, and I am sure they are hiring the local pretty girls. As a result they are not very knowledgeable about beer. Both times I was there they insisted that I tell them what number I wanted because they didn’t know anything about the beer. I’ll probably go back.“
Blaze312 4317 days ago
54 /100
Zeke's (Bar)
“This restaurant/bar is found in the small city of Dowagiac, Michigan. They offer ~230 bottled beers, mostly imports. Unfortunately, they have a &quo;number&quo; gimmick whereby the beers are numbered and patrons drink them in &quo;order&quo; to receive their accolades. While the selection consisted mostly of middling beers, there were a few surprises (Clovis, unfortunately oxidized, for example) and a handful of local microbrews (including several Bell’s and a couple Arcadia and Traverse Brewing Co. beers). Service was awkward- I get the feeling I wasn’t supposed to take the beers from the cooler myself, as a rather disturbed waitstaff looked over my shoulder as I examined the selection. Also, the &quo;door&quo; in the building that states &quo;Purveyor of fine imported beers&quo; is not actually a door- entrance is through the main restaurant door. And the Zywiec Porter was removed from the shelf just before I spotted it because it wasn’t &quo;numbered&quo; yet...damn. Worth checking out if you’re cruising SW Michigan, though.“
Silphium 6088 days ago
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