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78 /100 36 SOUTH ST
“Smallish brewery and taproom just off of main drag in downtown Freehold. Recently opened in December of 2022. 8 taps offering a range of styles. On my visit, there were three IPA’s, a Pale Ale, a dark and pale lager and two stouts. Standouts for me we’re the Cold Break Cold IPA and Boro Oatmeal Stout.“
gripweed57 338 days ago
72 /100 36 SOUTH ST
“Visit Date: 1/27/23 Brand new spot in downtown Freehold (opened near the end of 2022) that shares a wall a restaurant with the same owner, hence you can order food for "delivery" from their rather easily. Brewer (former Kane guy - like a lot of place in Central Jersey) was making some good stuff in the first handful of beers on my visit, still dialing them in, but showing signs of making really quality stuff for sure. Big spot. Seems like it would get a big evening / weekend crowd based on the location. I will be back for a revisit for sure.“
ben4321 380 days ago
“Not a huge selection but a thoughtful one. Great Mikkeller/import section. I was not expecting this from an unassuming, out of the way liquor store. Decent prices on par with the area. I think you could find a few gems here. I sure did.“
jdb288 3768 days ago
76 /100 3275 US HIGHWAY 9
“A small rack of craft beers. Nothing to write home about but a little better than the average beer shop around the area. You can do better at the Shoprite Liquor store about 2 miles away.“
jdb288 3960 days ago
90 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“Great selection of american and international craft beers. Good prices for the area. Two full rows and some seasonal selections as well. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
jdb288 4009 days ago
100 /100
Brewer’s Apprentice (Homebrew Shop)
“This place is awesome. A great spot for people who want to learn to brew as well as a great spot to pick up ingredients for those who already do. The staff is knowledgeable and the owners are great. They have tons of recipes to choose from or you can create your own recipe. There is also a lot of equipment for sale as well as wine kits, etc.“
joebagnell 4120 days ago
“Located in a beautiful building more than a century old. The bar area is lined with terra cotta tiles and exposed brick. There’s 11 tvs from my vantage point in the center of the bar. Unlike other posts I counted 16 chairs in the bar area. I didn’t rock the food so I can’t cmoment on that. The beer list was full of bmc, played out imports, and boring regional brews. And of course refrigerated glasses are a dead giveaway of pure amateurism. The search for good beer in New Jersey continues.“
DiarmaidBHK 4715 days ago
“Expanded Craft beer selection, getting a lot of rare new offerings.“
dhiggs15 4779 days ago
94 /100
Brewer’s Apprentice (Homebrew Shop)
“I’ve homebrewed four recipes with my brothers now from Brewer’s Apprentice, and we are thrilled. The prices for equipment, except kegging, are all better than on the internet. Their recipe selection is impressive and they work with you to alter recipes if you want. Very good place and it’s great to support the local guys who supply homebrewers.“
JerseyBrewer 4808 days ago
76 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“Almost as good a selection as Oak Tree--definitely better than EB Marketplace or anywhere else in CNJ--and MUCH better prices. Best place to buy the more obscure Belgians that I’ve seen!“
ectuohy27 5049 days ago
“Free Samples Great burgers, Wonderful nachos, not only do you get the standard melted cheese, you order comes with a bowl of this meat/cheese concoction. Seating is the only negative, If only they had more than 5 chairs at the bar. “
voiceofreason 5260 days ago
“Right on Main Street in the middle of all the action. They have a decent amount of mircos on the menu for the location. I usually stop in around lunch time and try to avoid the crowed nights during the summer. Their food is normal pub grub, nothing outstanding and a little pricey for what you get.“
Bonster 5266 days ago
78 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“Nice selection for the area. I never would have guessed before having wandered in here today. Pete is great, he helped with my beer list and told me where I could find ones they don’t have at the store. Glad to have found this spot. Thanks again Pete!“
Bonster 5276 days ago
“Great place to sit outside on Main St. and have a tap beer you probably won’t find anywhere else locally. Hop Devil on tap is my favorite. The food is okay and for the price I usually walk away a little dis appointed.“
richzby 5312 days ago
48 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“Unfortunately, Pete the beer manager has left. He will be missed. Beer here is more expensive than other area locations. The staff is exceptionally unfriendly and unhelpful. Go elsewhere.“
richzby 5312 days ago
“Main Street Freehold at it’s best. I spent many summer night’s here with friends. Service is very good, very fast. Food is also good, especially for the price... and the prices are all very reasonable. Beer selection is decent, the favorites are always on tap.“
CUJO 5363 days ago
74 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“For a shoprite liquors in freehold, nj... they have a great selection, at great prices. Way to go on the on-shelf ratebeer usage! ***Haven’t been in a while but my recent visit deserves a re-rate. Started a conversation unknowingly with pistolpete and couldn’t be happier. He pointed out some noteable brews on the shelves, told me to check the website and was willing to take suggestions. Service gets a 10!***“
CUJO 5388 days ago
100 /100 MAIN STREET
“Jester Rocks & find me a bar with better wings.“
ouknowo 5400 days ago
74 /100 3275 US HIGHWAY 9
“a little diamond in the rough with a great staff that is helpful and friendly... have some nice hard to find beers too..... beer man is gone... someone needs to step up...“
pistolpete 5400 days ago
70 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“ask for Pete hes the beer man. if he’s not around good luck“
ouknowo 5402 days ago
100 /100 3275 US HIGHWAY 9
“Ask for Dave the beer manager“
ouknowo 5402 days ago
82 /100 3585 ROUTE 9 NORTH
“great selection.... depending on who you find to help you... they can either be very helpful or not helpful at all.... great selection though“
pistolpete 5459 days ago
“bartenders are friendly.... let you sample anything on tap before buying.... very good selection for the area.... food is good.... wing night is the way to go... last time i was there they had 60 minute on tap... a nice edition“
pistolpete 5468 days ago
“I most recently visited around 7pm on a Saturday night. No seats at the bar but was able to squeeze in the end and stood until a seat opened up. I found the service to be very attentive, and it ought to have been because even though the bar was full there were only 20 or so seats and two bartenders. I first had Arrogant Bastard which was pretty good. They have a list of 30 taps, about a quarter of those could be considered uncommon (Kona Longboard, Stone Pale and AB, Blue Point Toasted lager, Brooklyn Lager and Pennant, Peak Organic Nut Brown, Flying Fish Hopfish, Paulaner Hefe, and Hop Devil). I had a HopFish next, it wasn’t good. The bartender actually stopped over to ask how I was liking the beer and I told her I thought it was off with diacetyl and cardboard flavors. She politely shrugged her shoulders and said she knew it was a fresh keg. She did not offer to replace it. I had a Hop Devil which was good and also Paulaner Hefe which seemed in okay shape. Also had Duvel 750s for $18. Food is pretty typical pub fare. I got a cheeseburger which was cooked the way I requested but topped with inedible fried onions. Fries instead of chips made it a $10 burger. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit this place which shouldn’t be listed on RB except for the fact that many Monmouth County locals recommend it as a good beer bar.“
willblake 5800 days ago
“Decent Draft list for the area, 10 out of 28 drafts are better quality Micros or imports, including 2 Stone lines, Brooklyn Lager & Seasonal, Victory Hop Devil, Hennepin, Flying Fish and Sierra Nevada. Bartenders could be more attentive,you’ll find a wait for refills even with table service. Hop Devil always tastes fresh.“
aib51 6012 days ago
“30 taps - 11 crafts- currently - Stone Pale Ale, Arrogant Bastard, Victory HopDevil, Hennepin, Brooklyn Lager & Pennant Ale, Flying Fish seasonal (?), Magic Hat #9, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Harpoon IPA and SA Summer Ale The HopDevil was excellent, as it’s been every time I’ve stopped in recently but my second choice today, the Harpoon, tasted old. (As did the Hennepin and the Pennant I’ve had in previous visits over the past few months.) The rest of the taps are all BMC+Y and macro imports (the only interesting one being Paulaner Hefe). Place was relatively empty at lunch time and I never see many crafts crossing the bar even when it isn’t, so I worry about turnover on some of the beers listed. The place just isn’t particularly "beer-centric". Typical TV’s on with no volume (mostly sports talk networks) with bad rock music playing (i.e. just like practically every @#%^& bar in the state).“
jesskidden 6015 days ago
“Nice place. They also have a CJ in Matawan. Nice selection of brews on tap. Certain bartenders give free samples. If not you can order samples. Food is good. Certain micros can be a bit expensive. But a great place to go for a few beers and some food.“
cryfreedmb 6034 days ago
98 /100
Brewer’s Apprentice (Homebrew Shop)
“I have been brewing here for about a year now and I always have a good time. This is a great place to go to learn about brewing from people who have experience. All of the ingredients you need are here. We even made a batch of a Mad Elf knock-off last time. I can’t compare prices because I don’t know of any other places that do this. I have never been unhappy with any brew that I have made on the premisis. If you are unsure during any step, just ask and they will show you the way. I have also had the opportunity to try many beers while brewing as the other brewers are always willing to share.“
jearley 6136 days ago
70 /100
Brewer’s Apprentice (Homebrew Shop)
“I have not brewed on site here, as the prices were pretty high in comparison to another brew on premise that I have been to. They have a pretty good selection of homebrew supplies and ingredients though. Anything they don’t have they seem to be happy to special order for you. They carry white labs yeast, and pretty much all the malts and hops that you would be interested in purchasing. I don’t know his name, but the main beer guy seems to know his stuff and the female owners are nice. Wish it was a bit closer to me.“
hophead75 6216 days ago
62 /100
Brewer’s Apprentice (Homebrew Shop)
“Well, I don’t homebrew yet but I’ve been to this shop a few times for other stuff. The place has an obviously helpful staff and there is always a good contingent of folks in there with smiling faces. I also have a few brewing friends who swear by the place. Both of those things go a looong way in my book. That could be in part because those folks are making their own beer and wine. Yep, it’s a brew on premise joint besides being a homebrew shop. I will not hesitate to hit this shop for my supplies once I start to brew.“
willblake 6217 days ago
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