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48 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“A large brewpub located along the main drag from Virginia to the Outer Banks. The brewpub’s huge and has been decorated to look like something like the proprietor’s vision of a German biergaten. Stained glass, photos of men in lederhosen, and photos of German bucolic splendor all feature in a tasting room that frankly felt a bit creepy. I sat at the bar and received prompt service. The beers available are all German in style. Unfortunately, they were uniformly terrible. There were 8 beers on tap, so it was a real slog to make it through my modestly priced flight. At least the prices were OK.“
jackl 2654 days ago
64 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“I was ready drive by and not to visit the brewpub because I had their OBX Beer the night before and it was dreadful. But my better half talked some sense to me and we checked the place. I thought I could just grab some beers to go and move on but it seemed that you have to buy a 6-pack or 1 litre bottle... So I was talked to take a flight. Almost all the brews were German inspired and not that great. The good ones were American style beers. But the sausages we had were great. So my conclusion is that they do much better sausages than beer. The service was quite German too.“
rosenbergh 2840 days ago
70 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“A little dark and dingy when you walk in, a decent selection and number of beers on tap. Food and service are decent, and the beer acceptable.“
Luvystypotables 2862 days ago
80 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“I have been to Germany so I had to try this place when I was driving threw in the summer of 2012. I was not disappointed. The bratwurst, sauerkraut and pretzels were awesome. The beer was pretty close to the ones I had in Germany. Staff was also pretty cool there. I brew and have been to a bunch of breweries but I was with friends that have not been to one. They were not brewing that day so they let me take them and show them around. Pretty sweet“
boisebeerguy 3149 days ago
66 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Fun brewery and restaurant, good food, owner is engaged. A little slice of Bavaria meets land of the Dixie.“
mike5326 3260 days ago
50 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“A cavernous and not cozy restaurant area. Selection of 7 house beers on tap. Decent german-inspired food to pair with their decent german-inspired beer.“
Iphonephan 3588 days ago
64 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Beer was disappointing. Sausages were good.“
beernovice39 3608 days ago
70 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“More of brewery than brew pub. I like its simple clean farm feel. Cozy feel. Family friendly as there is spot for kids. Amanda our server was very friendly and attentive. They offer samplers and brewery tours.“
Radek Kliber 3661 days ago
56 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Directly off the highway, this place is not only a brewery and restaurant, but they also have a deli with goods that are produced directly on site. The beer selection is small, the beer is pretty good. The food selection is small with mostly sandwich and sausage fare, but I think what they do offer is pretty good.“
musinj6 3903 days ago
66 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Nice little place that makes beer and there own meat produces. Beer and homemade sausage what a great combo. Service was quick and friendly and the prices are great.“
jeremytoni 4288 days ago
54 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“I thought, hey, I’ve heard good things about this brewery, let’s stop in for a try on the way down to the OBX. We get in and sit down and wait for a server. And wait. And wait. And finally ask for a couple of menus. Mind you the place isn’t crowded either. The overwhelming smell of bleach was either a good sign or a bad one depending on how you looked at it. The service was okay once we finally got someone there. The seven beers they had on tap were barely passable in my mind. Perhaps this is tied to the loss of their brewer. The food was hit and miss. The potato cakes were dreadful (cold, greasy and soggy) but the sausage plate was excellent, especially the braunschweiger. Unfortunately I can’t say there is anything that merits a return tip.“
Elwood 4697 days ago
70 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“cool brewery, farm ,bucther shop . try going during the week in the summer (weekends are packed). 7 beers on tap and to-go one liter bottles. recently lost their brewer so beer stocks are low. not to worry they have a new brewing team.“
6ROW 4709 days ago
72 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“A peculiar facility. This roadside barn/brewpub had a particular ambiance that came across as half-brewery, half-remote-grocery-store, and a splash of saw palmetto. Just not sure. At first, I got excited, there was glassware and cases of bottle stacked, with beers in the fridge. We went a little crazy and then late regretted it because almost every beer we drank was nothing short of terrible. All these bottled beers were infected/skunky/ or poorly brewed. Otherwise, decent prices, decent atmosphere and a unique stop.“
auerbrau 4987 days ago
66 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“It actually feels a bit like you are sitting in a barn. A huge open room with some tables and a large bar. I don’t remember them even having any lights on. The service was okay, but I remember one of the servers getting snappy with a patron that seemed to be waiting a while for a soda. There were 5 or so beers on tap. I’m glad I stopped, but it wasn’t great.“
tjthresh 5175 days ago
78 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Contrary to popular belief, Weeping Radish is not closed. They have simply moved to a new location in Jarvisburg NC. Here they grow their own materials for the restaurant/brewpub. They also butcher their own meat. Visited on the way back home from the Outer Banks. Stopped by and was going to get the Farm Brew but that isn’t released until June 30th. Bought some of their bratwurst. Sampled their beers, but I’ve had them before. Will hold off on rating the food as I’m going to return for lunch the next trip down.“
TheBeerGod 5177 days ago
94 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“amazing beer! amazing bavarian style food! bavarian style environment, the seats are a bit uncomfortable but would definitely recommend the experience!“
epf33 5291 days ago
70 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Stopped in for a late afternoon snack and a beer. I saw my beer sitting on the bar for about 5 minutes before the waitress asked another server to bring it over. She did later tell me she was buying the drink because of the delay. A second round I ordered came right away. We ordered a cheese and sausage platter to snack on and it went quite well with the Black Radish Dark Lager I was drinking. I considered trying a tasting tray but the waitress said the beer samples were served in little plastic dixie cups. I passed. After eating I went into the small gift shop and made up a mixed case of the 7 styles available to bring home. I’ll do the tastings out of glass in the comfort of home. The ladies in the shop were a blast and we had a good time while shopping. Overall it was an enjoyable stop.“
vadavid 5377 days ago
64 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Visited with group, 10 people, I was on vacation with. Took about 20 minutes to seat us, but it was a busy lunch time. Older looking build, attempt at German/Alpineish cottage I assume. Looked a little worn all around, but nothing bad. Couple empty stores in the little village area. Service was good, she kept us informed of the fact that the kitchen was short handed and comped a couple rounds of beers, so that made up for it. Got loud with a full room, though the group behind us was largely responsible for this fact. Nice german style beer list, no IPA’s or stout’s found here. All i sampled seemed well made session brews. I had the Mai bock & Schwarzbier. Both done well. Food was good, maybe a tad pricey as you get to the entree’s. German food and some burgers & sandwiches. Good time, well worth a visit. Bar and restaurant have seperate entrances, but are joined inside.“
OldGrowth 5540 days ago
72 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Stopped here for a quick lunch. Frankly it was much better this time than the last time we were here, we almost didn’t come back. Had a standard german sausage and kraut plate, all quite tasty. I should point out that Weeping Radish has been making a big push in recent years towards using as much organic products as possible, and the focus on quality really did come through in the sausage. The alt I had with lunch was probably the best beer I’ve ever had from Weeping Radish, outside of the times I’ve hit the Black Radish when it was really on. Should also point out that they are now apparently brewing their own beers again at their new facility in Currituck as opposed to contracting it out, which also helps. This is nudging back up to being a must stop again.“
Kinz 5793 days ago
54 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Good food, but hyperactive waitstaff. Our waitress wasn’t afraid to speaker her mind to the tourits (us) or really get in somone’s bisness. I found her entertaining though. It’s a shame the beer was disappointing.“
Arnie 5872 days ago
38 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Visited the second week of June in the afternoon during the week. Dissappointed. The ambience screams "dockside bar", the beer screamed "unimaginative", and the waitstaff just screamed. A lot. Worth the trip for four new beers, for sure, but I’m not going back.“
gws57 5903 days ago
70 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“I enjoyed my visit to the weeping radish. The food was very heavy, but what are you going to do, it’s Bavarian. It sure was good though. Reasonable beer selection and they get extra points for not carrying any macro’s (BMC) at all. While I am not generally a lager fan, I did enjoy most of the beers offered to me. I actually picked up a 6pk of their Hefe. Too bad they do not let you pick up mix 6 pks (they do bottle) or I would have rated more of their beers. Make sure you stop. It’s worth checking out.“
brentfeesh 5911 days ago
100 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“I was extremely impressed with this place, and enjoyed my trip here immensely. The quality and the crafting of the beer here is outstanding, and follows the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Only four ingredients go into Weeping Radish beers; water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. The food, served in generous portions, was very impressive as well, and the prices were reasonable, though I found their saurbraten ($17) to be a bit over priced. The beer alone in my opinion, makes a trip to Weeping Radish well worth while, and in season, brewery tours are offered with free samples of beer. What I really enjoyed was the family friendly aspect of this place, as my beer trip, was allowed to be a family trip as well. My wife and I took our sons, who is but a tots, and thry enjoyed playing on the slide of the play ground, and watching the ducks in the small pond next to the beer garden. Weeping Radish even brewes their own root beer as well, for those who don’t drink beer, and of course, for the kids. If you ever find yourself on the OBX of North Carolina, the Weeping Radish Restaurant and Brewery truly is a must visit“
TheBeerLover 6049 days ago
72 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Stopped here on the way back from the Outer Banks one weekend. 6 house brews on tap which were very good. Service was excellent. Sampled some of the German fare which complimented the beer well.“
GeneralGao 6129 days ago
70 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Went to the Manteo location while on vacation a while ago (a few months prior to the hurricane that hit this area). The beer can be good and the food is consistent. Had some excellent pierogies there. And if you’re in the Outer Banks, really, where else do you go for a brewpub?“
JMFG 6238 days ago
46 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Rerated based on a new visit to their new location in Jarvisburg. I’d last visited their original home in Manteo, which was a cool little building in a small town. Now they’re in a warehouse-like setting, away from town along the highway. There’s a small goat pen out front. They tried for a German-slash-Farmhouse feel, but missed on both accounts. It comes across as tacky kitsch. We didn’t eat, and only had one beer (we can get most of them in bottles at home). Nothing too impressive here; the bartender was alright, if a little dippy. It was dead empty at 5 pm on a Saturday ... that tells you something. <<ORIGINAL: Authentic German décor, good food, and pretty good beers make this the recommended stop in NE NC.>> “
Braudog 6255 days ago
78 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“We like to dine in the pub area - dark wood, big booths, big litres of fresh Heffe. A selection of various appetizers is what we usually order - the fruit and cheese plate, crab dip, etc. Service has always been friendly and helpful. They usually have 2-3 seasonals on tap too.“
Drew 6267 days ago
82 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Great place. Love the resturant, beers, atmosphere, food, gift shop. Our waiter was outstanding.“
moreshoes 6590 days ago
78 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“Great place to go, there is only one location now, the one in Manteo. Great food and our server was great (knew his beer and made great suggestions), try the Fest.“
hurleymanvw 6590 days ago
60 /100 6810 CARATOKE HWY
“The original location in Manteo is the best, authentic German-style design, outside biergarten, play area for kids, awesome food, authentic German cuisine, the beer is pretty good, the Fest and Black Radish are the best. Update July 2012 - I just noticed I haven’t re-read my review for the Radish in a long time. The company has closed up all its locations on the Banks and moved everything to this property in Grandy, which is on the mainland along the main highway to get to the Outer Banks. I have yet to visit the "new" place. But I’m heading down there in a couple of weeks. If there’s a day with some questionable weather, I’d like to take a trip up there and check it out. The Fest, Black Radish and Weizen still rank pretty well on my list of favorites from this brewer.“
obxdude10 6742 days ago
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