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70 /100 141 BERKLEY ROAD
“Strip mall but surprisingly spacious inside, very clean, and all the product I checked was fresh (by date). Didn't see any singles (though I didn't check the cooler), but there's a modest selection of American micros and Euros -- would be enough to keep me happy for a while, and there's a little bit of a different selection from the other stores in the area. Prices are good. Leans a little more toward the wine and spirits side, though there's also a dedicated section for cigars! [2021.04.01]“
ganache 1148 days ago
80 /100 119 BERKLEY ROAD
“Very cool small place in your standard strip mall -- nice place to meet up with a friend you haven't seen in a while and chat over coffee or beer. Good variety, good coffee, good vibes, chill people! Beers are hit or miss but there's some potential. Right next door to Cinder Bar, which seems to be popular in the area (I've never been) and a stone's throw from a decent liquor store. [2021.04.01] “
ganache 1149 days ago
64 /100 119 BERKLEY ROAD
“Nice place to checkout if in the area...very nice revolutionary theme. Beers are good...nothing off...nothing great...hoping they get better with time. The NEIPA Hazy Crazy Diamond was my favorite. Great name on Spruce Wintersteen winter warmer.“
PRBeer 1578 days ago
60 /100 119 BERKLEY ROAD
“Stopped in on a Saturday night, busy but not packed. Located in a standard East Coast strip mall in a sleepy part of Southern New Jersey, standard brewery feel, outside of the extra emphasis on coffee. No food on site, but Jersey allows you to bring good in and there's a pizza joint next door. Service was OK, perhaps a bit slow. $6.50 a pint seems like a bit much for over the counter sales, but I guess it's OK. They have a large number of beers on, at least 10 of their own. Work a stop if you're in the area, but I'm not sure it's somewhere I'll go back to.“
nimbleprop 1908 days ago
74 /100 119 BERKLEY ROAD
“I love beer and I love coffee. If this place was closer, I'd try the coffee. Stopped by on my way back from the shore on my B-Day. Some beers above and some below ... but the above average ones, will have me coming back.“
hopdog 2128 days ago
72 /100 119 BERKLEY ROAD
“Revolutionary Time Period-Themed Coffeehouse and brewery. The coffee is excellent. They are still dialing in the beers. The IPA was pretty good. The others average. Interesting to see where they go. They are still new.“
jtclockwork 2350 days ago
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