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80 /100 5521 WATER ST.
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon. Good News purchased the property from Augusta Brewing, still on the Katy Trail. They are going to move their brewing equipment from the Defiance location to Augusta, new building on the hill. Lots of changes going on currently, will be interested to see the final product when construction is completed.“
jandd1983 606 days ago
76 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“I sat at the outside bar, nice venue with a good selection of beer. Several were really good.“
edgallow 2807 days ago
46 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Worth a visit if you are in the area. Beers were mostly mediocre, but it is a nice day trip from STL. On a nice day there is pleasant seating outside.“
BOSSbrewer 3450 days ago
80 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Nice place to stop in Augusta, MO. The beer garden is situated on a hill along the KATY trail. This reminds me of a typical German Beer Garden with tables set up under the trees. There is a bar and covered patio area where you can order your beers. They have about 7-8 beers on tap to choose from. They also have a menu of pub fare to accompany the beers. The people are friendly and service is quite good. This is a nice change of pace stop, if you are visiting some of the wineries in the area. This is a good place to visit on a hot sunny day. “
Bif 3953 days ago
80 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Augusta Brewing & Beer Garden is about an hour drive from downtown St. Louis, and well worth the trip. My wife and I visited on a 100-degree Saturday afternoon for lunch and beers. The brewpub and bar/patio are situated up on a hill above the Katy Trail and Missouri River flood plain. The beer gardens are basically in three tiers; there is a big beer garden under a tent off to the entry side, a wide gravel path with long tables that lead to the main brewpub and patio lined by string lights and trees, and some more tables down the hill below it all. Really cool, unique setting. There were about 7-8 beers on tap and everything Augusta bottles was available in the fridge, along with Augusta and other Missouri-made wine. The brewpub itself is cozy and homey, with a small bar in one corner and kitchen in the other. The patio and U-shaped bar are nice, with fans keeping us cool enough. The service is friendly. Prices are good; our tab was $26 for a couple beers and couple plates of food. I’ve always been a fan of Augusta’s beer and think they get a little overlooked and underrated, maybe because they’re a little outside of the rest of the STL beer scene. The setting alone, though, makes this an essential visit on a beer day trip outside of St. Louis.“
phaleslu 4219 days ago
78 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Nice setting along the Katy Trail. Good selection of beer and food. Good place to stop along the way and enjoy some good eats and some really good brews.“
jandd1983 4316 days ago
82 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“really nice microbrewery with a winery ambiance! a couple good beers and some decent food but just a really great place to enjoy some good beer.“
JAG55 4374 days ago
66 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Great place to sit in warm weather and drink beer! Right off the Katy Trail, the brewery attracts a diverse crowd. Food selection includes 5-6 entrees all nicely prepared but pretty limited in selection. Beers are good but not outstanding. the Maibock is my favorite. The best thing about this place is the setting--go in nice weather! Lots of wineries nearby too.“
Tomfoolery 4388 days ago
74 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“A unique outdoor atmosphere. No walls to be found. I stopped in twice over Labor Day weekend and liked my visits. I had some beers via sample and some in a pint glass. My wife and I both had a great dinner there Saturday. A cool atmosphere, good food and good beer is a nice combination.“
Strykzone 4583 days ago
80 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“(Visited 09-2008): This rustic sister to Square One Brewery is located way out in Augusta. Make sure you check the hours before making the drive if you are coming from the city, as I learned the hard way when I originally tried to visit back in February only to find them closed. The brewpub is located just off I-94 overlooking the Missouri River. There is a small lot to the side of the brewpub. The outside ie beautiful, with a small biergarten and an outdoor bar, all with nice views of the river and surrounding woodlands. The outside bar has a cooler with some beers to go and a small merchandise table, as well as a large chalkboard listing the current beers. The interior is smaller with s short bar and a few tables. They have a small collection of breweriana inside too. The beer selection is pretty good, and there is some crossover with Square One. The beers range from Blonde, Hefe, Witbier, Pale to Stout along with a seasonal Rye. They also have a couple of their beers in bombers. Overall the beers are above average. The service was very good on a weekday early evening. The bartender was pretty much doing everything (hosting, cooking etc) and was efficient and knowledgeable. He interacted well with patrons who were clearly locals and myself who was clearly a visitor. Augusta’s food is good too. I tried the brisket and it was enjoyable. Overall this place might not be worth the drive to some people based out of STL but on a nice sunny day during "tourist season" it is well worth the trip.“
Dogbrick 4956 days ago
70 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Rain closed down Six Flags St Louis for opening day so being in the area I headed up to Augusta Brewing. Nice little place in the middle of nowhere. Cozy area indoors with old bottles and stuff scattered throughout the room. Plenty of places to sit outside, I can see this place filling up on a hot day. It definitely had a small town feel to it, which was kind of nice. Friendly wait staff/bartender/cook – they were pretty much one in the same on the day I visited. Food was decent and the beer was passable, though only five selections were available on my visit.“
esjaygee 5104 days ago
70 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“What a lovely spot to drink some fresh beer. Very outdoorsy, tree-covered biergarten near the Missouri River. All the beers were decent though none really wowed me. That Tannhauser Pale Ale might have been my favorite. Nice place to enjoy some beer if you can make it out here.“
JoeinDahlem 5329 days ago
68 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Great Beer stop in the Missouri Wine Country. Good brews. brewed from the same formulas found at Square One Brewery in Down Town St Louis. Solid Beer. Decent food. and the perfect stop if biking the KATY trail.“
BrewCzar 5368 days ago
68 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Beers are almost solid, but that’s not the appeal of the place. Stumbled upon it on the way back to St. Louis from a wine festival back in 2004. Nice beer garden with a wine country-type view. Relaxing.“
hopscotch 5592 days ago
70 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“An absolutely wonderful spot to relax and have a brew or two. I would agree that the brews are quite average, but the view and relaxation are far and beyond most breweries. Decent and standard selection of fare. Go here if you want to have a beer and watch the clouds pass by.“
JPDIPSO 6244 days ago
74 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“visited nov 05. I gave this place an awesome ambience rating due to its huge open air patio/bar. the view of the missouri river valley is wonderful. The beer is hit/miss. the pale ale and stout were pretty decent. the hefe was average (some diacytl). overall, if your in the vicinity i would definately check it out , but its not worth the jaunt off I70 if your from out of town.“
Terminus 6341 days ago
58 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“A very small brewpub located in a fantastic setting. The garden is facing the Missouri River Valley. The Hefe is decent, light notes of banana, but not spectacular. Same with the stout, good, but not great. This brewery is located near many quality wineries and nice B and B’s.“
Maddog 6420 days ago
60 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“Been here a few times; it’s a nice beer respite in otherwise wine country. They have a handful of pretty good beers and some good enough snacks. Cool little location,not far from St Louis.“
Braudog 6473 days ago
56 /100 5521 WATER STREET
“My service score may be a little high as we were the only ones in the place...but it was March and the season hadn’t picked up yet. Every beer I had was very very nice. I couldn’t help but think was a nice stop this would be while hiking the Kady Trail...but then I might not finish my hike.“
Hopenvy 6497 days ago
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