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68 /100 542 CROSS KEYS RD, STE 20
“Nice clean place under new management from the folks at Hops And Grapes. An average place but they do have growlers available. A good beer selection with a few singles. The growlers are the draw here. They have 8 rotating taps. Check the website for the list. Prices are higher than average.“
keepersj12 4122 days ago
64 /100 542 CROSS KEYS RD, STE 20
“This is a decent, rather unassuming place located right near another great liquor store Roger Wilco.

Inside it’s very clean, the beer is off to the right of the entrance and has a sizable selection with most of the coolers dedicated to craft beer. It’s a nice change of pace from the warehouse style I’ve become accustomed to.

Service is nothing special, out of the three times I’ve been here I’ve been asked if I need help twice, which isn’t bad. I don’t know how knowledgeable the staff is about beer though as I’ve never needed help.

Decent selection here from Dogfish Head to Firestone Walker to Lagunitas. There’s nothing rare here but everything seems decently fresh and a lot of the cooler selection is dedicated to craft beer. I just found a Firestone 15, Firestone Union Jack, Firestone Sucaba, Dogfish Head Aprihop, and Southern Tier Unearthly to name a few. They keep up on new releases and the stock is fresh.

The prices are pretty damn good, everything is as low as everywhere else, and even lower than some places. Firestone 15 for instance is $18 compared to the $20 everywhere else.

If you’re in the area this is a worthy stop.“
keanex 4456 days ago
80 /100
Roger Wilco (Beer Store)
“I started going here after a friend let me know about it. The lay-out it typical warehouse style with everything set-up by style rather than brewery, which I’m not sure if I like better. The selection is decent, they always have some top notch beer, with a slightly different selection than the Canals in Berlin. The prices are competitive with others, but they do offer something most places don’t, the reserving of beer. Through their free online subscription you are updated regularly on new beer and can even reserve rare/limited releases. I love this as it saves me from running around. I’m glad I found this place.“
keanex 4558 days ago
82 /100
Roger Wilco (Beer Store)
“Great selection of Craft Beers with many available cold and ready to drink. The staff is all available to help and is willing to order in anything that you want. Shelves are organized by style which makes it real easy (or hard!) to make your selection.“
musman 4629 days ago
80 /100
Roger Wilco (Beer Store)
“Nice clean building in a shopping center. Brews were all the way in the back and had a nice setup displays in the middle, coolers (I think 12 door cooler) all along the back wall and shelving full of brews that ran the length of the coolers .... most of the usual suspects rogue, dogfish, unibroue etc, some nice bombers of hoppin frog and southern tier along with a good amount of belgians (quads, lambics, strong ales, blondes) ... prices were decent staff was helpful, I grabbed a 12 pack of dales pale ale cold which you don’t see often ... check this place out if you have a chance nothing really rare but lots of good choices and of course tons of liquor and wine“
italianjohn 4743 days ago
78 /100
Roger Wilco (Beer Store)
“This is the best spot in the area for decent beer. They have a pretty good selection that keeps get bigger and better. The staff is always very helpful and the beer man, Mike is always looking to bring in different and unusual beers. They have a small selection of singles which I hope gets bigger. The prices are good and the store itself is clean, well lit and inviting. Not quite up to Monster in Glassboro but getting there. They also have a beer club email list that they send out weekly highlighting new brews and specials. They do tastings on some weekends as well.“
keepersj12 4873 days ago
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