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94 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Terrific, personable and knowledgeable staff. Cozy local pub feel. great rotating tap and bottle selection. it’s all about the beer here and the clientelle normally reflects that. Best local pub I’ve been to.“
aintno 2569 days ago
92 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Good place to enjoy beer. Fun to talk with the guy behind the counter. Fun beer selection on tap and a lot of bottle selections for a place relatively hidden in NJ. Reasonably priced. My favorite place in NJ, except I am seeing more not too fun crowd more frequently recently.“
Tonkun 3241 days ago
100 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Place is amazing George is the godfather of the hops this man knows everything about beer from the brewers to their start to who now owns the brewery. If he doesnt know the beer your talking about it isnt worth knowing or doesnt exist.“
jospin 3379 days ago
80 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Stopped in here on the way to Ridgefield to go grocery shopping at Han Ah Reum. This place seemed sort of like a well known secret. Full of locals on a Saturday afternoon, with a nice selection of bottles available in the back in the coolers, and a small but well chosen taplist at the bar. Service was excellent, the staff and the customers all seemed to know their beer. Wonderful local place.“
j12601 3718 days ago
94 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“one could argue that Andy’s is the best craft beer bar in NJ. it’s like Cheers with delicious beer. The place could be described as a hole in the wall, a magnificent hole in the wall that is. First time i went to Andy’s they were pouring founders CBS, KBS and other founders offerings. i was in heaven for a couple of hours. I’ve been back a few times since then and find good beer every time i go back. Seasonal releases are always on the list and regional rarities pop up sometimes. they also fill growlers to go! However they don’t prepare food but allow you to bring your own or order delivery. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this place. just wish it was closer to home.“
fbm115 3866 days ago
92 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Great bar...great beer...great people...been going there for it! Always a great place for conversation...meeting new beer folks...and trying new craft brews. Andy’s is a classic!“
PRBeer 3890 days ago
82 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Basically you would think dive bar when you first walk in, but after taking one look at the tap list you would probably be pretty shocked. Now the majority of the time its pretty standard craft beer choices, but if you take into consideration the area and how many other bars in northern NJ even have any craft beer that makes this place just a little better. I have seen a few events go through the place as well and it will shock you if you ever see some of them. Considering the normal selection of standard craft beer, like stone and troegs, you probably wouldnt expect them to get the more rarer stuff like say Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout or even the rarer Canadian Breakfast Stout but they did! Overall a great place to stop by after work if your in the area but by no means a place to go out of your way for unless its one of the few promo nights.“
vferg 4342 days ago
92 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“A true classic. George knows beer and likes to talk about it. A beer nerds bar run by a beer nerd. A can’t miss if your in the area“
njmoons 4404 days ago
82 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“selection galore but a slightly awkward vibe. staff is friendly enough. not open for lunch (boo). the focus is the beer and they do it well. thats all that matters really. this is a great place to geek out on beer“
lowgun1212 4462 days ago
82 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Crazy place. Went for Founders beer night & they had ’em all lined up on tap + a few other selections including casks. Interesting tidbit: they always serve their beers with a kabob stick in the beer & a pretzel hanging over the side. Cool quirk. You wouldn’t know what to expect when you walk up to the place. It’s right behind a gas station & the outside of the place looks a bit on the sketch side. All of that disappears as soon as you walk in the door though. They’ve also got a 100 beer club, with plenty of participating locals. There were a ton of ’em there for Founders night; checking off their selections. Great place & right off 95 - definitely stop if you’re in the area.“
treadyroc 4496 days ago
84 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Great place! Staff is top-notch. Excellent brew selection. Tons of bottles. I just wish they had more on tap. Thanks for the pretzels!“
weezfour 4901 days ago
92 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“If you like good craft beer in clean lines, you’ll love Andy’s. There are so many places (like Firewater’s) that have a great beer selection but they don’t clean the lines and it makes a great beer suck along without moving the beers at all. At Andy’s I am guaranteed to have a great beer from every tap and different tapped beers each week. The cask-conditioned ales from the hand pumps are addicting to say the least. Not too many Jersey places have real cask-conditioned ale. Beware: some of the fire-engine hand pumps you see at other bars are not using real casked beer., tt is a gimmick. No gimmicks at Andy’s, they do offer this REAL beer. Promo nights are always fun as well. Atmosphere is always friendly and George is notorious for keeping the rif-raf out. Tom is missed though, George is not a sports nut like Tom so the TVs mostly remain off. However, even without Tom, I have to say Andy’s is my favorite bar in NJ. Hopefully Tom will come back!“
box986 4948 days ago
84 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Always enjoy my stops at Andy’s. It’s a great find to have a place that rotates their selection and is in touch with what they serve and what is out there. Couldn’t ask for a better or friendlier place to enjoy good beer.“
BiddleBrau 4952 days ago
94 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“I drive 30min each way to go to Andy’s. I’m closing in on my 66-beer T-shirt, in hopes of getting into the Fraternal Order of Foam. By the third time I was there, Tom knew my name and what I liked. Great place, even if they are Rangers fans.“
dunkelbitte 5256 days ago
78 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“the son likes to do things right. he cares about what he’s doin. the lady is a barkeep and she knows about beer. a straight up person. the owner is the salt of the earth. nice guy (remember you’re in n.j. monseiur brittanica) opens up easily and shows that he isn’t a cheapskate. people here open up easily to some interesting conversation. although it may not seem that way.“
BREWMUSKCLES 5267 days ago
58 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“I was introduced to Andy’s about 2 years ago, and I fell in love ever since. It’s only 10mins from me driving, so it’s convenient. It’s like an unheard of bar, because of location and the town itself. But it is well worth the visit. The selection of beers are almost always great, last fall selection was a little weak. But I would have to say it is the best bar in NJ for serving Belgium style beers on tap. Other bars have tons of bottled craft beers, but Andy’s has them on tap, and clean taps at that. Service is always great, and yes, they remember your name. Very family feel to the place. Tom and George are very knowledgeable in beers. Promo nights are so fun, Heavyweight was always the best but now they are gone. But even on a quiet sunday afternoon, its great to visit, enjoy a tasty Belgium beer and sit back and relax. My only complaints are that the TVs are very small, and would be nice to have some bar foods. But then it is more than made up for with great beers. You can always bring your own food if you need. Tom’s weekly emails are great! A must visit for anyone who cares about great beers.“
jefflikebeer 5315 days ago
32 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Downright boring atmosphere, and a total beer geek crowd, but the place was clean........which is the only thing saving it from getting a 1 in ambiance. Maybe my friend and I hit this place on a bad night, but the bartender (although from hearing him talk to other customers, was quite knowledgeable) was not the most welcoming and rather, Mr. Clean gets a 4. Well, maybe I’m spoiled by frequent visits to NYC, but the selection on tap was nothing amazing and $5.50-8.00 pints are high for NYC, ridiculous for NJ. Maybe when they have promo nights for specific breweries, it could be cool.......but essential? Not even close.“
HoppityHop 5343 days ago
88 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Andy’s Corner Bar is exactly what the name of it suggests: a corner bar. If you go here looking for a place with a great atmosphere decorated to your personal liking, you will undoubtedly be dissapointed. However, if you go here seeking the best beer in NJ, you will be happy- that is the point, right? 10 taps, all of which that quickly turnover. Sometimes the tap list will not wow you, but then again sometimes they will have beers such as Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfenweisse, Delirium Tremens, Stone RIS, Old Rasputin, Allagash Interlude, etc etc. George the owner may seem loud as a first impression, but if you actually go and talk to him, he is both a nice guy and quite knowledgable about beer. He was probably the first bar owner to have the courage to start putting on craft beer in NJ and for that, he should be at least recognized as a major asset to the NJ beer scene. They have been doing brewery promo nights for a long time now, and every one I have been to has been a great time, and has given me opportunities to try rare offerings from breweries not usually available. Service is always prompt, and the bar area is always clean. Definitely an essential in NJ regardless of what some other people have said. Prices are somewhat steep but worth it considering you’d be spending alot more money just to commute into Manhattan or Brooklyn. “
hophead75 5566 days ago
92 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Andys Corner Bar is exactly what the name says, a corner bar. All are welcome to this modest tavern, locals sit next to beer geeks and day laborers. George, Barbara & Tom have created an oasis in the barren wasteland that is bergen county (well at least when it comes to beer.) They are constantly rotating the tap and bottle selections. Their selection of craft & German brews is truly exceptional. I wish they would carry a wider selection of British and Belgium beers, but if they did I probably would never go home. They have great promo nights and specials. The owners/bartenders are great, they are very knowledgeable about beer and sports. The first night I went there I was introduced to one of the bartenders. I returned months later and he remembered my name, what I did, and what I liked to drink. Not too shabby, it just adds a personal touch to a great beer bar. And that is something many others are lacking...a soul. Cheers“
brewksy 5583 days ago
84 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Always enjoy going to Andy’s, especially if Barbara, George or Chris are there. Come form a relationship with this establishment, they are warm and welcoming. The beers are good as well and they allow a taste to see if you like it which is a nice touch. Mostly locals, Ramstein always, and a cooler full. The crowd is representative of all colors of collar. Stop in and have a beer and some friendly conversation.“
Thaichile 5673 days ago
82 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“First the positives:
1. Service was polite and attentive, offering free samples.
2. There were about 80 beers in bottles in a well lit cooler that customers can browse and handle. Nice. Decent selection of Weihenstephaner and Troegs stuff.
3. The bar has an unpretentious, neighborhoody> Now a few minor negatives:
1. Andy’s didn’t have much ambiance, atmosphere or history that I could see. It’s rather divey and smoke-filled.
2. I must’ve caught them on an off night as their taplist didn’t impress that much: Weihenstephaner Hefe and Troegs Nut Brown. “
austinpowers 5731 days ago
86 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Cool place with plenty of taps, plenty of bottles and most everything looked tasty. Bottles kept in a well lit cooler, which could be a concern if turnover was an issue with some styles. But the taps are where it’s at and you can’t be involved in the beer scene in NJ without constant reminders about what great beers Andy’s has on tap (or handpump, or wood cask). Friendly and knowledgeable is accurate to describe the staffers, as many have noted. My visit was during Oktoberfest which seemed to be very smoothly run, well organized, well attended, and a good value for $25. A small problem with my bill was taken care of quickly and without fuss. I’ll be glad to visit Andy’s again soon.“
willblake 5841 days ago
100 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“The best bar in NJ“
jondr72 6110 days ago
88 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Great place! Probably the best beer bar in Jersey. The bartenders are very friendly and knowledgeable. Good tap selection that changes frequently. No food but they seem to be OK with bringing in food from the outside.“
jimmack 6116 days ago
100 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“This is the mecca!Tom , George, Chris, and Barbara, and skip are knowledgeable and super friendly. As are the patrons. My first visit with my then girlfriend was so good , we are regulars. This is what a beer bar is all about. #1 They know what to serve and how to serve it. Taps are always clean.“
Lou18 6171 days ago
78 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“I was an out of towner but after a hour or so I felt like a local. It was Heavyweight Promo night so all the taps were Heavyweight. I will be back to enjoy a beer next time in New Jersey.“
shameusburp 6324 days ago
84 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Could be the best bar that I’ve been to in New Jersey. Selection included Stouts Maibok, Smuttynose Barleywine, Troegs Pale, Rogue Red, Yards Love Stout, Ramstein Blonde and a few Heavyweight offerings. Mostly locals cause it’s off the beaten path. You are almost expecting Tony Soprano to walk in. Stop by if anywhere near the George Washington Bridge. They don’t have food but you’re welcome to bring some in. Most Weds are promo nights.“
Eyedrinkale 6344 days ago
78 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Cozy place with a great selection of beers. No food available except for pretzels that come with the beers of the taps, or chips and popcorn. There is a pizza place on the corner where you can get something and bring food in. Really nice place. Friendly. This is the best beer bar in Nj that I know about.“
mkobes 6457 days ago
88 /100 257 QUEEN ANNE RD.
“Tis a cozy little place to watch a sporting event and have a good beer. Gets a little smokey sometimes, but not too bad. Service is usually good, unless its mobbed. Selection is the best in NJ, but sometimes you can go and catch them with a less than exciting selection on draught (while they are waiting for some new stuff to come in). I can’t tell you how many times I have gone in to find super rare stuff on, such as a cask of 2 yr old DFH Immort or a several month old keg of High Point Mai-Bock. There is always an excellent bottle selection to back it up. This is the best beer bar in NJ that I know about.“
MaiBockAddict 6457 days ago
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