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“Ownership has changed since my original review, so I shall update just a few minor details: Ambiance: really, like the name says, this is a Village Market. I’d imagine that if this place was around in the ’40’s or 50’s it would be like a General Store, with penny candy, a barrel of pickles and an aisle with nails and other things for around the house. This is not a 7-11, much better! Since I started coming here, over two years ago, the staff has gotten to know me quite well and as such treated me like a friend, not just a customer. The beer selection here is pretty amazing. Ron keeps the shelves stocked with all of the local favorites, and a wide variety from around the country & the world. He is obviously in very good with the local distributors, as he constantly has all of the new releases as they hit the state. They do a great job of updating their Facebook page with new stuff as it comes in. The deli is pretty typical of what you would expect from a deli in a store like this. They cover all of the normal submarine sandwiches and make breakfast sandwiches, and usually have a soup of the day. There is also a good variety of locally made desserts. Great selection of coffee & tons of K Cups. Standard deli prices. I’ve found the beer to be very competitively priced with the majority of the local beverage stores. Although the shelves may seem a bit cluttered, they do a good job of grouping all of a brewery’s choices together. Perhaps one downfall may be that the 2 bottom shelves towards the back are scattered with various 6 packs and can look like a graveyard for singles (although they do allow for mixed 6 packs). Overall, I like this place. I like it a lot! Ron has a great, friendly staff running it and the beer selection never disappoints. I’ve even called ahead to have them hold on to something for me if I can’t make it there right away. Stop by often & experience a great local shop which will definitely treat right! “
Phatdog1 3768 days ago
“Visited on the way back from The Festival. This is a fairly large country store with a massive beer selection, very heavy on the local and regional stuff. Staff was friendly and helpful. Bathrooms are next door in the hardware store.“
Travlr 3912 days ago
“This was a nice stop on our way back from The Festival in Portland. The store is small but packed with local craft beers. The prices are good and the staff is helpful.“
BeerandBlues2 3933 days ago
“This is a nice little shop. They have a wide variety of beers one for everyone! Nice to see the selection change. The syaff ate friendly and knowlegable. “
Mikesgirl 4027 days ago
“WOW can not believe the HUGH selection of beers that this store offers. If the beer is available in NH they WILL have it. I also had a sandwich while there and it was very good and a great value. I felt like a kid in a candy store with all this beer. Love it!!!“
peelbarb 4028 days ago
“I was impressed with the selection.A friend told me that I have to check this place out.when I first arrived I thought is this the right place didn’t look like a beer store,but when I walked in I was amazed that they had so many bombers that I was like a kid in a candy store before I knew it I was grabing bottles of the shelf ,A guy came over to me and asked me if I needed any help,we talked for about 10 minuts about all the store had to offer I was as excited I love talking beer and it seemed like he did too, felt he knew what he was talking about even told me about beer tastings they do every Friday night and new beers that were coming .In no time I had a full box.on my way out I relized they had a full deli and thought I would try a sandwich .when checking out I was surprised to find out the lady behind the counter told me they were having a 10% sale on all beer and wine it was like hitting the lottery.couldnt wait to talk to my frien and tell him he was right this place was a hidden gem.by the way I had the sandwich when I got home and it was really good <turkey bacon cheese >“
worminaterx 4030 days ago
“The place is small, but packed with great beer, the best selection on the seacoast. Their pricing is good, not out of line. The have tastings every Friday night.“
KingVolcano 4036 days ago
“Hunted this place down while I was in the area this weekend as they were listed as having a seacoast beer I was interested in (Great Rhythm). Not only did they have it, they had Henniker Brewing Company which I hadn’t seen anywhere yet. Excellent beer selection. The 2 guys behind the counter were friendly and knowledgable. Ambiance wise,it is a small "Village Market". It’s an older building and as one other poster said. You can picture it as an old time general store. If I lived on the coast I would frequent this place.“
mcox90 4091 days ago
“Passed on through there after a smuttynose bottle release with hopes to find some different shelf stuff than in maine... mainely looking for oskar blues, firestone walker and stuff of that sort. Was recommended to check this place out by a local and they had a decent selection of regulars. A big deli style convenience store with a middle isle of craft and imported beers... Nice belgians but mostly just regular suspects. DId get a couple local brews from a brewery I was unaware of but was a bit disappointed that they only had one kind of firestone walker. Anyhow worth stopping in if you live within a half hour of it but i would not bother getting off the highway to stop there ! Nice owner/couter guy who was happy wth what i was buying and told me about the brewery a bit and that they were doing a tasting there next week.“
bottleforager 4204 days ago
“This is a great deli and bottle shop. Much improved since the last review of this place. The entire middle of store is the beer aisle. It is now very organized and has well over 500 bottles to choose from. I spoke with the beer manager and he told me they now do beer tastings every Friday. (Today is Victory) The have a lot of local brewers and some national favorites. This is a family owned business and I recommend stopping if you in the area. I will have to make another trip to this nice little place in the near future.“
AirForceHops 4248 days ago
“This is a decent convenience store/ bottle shop, they have a pretty good selection for the small area. I bought the ayinger celebrator and was quite pleased. The beers are pretty cheap, but they’re super unorganized really nothing out of the ordinary. Stop in if your passing by.“
liveFREEorRYE 4981 days ago
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