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64 /100
Hopey & Company (Grocery Store)
3018 OLD US HWY 70
“February 2022. I was actually at Black Mountain Cider & Mead & recalled that Hopey was moving into my neighborhood, so I was close enough to check it out. This place is in a dying strip mall, but it has quite an amazing mountain view. Face out to the street & those mountains look so close. Anyway... beat up parking lot, not far from another Ingles, why would you stop here? Looked a little unsafe to park her at dusk, but my car is old. Floors are vintage dirty, beat up, white laminate from whatever was here last. Coolers are major vintage, walls untouched. Like, no renovations at all. Shelving is all thrown in as it fits, lots of empty floor space, tons of seriously underage kids working here, maybe a single senior citizen in the bakery, but not in charge. Owners could probably teach a bare bones small business course at the community college. So the store opens up with the usual carts, bread/bakery on the right, some interesting homemade muffins, an unusual amount of gluten free things make me continue my search. Dead north of there are the coolers & a "Hobbit Hole" door to the cold room. Very artistic & kinda creepy. Mostly generic flagships of locals like Highland & Oscar Blues, but also some widely distributed Left Hand & German imports. Outside to the left of the coolers is where it gets interesting. At one point it seems, they stocked quite a few Belgian & Italian imports, that are as of 2022, floundering. Basic blonde & tripels, but I also spotted several sours. Scored a 3F collaboration marked down thrice, but also a small shelf of fresh Italian olive oil-shaped bottles. So it's not all disappearing, but I appreciate the need to move stock. After the beer section, basically ignore the whole rest of the store. They are infatuated with gluten free & wholesome brands that suck & are silly expensive. Produce & meats were sad looking. You can't do basic grocery shopping here, at all.“
MicroGrog 6 days ago
“You're not going to find this place from the street. The GPS will get you there but it's in a little storefront behind another shop and no signage visible until you're already in their parking area. They've converter some of the parking right in front of the entrance into outdoor seating but it's clear they hadn't planned to have a lot of outdoor customers when choosing the location. Service was pretty quick and there was a cooler with to-go crowlers and smaller cans for the more popular options. They also had win, kombucha and soda options in the coolers as well of you're taking friends who aren't beer drinkers.“
aracauna 588 days ago
72 /100 131 BROADWAY AVE.
“Pretty easy to see. You can actually see the giant mural on their wall from the main intersection downtown. Very small space and very busy but seemingly only staffed by one person at the bar so the service was a little slow, but not the fault of the worker. I should also point out that we stopped by one Boxing Day so the staffing could be holiday related. Nice outdoor space out back. We only had two beers from here (we were picking up to go and didn't want to hold up the line tasting the options), but both were solid beers. Wish there were pre-packaged beers to make to-go a little faster and to make single-serve to-go possible since a crowler is sometimes a little more than I want in one sitting.“
aracauna 588 days ago
80 /100 100 EASTSIDE DRIVE #307
“Not the most promising look entering in. Feels like you're just driving behind some warehouses, but when you get to the right spot back in the back they've turned their little section of the warehouse into a nice little space. Tasting room is dark and inviting and they've converter a tiny little green space next to an old loading ramp into a pleasant outdoor space. The meads are really better than the ciders here, at least to me. Turns out I prefer lower ABV meads that are a little carbonated. If we lived in the area, I'd definitely make this a regular visit.“
aracauna 588 days ago
78 /100 100 EASTSIDE DRIVE #307
“So I've definitely been here (February 2015) but I didn't rate it. As others have stated, right near Pisgah, so I nice 1-2 punch. It's been a long time, but I do remember several nice ciders on tap. I've checked my ratings and all are excellent. I also remember service was good. As Travlr said, no brainer stopping here.“
Drake 688 days ago
“Visited in 2013, catching up old visits.“
magsinva 1097 days ago
64 /100 117 CHERRY ST
“Catching up on locations I’ve visited but not rated. Visited 6 years ago, probably due for a revisit.“
magsinva 1097 days ago
78 /100 100 EASTSIDE DRIVE #307
“Located right around the corner from Pisgah, Nice vibe in the tap room, with a really solid playlist. Not a big crowd, so service was prompt. The only drawback to the location was that the bathrooms were a hike to get to. The ciders were pretty good and next time we'll spend more time consuming them.“
DiarmaidBHK 1652 days ago
80 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Visited while on vacation on our way back into Asheville. A very industrial building and feel. Ambiance felt like a brewery to the T. An outside seating area but we sat at the bar and had flights. About 20 beers of their own and five guest taps. Service was great, prompt. Prices were reasonable. About $2/taster. Taps varied from fruity wheat beers to a wine barrel aged quad. Taking label bias away, the beers here really surprised me. I saw their stuff all over but never bothered to try it. Really glad I stopped in and had most (maybe all) of their beers. Ambiance is the biggest drawback but the beer makes the stop worth it.“
Homer321 1912 days ago
“Really lovely little hole-in-the-wall. Pretty simple, a bar and some places to sit. You can see some of the brewing operations. It looks like they host live music as well. 8 of their beers on tap, and no food but a few bags of chips (but it looks like you can bring in outside food). Board games and space to bring in a decent group of friends.“
can8ianben 2042 days ago
“We stopped by on Friday afternoon. It’s tucked off the Main Street in its own building. Some casual seating outside in front and on the side. Smallish bar with maybe 6 stools some furniture that was taken out of aunt Martha’s basement but it all worked. They have a popcorn machine and a Crowler machine. I think 10 of their beers on tap. 8 were good and 2 not do much but at least they try. Small system 3 barrel I believe brew double batches every day she said. Overall enjoyable spot decent beers nice crowd of locals.“
tmongoose 2326 days ago
72 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“As advertised -- a hole in the warehouse wall, but somehow they have made it inviting. The beers were good. There’s NO food except for humus and chips (which were good but not worthy of a food rating).“
Iphonephan 2578 days ago
68 /100 100 EASTSIDE DRIVE #307
“Two doors down from Pisgah, so this stop is a no-brainer. Small living room style tasting room with an L-shaped bar. Friendly and knowledgeable owner/brewer, interesting to chat about ciders and meads, as many of his offerings are cysers. All are on the dry side and very tasty.“
Travlr 2578 days ago
“The smell of malt boiling wafted over us as we entered. Smallish place with a bar up front that opens into the brewhouse in back. Shed-like atmosphere, in a good way, very cozy and welcoming. Two tents set up on the patio, so a nice outdoor space. Food is popcorn. Beers are solid without being over the top. A worthwhile stop on the way to/from Pisgah.“
Travlr 2578 days ago
72 /100 100 EASTSIDE DRIVE #307
“A bit of a hole in the wall in the same complex as Pisgah. Inside is quite cozy and the cider is above average. The cider/mead blends were outstanding.“
Iphonephan 2579 days ago
“Arrived on a Thursday afternoon just as they opened. Very welcoming place. Seven beers on draft. Some were quite excellent. No food, except for popcorn.“
Iphonephan 2579 days ago
74 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Based on several visits, including some during events. In addition to a brewpub with a (newly improved) stage, Pisgah has a seasonally open outdoor stage for larger acts. Whoever books their musical acts does a great job. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Legendary beer with limited distribution. Always seems to be something on tap here that is available no where else.“
chinchill 2883 days ago
“A small brewery in Black Mountain with great service. The bartender (who is also the brewer) spent awhile talking all things beer with my wife and I, and we enjoyed the conversation. The selection is solid, as is the value. Worth a stop if you’re in the area, and it’s very close to Pisgah.“
b3shine 2978 days ago
64 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Located in a run-down industrial park, in a squat, little building. Once inside the taproom, the industrial feeling doesn’t go away, but it is at least a welcoming, trendy, open area. The bartender was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and knew how to properly pour a nitro stout, but demerits for only accepting cash. The spread of house beers was very nice, and the guest taps were nice. The prices were a little high, I thought, especially for a growler. This is a nice gem in an area you wouldn’t expect it. Clearly popular with locals, especially the working class folks who wouldn’t be caught dead in most of the bars in downtown Asheville.“
GTAEgeek 3004 days ago
68 /100 117 CHERRY ST
“Stopped by for lunch on a Saturday, and pretty much had the place to ourselves (for a little while, anyway), so the service was pretty good, and our sandwiches were delicious. Draft selection was acceptable, but the bottle selection was awful.“
Suttree 3023 days ago
66 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Pisgah is on an industrial estate and has a large tasting room with a stage draped in purple crushed velvet. It’s quite basic and not particularly cosy but they had a very good beer line up - 12 of their own beers and about 10 guests. (Visited 7 February 2014 on the RBWG bus tour).“
Boudicca 3060 days ago
76 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“This is a fairly wide open and dark space, set up mostly for bands it seems. The building is rather industrial and run-down, but that has seemingly no effect on the beer. There was ample house beers flowing and a prompt bartender serving them.“
BeerandBlues2 3070 days ago
78 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
> Music venue with big house beer selection and guest taps

>> Really interesting space, purple curtains, black walls, mirror tap list with white writing, music stage. Sort of looks like a music venue that happens to have a huge tap list. Selection was extensive with tops of house beers and some interesting guest beers like Burial’s Skillet Donut Stout, which was one of the best things available. Tasters available, prices were standard. Got to try some special edition stuff like Chocolatized Vortex II. Would probably come here for a concert as otherwise the ambiance might be a bit awkward with all the empty space. It was a bit surreal. “
GT 3079 days ago
80 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Big open room that serves as a music venue and a brewpub. Not much seating other than at the bar. Beers were pretty solid. Approximately 10 Pisgah beers on tap, as well as several other guest beers (Sampler trays offered). Definitely worth checking out.“
jcnielsen 3087 days ago
84 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Visited during RBWG 2014. A large long bar with a stage opposite it which seems like it would make it a good venue. There were probably 10 house beers as well as a few guest beers. Bartenders were quick and knowledgeable. Prices were quite nice. A cool place and would like to come for a show some time.“
deyholla 3089 days ago
80 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Pisgah’s brewery and pub are located in a big shell building in an industrial park about 15 minutes from downtown Asheville. The brewpub space is huge, with a lot of open space and big stage - I guess it’s a pretty big music venue, given the setup and lighting. The bar on the other side has a good amount of house and guest taps, with a wide range of stuff. The beers are really good, and prices are very fair. The bartender knew a ton about the brewery and its operation - I’m guessing he was one of the brewers, though I didn’t think to ask - but everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Excellent place. I’ll be back.“
phaleslu 3089 days ago
72 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Visited during RBWG 2014. Huge warehouse with a big bar, some seating and a stage on the other end of the building. Good beer.“
Sledutah 3094 days ago
82 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“The tasting room is in the end of a big warehouse in an industrial park that also hold the brewery. The long bar accommodates about 8 or so Pisgah beers and another 10 or so guest taps. Across the large room is a stage and the posters on the walls list the lineup for upcoming music events held in the tasting room. Come for the beer or come for the music - or both! You’ll finds that neither the beer list or the upcoming bands lists are too shabby.“
SpringsLicker 3095 days ago
80 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Visited during RBWG 2014. Something of an atypical brewery taproom in that it’s basically just a huge room with a bar on one side and a stage on the other. I don’t recall there being much seating available. The beers are, for the most part, quite good. The service was adequate, the value standard. Certainly worth checking out.“
Leighton 3095 days ago
78 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Final Stop on the RBWG 2014 Asheville bus tour. I had been here before, but the tasting room wasn’t open and we were in a hurry, so I didn’t really get a feel for it. Man, this place is big! It’s definitely music oriented, and a bit quirky, but the service was top notch and the selection was surprisingly large, including some guest taps. I bet this is fun when the weather is warms and you can sit outside...“
Suttree 3099 days ago
78 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Visited during RBWG. My comments are inline with Ferris and jtclockwork. The place is pretty cavernous, with large amount of space dedicated to a stage/concert area. The beers were quite good, especially their vienna. Service was chill, prices were reasonable. Overall, a highlight in Asheville. Definitely worth a detour.“
jackl 3100 days ago
76 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“A huge venue that caters to the music crowd. All their beers, plus some guests and all interesting. Didn’t eat or know if they actually serve food. Good place if you like live music, or else I would go early.“
Ferris 3101 days ago
88 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Solid brewery with a few guest taps. They have a stage so I’m assuming there is live music here. Has the feel if a music venue with great beer. Worth stopping at.“
jtclockwork 3101 days ago
“Located a couple miles East of Pisgah. Small homebrew store with a small bar. 8 taps. Family vibe as there were a couple kids and a dog running around. Bright and airy with their garage door open. No food but they do have free popcorn and they neighbor two restaurants. I saw some people brought some food in, so I guess that’s kosher. 6 x 3.3oz sampler for $7. The beer is a little enigmatic for me. A few flaws here and there but none of them were really bad. None of them were really good either. It really seems like they’re playing it safe with the beers. Cool growler options. Server was nice. They seem like nice people, so I hope they do well and the beer improves a bit.“
Drake 3253 days ago
90 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“It’s a little tricky finding this place, but on Old US70, it’s in the industrial park across from the huge military graveyard. There are two very small signs hinting to their location. The brewery is through a very nondescript door, though once you step inside and hear music and smell tons of barley, you know you’re in the right place. The tasting room is on the left. The tasting room is minimalist... bar, taps, open floor and a spot for live music in the corner. Bartender was very friendly and let me try anything I wanted... and ALL of it was good. Sometimes dangerously good. He gave me five good sized samples and charged me for a pint, which was more than fair. About 12-15 Pisgah beers on tap at the time as well as a few guest taps from mostly local breweries. This is definitely, absolutely worth a trip out of your way. Original rating March 6, 2009

Update Sept. 11, 2013. I have been here many times since the original visit, and I have to say customer service is top notch, the ambiance definitely gets a bump because of how well they carve an awesome outdoor area out of a dump of an industrial park. And the beer is always top notch.“
Drake 3253 days ago
84 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Nice place just damn hard to find if you use a gps, Trust me if you are going call for directions. Nice beer selection from them and a decent guest tap as well. Off the beaten path but worth the effort.“
decaturstevo 3279 days ago
58 /100 117 CHERRY ST
“This place has 20 or so taps divided by color chart.. They have some locals, including a couple from Lookout, but nothing too adventurous. Of course they don’t help the beer any by serving it in ice cold glasses. The food was fair to middling. The wait staff was pleasant enough but it’s not a place I ever have to get back to.“
DiarmaidBHK 3344 days ago
“Located at the end of a shopping center/warehouse space just across from Fresh pizza. It’s a small but comfortable space that’s part homebrew store, part taproom. It’s a literally a mom and pop operation with different family members involved in the operation. The bar is right next to the brew room where you can see there SABCO brew magic go to work. They had 6 beers on tap and all were quite sessionable being under 5%. It’s impossible to spend much time here without getting in a conversation with some one at the bar. I hope it works out for them.“
DiarmaidBHK 3344 days ago
“I just loved this tiny little nano-brewery. I barely had time to stop, but I’m delighted I did. Had a wonderful pint of a beer that alas I did not make note of. It is so small... it is like great homebrewed beer for sale. They literally brew in plastic buckets, and they are good at it. Homecooked beer. Love it“
handsomejn 3348 days ago
50 /100 207 W STATE ST
“Located in downtown Black Mountain, they have a small lot which they share with other businesses and street parking nearby. Either they’ve toned down the decor, or previous raters thought that some artwork and one kayak over the door counted as an outdoor theme. The place is dominated by the bar with a good number of tables. The food wasn’t great but was OK, though the side of bagged tortilla chips was disappointing. I know the food isn’t expensive, but if you don’t want to add to the cost of the plate, it’s better to leave off a side than to put on a cheap one. The beer list is solid, with a good selection of local beers on draft. I guess they consider it to be 100% local, but Sierra Nevada isn’t local... yet. I was extremely disappointed by the customer service. I got served my beer promptly, but they could not tell me the ABV of the beer I ordered. I had to wait forever to even place my food order. I asked a question about the menu and the server, who was being trained, was directed by her trainer to ask a customer. Maybe that customer was an employee who was off the clock, but to me, the customer, it looked majorly unprofessional. Just in case someone from the restaurant sees this, the young lady with blonde hair and glasses who just started was doing as well as she could with the trainer, grey haired and ponytail, who was doing a poor job serving and training. Overall, great beer, but otherwise I was very put off.“
Drake 3457 days ago
64 /100 117 CHERRY ST
“I was heading to the Trailhead Bar and noticed this place was literally across the street so I stopped in. Downstairs in a building, the decor looked fairly neutral. Friendly bartender, nice beers on tap with a definite focus on local, but only one Pisgah on tap, which was disappointing. Didn’t eat and didn’t catch the prices. Street parking was easy to find early on a Tuesday.“
Drake 3457 days ago
74 /100 207 W STATE ST
“Located in the idyllic town of Black Mountain in the main downtown market district. There’s a small parking lot next door to the restaurant. It’s a repurposed space with an outdoors theme that seems appropriate given the area.A relaxed, laid-back vibe permeates the atmosphere. They have 18-20 taps of mostly NC craft with a 5-6 Pisgahs on tap. The food was fresh and very tasty and complemented the food. If you’re on your way to Asheville, there are much, much worse places to eat and hang out for a couple of hours.“
DiarmaidBHK 3519 days ago
76 /100 207 W STATE ST
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s got a kayaking/ water sports theme which fits with the area. They have 19 taps split roughly 1/3 pisgah, 1/3 other local, and 1/3 national craft. They lean heavy on darker beers with 1/3 of the beer list in stouts and porters. Prices are very reasonable with almost all in the $4 to $4.50 range. My burger was juicy, though the bun was too toasted. The bartender was friendly and knowledgable. She made several reasonable recommendations based on the patrons vague requests. Very glad we stopped by!“
magsinva 3520 days ago
82 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Great brewery location. Out in the middle of the mountains. If it is nice outside you’ll want to just grab a table and enjoy the weather. Pretty good beer that is apparently constantly rotating. Only one bartender for the entire place though, and while it was only a Thursday, the place was pretty packed for there to only be one guy. He was a good bartender though and kept us happy. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.“
MlhopeTC 3575 days ago
66 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Actually, this was a very nice brewery, for what it was. No food, no waitstaff, but the beer was quite good. It’s in this industrial area with no AC, so it was awfully hot. Very low-key and chill. Dog friendly, too.“
maxwelldeux 3627 days ago
96 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Anazing place, full of friendly hippies and their admirers. Basically a storage locker with a bar. And a live music stage. And a festival surrounding it, at least on the day we visited. Beers were nothing short of miraculous. I could live here and die happy.“
Travlr 3677 days ago
70 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“A decent brewpub in Black Mountain that doesn’t have a large selection and is in the middle of an industrial park, but is kind of cool otherwise. Pretty much your standard brewpub beers on draft with a couple of guest taps.“
b3shine 3682 days ago
80 /100 207 W STATE ST
“Great new place in Black Mountain, collaboration effort between Nine Mile and Pisgah. Really nice bar, couple of small tvs. Food is very good. 19 taps, most of which are Pisgah (typically can find more Pisgah brews here than at the brewery). Food prices are very reasonable, most beers are $4. Great place with great friendly service.“
Guyute_Pig 3704 days ago
70 /100 117 CHERRY ST
“A good bar, but they said they do lunch...and had 2 items on the menu. To their credit, the menu gets a little more extensive after 3:00 (and one of the two items looked good), but when you’re advising as an ale house with lunch and dinner in the local beer promo handout, you should really have more than 2 items to choose from. 18 beers on tap though, with a lot of NC brews.“
b3shine 3706 days ago
98 /100 150 EASTSIDE DRIVE
“Amazing brewery. They’ve made a totally comfy spot in an industrial park complete with a multi-acre outdoor stage area, fire pit picnic tables etc. The beer selection at the tasting room is usually flowing with at least 15 of their top beers, alongside a few well chosen guest taps. There’s regularly a food vendor hanging somewhere on property. All pours are priced right and the music shows always sound amazing. A little slice of heaven up stream from Asheville. CASH ONLY but they do have an ATM.“
AppVin 3827 days ago