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82 /100 27843 ORCHARD LAKE RD
“I was staying at a hotel quite close to this place so it was the perfect place to go for beers and food. I didnt have much expectations because of the lack of the reviews. Spacious place, a little bit cold but ok ambiance. They serve flights, I found many local beers that were new for me. The food was good (really good pizza). Service was good too.“
rouhlas 764 days ago
64 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“Free parking right in front. Pick-up store. No service to speak of. Beer selection was some what limited here. I did find two nice bottles. Pricing seemed going rate. Worth a look if you have time.“
weihenweizen 1045 days ago
72 /100
Alfoccino (Restaurant)
“Awesome steak with some crafts on tap and in bottles“
bpar73 1165 days ago
62 /100 37629 GRAND RIVER AVE
“Just a hotel bar, but with a couple of craft bottles and decent enough food.“
bpar73 1242 days ago
74 /100 27843 ORCHARD LAKE RD
“Decent place to meet and have a beer or 2. Usually have something special on draft“
knezek 1430 days ago
78 /100 29970 W 12 MILE RD
“Selection is respectable, not awesome. They don’t get all the whales, and when they do they tend to upcharge a little heavy for them“
johnd8 2034 days ago
80 /100 27843 ORCHARD LAKE RD
“Service tends to be a little slow. And I personally think the pay by the type for each beer in a flight is over priced.“
johnd8 2034 days ago
78 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“good solid beer selection. kinda tight fit small store. friendly staff and its across the street from my in-laws“
mikem409 3120 days ago
86 /100 29970 W 12 MILE RD
“Great selection of craft beers from around Michigan and across the U.S. Also very large selection of foreign beers. Large amount of stock already in the cooler so you don’t have to impatiently wait after buying that new beer you’ve been wanting to try. Also has wine, liquor, and excellent pizza (delivery & carry-out).“
micraftbeer 3287 days ago
80 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“Average sized liquor store that is really well kept and has a good sized beer selection. Tons of singles with 10% discount if you buy six. Nice selection of local brews. Nothing really that rare or hard to find, but this place is extremely solid and clean which is a sign they rotate their stock regularly. Nice place.“
msante79 3341 days ago
88 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“Really an amazing singles selection but fuck man, refrigerate those hoppy beers! Singles of almost anything you could want local, so I ended up filling up an oversize basket in no time. Some cool B. Nektar offerings but I wouldn’t say there was anything too "rare", especially in the lambic department, but maybe they keep that stuff for the regulars. The staff was unbelievably nice and accommodating. If you want singles, go to this place NOW!“
cubs 3342 days ago
68 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“A nice, albeit small selection of craft brew. Pricing is pretty good considering that the place is akin to a party store with a superior selection. I’ve picked up a few odds and ends when I’m in the area and service is friendly and knowledgeable.“
djpaige 3501 days ago
80 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“nice selection of singles and bombers here. the owner seemed like a pretty nice guy. prices are very fair and lower than some other places near me.“
RoscoeJackson 3866 days ago
56 /100
Jonna’s Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Decent selection, OK prices, well-lit, lots of cooler space. Not much is kept at room temp. Have only been there once and had almost no interaction with anyone in the store, so it’s hard to rate service as anything above average.“
RyanMM 3874 days ago
86 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“Awesome place. Todd and staff are super helpful and have recently expanded their selection. Awesome locals plus a bunch of east/west coast special beers, not to mention the bad ass belgian and German selections. So happy to have one of the top beer stores in the state a short trip from where I live. Keep it up!“
HopBurp 3878 days ago
90 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“This store was a great find not too far from where I was staying in Novi on a business trip. Really nice selection of craft beers, particularly Michigan brews--bar far the best selection of the 8 or so bottle shops I visited during my trip. Prices were in line with other shops in the area, or even lower (had Hopslam for 14.99, by far the lowest price I saw while I was there). Had a good selection of singles, good for a traveler, and also let you build your own six packs from a designated section of sixers. Also had a list of rarer beers that are stored in the shop’s celler--picked up a 2007 Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock off the list. Knowledgeable and friendly staff--enjoyed talking beer with them, and they helped me hunt out stuff to take back home. Would definitely go back, and definitely recommend to anyone in the area.“
AtlAggie 4016 days ago
78 /100
Jonna’s Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Good selection and nice staff, also agree with the other review, good 6 pack selection of micro brews.“
mjz 4064 days ago
72 /100
Jonna’s Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“decent selection, but nothing special. probably 6 coolers dedicated to micro beer. +service rating for them for stocking more dark horse brewery 4 packs after i recommended. edit: slightly overpriced. seriously, they sell 2 liters of pop for like $2.50. almost no singles, and they won’t break 6 packs to sell you singles which is a big turn off. you won’t find anything special here that any other decent microbrew shop won’t have. i shop here occasionally because i live very close.“
RoscoeJackson 4120 days ago
88 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“Meadows has been recently remodeled and has a very wide selection of micro and imported beers. It’s like being in an adult candyland. A cooler of singles is available with a 10% discount for a 6 pack. Imports and micro brews are in a large cooler area. I recommend Meadows for its selection, quality, freshness and convenience.“
jgoecke 4317 days ago
60 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“Not a bad little place to get a micro of choice. Not a lot of selection, but not bad either. Has a little corner devoted to beers. Prices are fair, but better can be found. Some harder to find micros available also.“
dmschefke 4325 days ago
90 /100 21099 FARMINGTON ROAD
“This place is fantastic. They just did a really nice renovation, which included upgrading their beer selection! They also sell single bottles, and you can make your own custom six pack, which I guess is common around the country, but no where around southeast Michigan that I know about. They have about 5 cooler sections dedicated to micros and imports, which is the most I’ve seen in this area. If your in the area, you should definitly stop on by.“
BeerBaron617 4557 days ago
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