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“We love this place, based on the atmosphere, top notch, the friendly staff, and a wide variety of their own beers, meaning they generally have several styles, not just IPAs or pastry stouts. Everything was good, not great, yet. But they seem headed in the right direction. It's become very popular very fast due to the location and vibe.“
jb 869 days ago
“Well, this location and building is amazing. On the water WITH ITS OWN DOCK if you choose to arrive via boat. Also accessible by walking and car. The inside of the brewery was very nicely appointed and the outside provided plenty of shaded seating area for boat/bird watching. So...the bad parts. The beer was mediocre at best. I think there were one two drinkable beers total. And there’s no food. Except free generic Chex mix. Flights are available, as are 10oz and 16oz pours. Prices were average. I love the atmosphere but wish the beer was better. I’d probably go back.“
MacBoost 911 days ago
78 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“5 house taps and 5 guest taps while I was there. Sat. at noon and 6 people getting the sampler ’barges’. A lot of people walking along the canal stopping and poking their heads in to check it out. Nice small place right on the water and walkway. Their beer is just average at the moment. The DIPA is best. 6/17/2018 They have enlarged the place. and they have 11 taps now listed. Good quailty beer. Enjoyable time.“
Ron 1317 days ago
64 /100
Basin Hess (Grocery Store)
“one of the earlier places to go all in on craft brew. Decent selection all crammed into a small place. Still get some top stuff, worth a stop if in the area.“
jb 1393 days ago
76 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“This place had the luck of being the closest open brewery near my hotel. Small Cozy place with a cool view of the Erie Canal. Selection is large but the beer I had was mediocre at best. Likely would not return, but frankly. Plan to never be in Brochester again.“
UDBeernut 2010 days ago
68 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“Trendy bar/brewery. Beers were below average for the area.“
jtclockwork 2016 days ago
70 /100 60 N MAIN ST
“Decent food and tap selection. Better than Lock 32.“
jtclockwork 2016 days ago
72 /100 60 N MAIN ST
“A nice taproom with a decent patio. This place is in an affluent part of town so lots of soft colored polo shirts and annoying youngsters about. Service was OK, but distracted and not beer focused. Selection was pretty good with a well curated list. Food was OK with upscale sandwiches. No flights but tasters were provided. A good stop.“
Ferris 2016 days ago
66 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“A very cozy little pub right on the water in a very trendy and expensive part of town. Service was OK, but in a small place like this it is hard to have the time. Selection of beers was pretty solid and flights were available. Beer was average at absolute best.“
Ferris 2016 days ago
76 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“This is a great location right on the canal. Some off street parking. This is in a tourist area. They had about eight of their own beers on tap. The ones I tried were fine. This is a cool place but not really a beer destination.“
jsquire 2250 days ago
74 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“Great day to be here. There were a few chairs facing out towards the canal, and the windows were all open. Attentive polite staff. I agree with the prior reviews. This place has promise, and hopefully will tweak the recipes a bit. Great location, decent beer. Had around 8 of their taps and 3 guest.“
jb 2444 days ago
64 /100
Basin Hess (Grocery Store)
“This place is insane. You can buy worms from the Live Bait vending machine outside, and/or you can go inside and admire all the beer crammed into a small space. Probably the best gas station in the world for craft beer.“
McGarnigle 2628 days ago
60 /100 10 SCHOEN PLACE
“Ehh... Standard atmosphere. Very small bar with a few tables. No food. 3 house beers with 5 guest taps. No bottles, but growlers available to go. Flights available too. $6/pint, $7 for 4x4oz samples. Might go back if just for new ticks. House beer was slightly above average, guest taps were garbage NYS locals. Located in yuppie central, I bet this place will do well because of its location and clientele, but not really for the beer. Worth a stop if you need new Rochester ticks or a growler to crush as you walk along the canal.
If these guys dialed in their recipes a bit, it would be a very worthwhile stop.
MacBoost 2838 days ago
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