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82 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“I do not get here as often as I would, like but when I do it is always a pleasant visit. You can take a tour of the Meadery and get an array of samples. The staff are very good and will answer any questions you may have about their product, the distillery method, and so on. There is a cost for the samples and they break them out in styles. I like mead but I'm no expert but it doesn't matter if you are a novice or very knowledgeable, it is a pleasant way to spend an hour.“
puboflyons 530 days ago
60 /100 15 LONDONDERRY ROAD #9
“Located at the end of an industrial building complex. I wasn't sure I was in the right place until I spotted the door. Smallish taproom with a l-shaped bar and a few tables as well. They only had 7 on tap and they were all Hazy IPA's except for one pale. The beers were solid though given the name I was kind of expecting something like a stout or a porter or something barrel aged.“
DiarmaidBHK 722 days ago
92 /100 27 BUTTRICK RD
“Really great bottle shop that is very serious about its beer. Owners are involved, ask you what you want and try to make a great experience. Facilities kind of dated, but store is great.“
beerbombthrower 762 days ago
60 /100
Market Basket (Grocery Store)
“Large grocery store. Substantial beer section, but mostly cartons of mass-produced stuff. Small bottle selection.“
GregMooreNH 793 days ago
80 /100 49 HARVEY ROAD
“Converted garage, with a fun, gritty motif. Lots of outdoor activities. Service is good, and food is good bar food.“
GregMooreNH 794 days ago
74 /100 298 ROCKINGHAM RD
“Easy to find large parking lot off 28. Stopped in while visiting NH. A quaint little place on a recently backtopped driveway in a rather rural looking set-up. Smallish drinking area, was watching NFL when I came in. Got a flight of their beers and thought they were were on style. The porter was good and the IPA was all bitter ass on style. Yes, these guys know how to insult your hop loving palate with well made IPA style brews, they seem to specialize in it. Seemed like mostly locals, laid back and well behaved friendly atmosphere.“
cheap 839 days ago
82 /100 12 LIBERTY DRIVE
“Typical industrial storefront turned brewery ambiance. Lots of brewery equipment strewn about. There's a cooler up front to buy cans as well. They have a good, rotating selection of their beer and the service is solid. Food is meh.“
GregMooreNH 846 days ago
96 /100 27 BUTTRICK RD
“Great selection, including older bombers, especially int the beer cave in back. Friendly, welcoming staff, always willing to chat about beer selections.“
GregMooreNH 947 days ago
86 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“What a great stop for a mead tasting. Small little retail show where you can sample 4 meads for $10 or 7 for $15. Moonlight makes amongst the best meads in the country, so this is a special treat. The people working there are super friendly and passionate about their meads. If you’re inland in NH or even on the coast, it’s definitely worth visiting.“
mcberko 982 days ago
68 /100 298 ROCKINGHAM RD
“Decent little spot. They had 8 beers on tap when I visited. Staff was very friendly and seemed down to earth. They offer a club membership for $100 per year. This gets you a couple of extra oz's per glass and I think a shirt. I, personally, think it's a little steep but I do have friends that have one. They had decent food though, I'll give them that.“
halfonit 994 days ago
76 /100 12 LIBERTY DRIVE
“I had their stout at a bar and figured it be worthwhile to hit the brewery - and it was. Not an auspicious view at first, a generic industrial park location with two giant dumpsters out front. Inside is far better. Tasting room is just one end of the production brewery with no separation between the two, so you are drinking among the fermentation vessels, my favorite tasting room set-up. Small serving bar and a handful of bar tables. Flights of five or six are possible - with five you get a free pint glass. Beers are all pretty solid, decent enough variety of styles. Very friendly staff. I didn't see any food. Plenty of parking. Well worth a stop.“
Travlr 995 days ago
72 /100 49 HARVEY ROAD
“Interesting place. Pretty large building with lots of nooks and crannies, production brewery and kitchen in the back. Small bar and scattered picnic tables including a few in the large parking lot. Old school video games, bar shuffleboard, even a second level. A whopping 15 beers on offer in a lot of different styles, some were barrel aged. Flights of five or individual tasters for about four bucks each, double what other area breweries were charging. The beer I had were pretty tasty. Variety of food on offer, centered around nachos and pizza. Dogs were allowed in the open kitchen and brewery though, maybe a little too dog friendly. Crowded on a very rainy Sunday, but very loud music made conversation challenging. All in all a fun place to visit.“
Travlr 996 days ago
74 /100 298 ROCKINGHAM RD
“I started my Sunday here since they opened first. It was a rainy day and I was the only person in the taproom. Small bar with a few stools, some tables, nice outside area on the side with picnic tables and umbrellas. Four ounce tasters are two bucks or you can do a flight of five I believe it was. They do have food - wings, mac n cheese, brisket, etc. Beers were pretty tasty. Folks were happy to chat about beer and the beer scene in general. Nice stop.“
Travlr 996 days ago
76 /100 298 ROCKINGHAM RD
“This is located less than a mile from the Manchester city line on Rt. 28. Kind of an unobtrusive building with its own parking lot. There were about 12 beers on tap and you could buy flights for $2/each. The tasting room had several tables and a sort of rustic look with a huge blackboard near the entrance where patrons could write pretty much anything they wanted. I bought the 5-sample flight and I thought all of their beers were good to above average. Their Double IPA felt more like a hopped up Barleywine and I liked that quite a lot. I had an artichoke-spinach dip appetizer with bread and vegetables to dip into it. It became quite busy in there so many locals seem to like it. They allow people top bring in their pets.“
puboflyons 1136 days ago
78 /100 49 HARVEY ROAD
“This place is easy to find near the manchester airport. Plenty of parking as well. Inside you see lots of people enjoying themselves. Games, paintings and dogs running round. Even tho it was crowded the help was right there to get you beers. Typical warehouse attitude and it seems the owners were trying to make it look a little less industrial with lots of rustic artifacts. They even had a second story open foyer for overflow when it really gets busy, neat! Had at leat 10 beers on tap but I only was able to try five for lack pof time. They said they were their milder beers but most of them were high alky or IPA based brews, whew. Good overall beer rating experience.“
cheap 1507 days ago
82 /100 49 HARVEY ROAD
“After my third visit I decided I had to write a review. This is a brewer owned establishment. The head brewer is also a U.S. Marine veteran that happens to show a lot of potential at his craft. He has knowledge on a wide range of styles and keeps things interesting. In the back of the brew house, 8 different barrels are currently aging beer. Lots of different things to happen in the future. A beer tickers paradise with at least 12 draft taps that rotate on a pretty frequent basis. Full pints are also available since they do serve pizza and sandwiches. Really worth a look if you are in the greater Manchester, NH area. “
AirForceHops 1588 days ago
92 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“Visited on a Saturday shortly after they opened. They had a group in there already, but were able to see me right away. I had a flight of 7 meads and a taste of the utopian. All the meads were very good, and they person pouring was very knowledgeable of each mead they were pouring that day. The flight comes with a glass, so that was very nice. Along with a counter for tastings, they have a bottle of everything they were pourothat day plus some others available for purchase. Prices on everything were pretty good, especially the cost of the flights. I would definitely come back if around the area. I’m glad they will be distributed to Ohio soon so I can buy their stuff locally!“
JStax 1646 days ago
82 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“Quick stop in February on our way to Burlington. Located in a industrial area. Friendly service and a really nice tasting room for their mead. Didn’t taste any there but the ones I bought with me was really good.“
PMgep 1743 days ago
78 /100 49 HARVEY ROAD
“This is located near the Manchester-Boston airport and it is run by military Veterans. Adequate parking. I really enjoyed the tasting room. It had a counter, a sofa, and picnic tables on the outside. Easy to stretch out. Friendly staff eager to assist. They carried about 10 beers on tap which go for $2-$3 per sample depending on the style. Growler fills available. Free popcorn for patrons as well as modest menu of sandwiches, soup, and hot dogs. With so many beer choices I expect I will return.“
puboflyons 1748 days ago
74 /100 49 HARVEY ROAD
“I stopped by for the grand opening today. In an industrial space just south of the airport in Londonderry, Industrial feel inside with a few tables in front of a bar with maybe 8 seats. Mezzanine space with patio chairs and umbrella is quirky and kind of cool. They had 9 beers on tap most were serviceable with two stand outs. 5 items to eat samples and pints to order. Staff was quite attentive and prepared. I will go back.“
johnnnniee 1788 days ago
82 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“In an industrial strip mall pretty close to exit 4 on I93. Great little tasting room with as many of their mead’s as I’ve ever seen in one place. Pretty generous with the samples, and the tour is quite good if you are into staring at tanks and learning a little mead and moonlight history. Cheese and crackers to cleanse the palette, but no other food. Friendly knowledgeable staff. I’ll be back when I need a honey fix.“
johnnnniee 1804 days ago
74 /100 12 LIBERTY DRIVE
“Cool little tasting room wrapped right around the brew house and fermenters. Great view of all of the operations, which definitely helps you enjoy their beers. Friendly staff and a good selection of ~10 of their beers. $10 got us 6 samples, a glass to take home, and a little bowl of popcorn. Definitely a fun place to spend an afternoon.“
thepatrickman 1898 days ago
78 /100 12 LIBERTY DRIVE
“Stopped in here for the first time today. Brewery in a small industrial park close to exit 5 on 93. Small tasting room with some tables and a couple more outside under a small tent. Unobstructed view of the brewery is nice if you like to stare at shiny things. 10 beers on tap one I hadn’t had, the bourbon Brown, was quite good. Bottles and cans in a cooler to go as well as fills of growlers. Nice little setup, friendly staff and brewer, I’d go back if in the area“
johnnnniee 2047 days ago
70 /100 12 LIBERTY DRIVE
“While visiting my daughter, my son in law took me to this place. Easy to find and lots of parking. Bright and clean interior fer sure. $10 gets you a free glass and a flight of 7 beers with popcorn for the munching. Tho they had 10 taps, only 7 had beers on them. Small seating area with about 8 bar tables that had 2 bar seats each. Good overall fun for such a small place. Brewer was there to talk about his beers and offered a short tour of the place. Good place for ratebeer preppies.“
cheap 2067 days ago
88 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“Nice Taproom in a standard industrial complex. Really excellent selection of their meads in bottles. $5 gets you a tasting, you keep the glass. Tours are available in groups. It was quite busy on a Saturday so expect to wait a bit for a tasting or tour. Discounts on case purchases and very knowledgeable staff.“
AdamChandler 2203 days ago
70 /100 15 LONDONDERRY ROAD #9
“This is located in an office complex next to a fireworks store. Two rooms. I preferred the back room because it looks into the modest brewery, Five beers on tap with a flight for $5.00. Adequate parking. Nice trails mix snacks. Beers are not too bad but until now I had already tried a few of them in the bottle. I would go back.“
puboflyons 2213 days ago
80 /100 15 LONDONDERRY ROAD #9
“Great new brewery here in NH. Somewhat hard to find at first. It’s in an industrial/office park and his sign doesn’t really stand out. Nice bar area with several stools and a leather couch. Second room with stools and a shelf along the wall. Bathroom is well marked. Owner/bar keep was friendly and attentive. 5 beers available for sampling. $1.00 for a 4 oz. pour. I’ve been twice now and will return.“
mcox90 2214 days ago
80 /100 23 LONDONDERRY RD, UNIT 17
“Moonlight is a meadery located in an industrial complex. The front room is their sales/tasting room. If you pay for the tour they take you out back where the brewing, bottling and aging takes place. They have roughly 40-50 meads avaibable in their shop, most available for tasting. Tastings are $5 or free with the souvenir goass from your tour (which you can bring back). All of my interactions have been directly with the brewer/owner, who is friendly and happy to talk shop. No food, no seating. The meads are quite varied in flavor and style. My favorites are the (Utopias) barrel aged meads. On today’s visit I received the online Cyber Monday discount even though was a walk-in customer and hadn’t known about the sale. Very nice!“
WillRunForBeer 2325 days ago
84 /100 12 LIBERTY DRIVE
“I have reviewed several of their beers so I am surprised that no one had added the brewery and tasting room to the database before now. When you walk into this place you will find 9-10 beers on tap and you can buy a flight for $10. What I really like about this brewery is the fact that the brewery itself is not closed off to the public. So when you enter the tasting room you can see all the brewery operations unimpaired. Nice seating area. Nice gifts shop. They sell slices of pizza and popcorn and there is a friendly house cat that wanders around to greet you and hop on your table. Three 650 ml bottles for $20. The table I sat at had many thousands of pennies and other coins lodged under a plastic cover as decorations. I enjoyed my visit here not only for the beer but for the atmosphere. I would recommend it. Plenty of parking and not difficult to find.“
puboflyons 2333 days ago
80 /100 15 LONDONDERRY ROAD #9
“Another new brewery, damn I can’t keep up with everything opening in NH Located just a corner away from I93 in an industrial strip straddling the Londonderry/Derry line. Small bar off to the right corner of the front room with chalkboards to guide your availability and purchase decisions. A couple of stools at the bar, two tables towards the windows and a separate room with bar stool seating on three walls for overflow and a window into the brewery to watch where it all happens. The had 8 taps today but only 5 beers available so I tried the sampler. All decent with a couple of standouts. One of the owners tending bar and up for conversation of all sorts. I enjoyed my time here and plan to return. I was told that they will be selling pints as soon as they get approval from the state.“
johnnnniee 2447 days ago
78 /100 27 BUTTRICK RD
“Visited this place while I was in NH. Nice little spot. The owner was very friendly, helpful, and above all, knowledgable. Selection seems to be focused on New Hampshire small time breweries, which I liked. It’s always nice to support the local scene. I was reccommended a couple of top notch brews. Prices were good. Worth stopping by if you’re in the area. Only about 10 mins off of the highway.“
halfonit 2460 days ago
76 /100 27 BUTTRICK RD
“This place opened at the end of 2013 so it is still growing. But it has some potential. There was a focus on local and New England brews more than anything else. Average prices. Good supply of the beers they do get. The owner is enthusiastic about beer and especially local beer. You really need to know where you are going to get there though because it’s in an odd location off the main road. But worth stopping in.“
puboflyons 2565 days ago
68 /100
Londonderry Quick Stop (Grocery Store)
“My last visit was in 2009 and it was only a convenience store with an average beer selection. But on this visit I found they have really devoted a lot of space to beer. There were several dry shelves of regional and imported crafts as well as a whole section for the mixed 12-packs. This place sells crafts as well as BMC and their prices are reasonable. But you will rarely find anything that you can’t get in other beer stores. Singles in the cooler. But being open 7 days a week until 10:00 pm makes it easier to find something you really want to drink.“
puboflyons 2640 days ago
76 /100 27 BUTTRICK RD
“I stopped here the other day because I was in the area and hadn’t been yet. This shop opened in what used to be Barb’s If you can make your way to MR Steer you’ll find it, it’s right in front. Pick up some marinated steak tips while your there too. The selection is really good, they seem to carry most of what is available in NH. Lots of singles, a walk in beer cave, etc. They have a small selection of food and condiments as well as some home brew stuff. Service was good, the woman at the counter was ready to help if I needed and the vicious dog behind the counter was ready to tear me apart if I even thought about shoplifting. ;) Pricing seemed average to a hint high to me. If I lived in the area I might stop in more often.“
johnnnniee 2641 days ago
70 /100
Londonderry Quick Stop (Grocery Store)
“I stopped in here the other day while I was in the area for work, I hadn’t been in here in a long time. Wow they have really stepped up the selection in the year or so since I was here last. Huge expanse of warm racks in front of several cooler doors devoted to craft. They do carry the macros, but for the area they have a really impressive craft selection. The woman behind the counter when I was there had no beer knowledge, but I was self sufficient, and it a convenience store after all. Pricing seemed about average. I would stop in here again if I was in the area. If I couldn’t find what I was looking for here, I’d only be a couple of hundred yards from both The Drinkery, and The Lazy Dog.“
johnnnniee 2641 days ago
46 /100
Market Basket (Grocery Store)
“This is a brand new grocery store. The beer selection isn’t really that great, but the prices are excellent. I was able to pick up some Piraat Ale for $10 here! That’s an amazing price compared to where I live. Usually I pay around $5 more. I’m sure that if you talk to the store manager about the possibility of ordering a case of beers available in the state, that he’d take care of you and you would get a great price. But I didn’t, so I’m purely going off of speculation.“
halfonit 3342 days ago