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“Nice decor of large carved wood, rooms, bartender was nice, assistant brewer too. food was tasty, nice vibe, we really enjoyed 3 of the 4 beers we ordered. It is located near the National Air Museum.“
BlackBeerPG 81 days ago
“This was a Quaker Steak and Lube when I lived in the area 15 years ago. So it's HUGE inside. It was oddly empty when I popped in on a hot Sunday mid-afternoon. I didn't peruse the food menu nor see any of the few other patrons eating. Both beers I had were actually pretty good and true to form. They had a decent array on tap. Oddly, a local acquaintance feigned some kind of disdain when discovering I'd gone here, but without explanation. I'd go back. Brewery #991.“
Braudog 326 days ago
“In the middle of the car park of the Outlet Mall, as a Brit it's a sympathetic attempt at creating a British pub, but certainly feels sympathetic and more Irish in reality. The food, albeit simple fayre is decent enough in here, the beer selection less so but maybe worth a look in given there's not too much other choice in Beavercreek for drinking, although for me travelling all the way to Ohio just to find drinks from back home in England was not that inspiring.“
ManVsBeer 2393 days ago
74 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“I gave the food a 5. BUT they do have tater tots, and they’re pretty great.“
rosie684 3267 days ago
80 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“A good beer destination near Dayton. The atmosphere is good; a dimly lit sports bar with tvs everywhere and loads of pool tables and dart boards. We didn’t eat, but they do have food. Service is solid. Beers are pricey unless you get flights. Worth a stop.“
b3shine 3695 days ago
88 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“Absolutely the best beer selection in a Dayton area. If you want a great beer this is the place to go. Menu is you basic bar food but it very good and the prices are great.“
Johnaw2 3824 days ago
82 /100 52 PLUM ST
“Overall a very nice place. Service was very good, patient and knowledgable-- and we had a large group. Good selection of local / national beers at fair prices. We had a selection of pizzas and all were well prepared and good quality. It's primarily a restaurant with good beer, but that's what it appears to be targeting and it is pretty successful.“
strongpieman 3855 days ago
82 /100 52 PLUM ST
“At The Greene (newer big mall area). Plenty of parking in front of the steak house. Walk in and they have a big bar with a board behind displaying around 30 draft beers. Nice modern decor. Not as cramped, better draft and bottle selections than Charleston, WV. Same good food and service seemed about the same. Nice place.“
weihenweizen 3873 days ago
86 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“This place is really a sort of dumpy pool hall in an old strip mall. I drove by once and missed it all together. For whatever reason, they have a crazy beer list, soon to include 56 taps. They had four nitro taps, lots of obscure local beers, and the BA Siberian Night. The food was basic burgers/sandwiches/salads, with tater tots as a unique side. The bartender was knowledgeable and with the huge rotating tap list that is saying something. This is my new go to place in the Dayton area.“
jsquire 4092 days ago
80 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“Located in an older strip mall and easy to pass off as a non-descript dive, minus the Founders sign in their window. More of a smokey pool and dart hall without the smoke than a craft beer joint- even though they do have 40 great beers on tap. Large island bar near the entrance with the pool in the back and sides and three or four dart boards along the wall. Plenty of seating available. No frills here. Having said all that, I’d come back because the beer is good, the bartenders are friendly, the prices are nice, and the pool is plentiful. Food is standard pub fare. As a poster below commented, they do have a strange fixation on spinach. My turkey club was nice and the tots were decent. Nothing spectacular but tasty. Come here for the plentiful beer. Worth a stop.“
Capa 4123 days ago
78 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“A big open bar with a huge storage area in the back. Pool tables in the back and sides, a section for darts and a few tv’s about. Nothing stands out as it were, but it has a nice, homey kind of feeling that makes it easy to come back to. Friendly staff. Quite a good selection of craft brews, though you may need to ask for a glass to pour anything bottled in. The food is typical bar fair (the tots are particularly tasty). They’re always doing some kind of special, so you won’t end up spending a bundle if you don’t want to.“
jhbeer 4228 days ago
“Atmosphere was well decorated. A little bit of a wait on a Saturday night. They could have turned up the AC a little more in the building. We ate on the pation, it may have actually been cooler outside. The bartender mislabeled somthing as a stout, but was obviously something else, however this was made up for in a couple additional samples. I would go back, but nothing nothing great.“
weihenweizen 4370 days ago
“Trendy bars are usually never my idea of beer geeking out, however, The Pub has a decent tap list with a rotating tap that sometimes can be very enticing. The food is good, but overpriced. When the building gets crowded, expect to wait a while for your brews. This place is for the experience.“
raninator84 4416 days ago
90 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“Hands down one of my favorite bars. They have an extensive bottle list of great craft brews. The space is incredible, lots of room, couches to kick your feet up, pool, cork and electric board darts, oh and Skee-Ball! Knowledgeable staff and the best part is, the kitchen is always open, the biggest basket of Tater Tots awaits!“
raninator84 4416 days ago
66 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“Exhaustive beer list, probably the biggest in the area, surprisingly. I’d say they have at least as many beers as the local liquor store. Ordered a St. Bernardus Tripel on a crowded college night and was served with a proper tulip glass, so they at least know how to serve different styles. However, a friend ordered the La Fin du Monde and was served in a standard pint glass, so it might be hit or miss in the glassware department. Ambiance is basically dive bar, like an old warehouse that got filled with pool tables, dart boards, and old TVs.“
smashweights 4470 days ago
70 /100
Spinoza’s (Restaurant)
“Agree with Braudog. The staff won’t know anything about the beers, but the pizzas, calzones, and salads are unique and delicious! They have a rotating selection of 8-10 craft/microbrews and offer beer flights of 4 - 5oz. selections if you want to try multiples for under $7 depending on the flight. I can’t recall exactly what I’ve had, but there was a delicious barleywine, oatmeal stout, a number of double IPAs, among others. One of the few places in Beavercreek I’ve found with unique crafts.“
smashweights 4585 days ago
“Personally I sort of hate this place, but it’s mainly due to the reputation that it’s just the best place EVER. Since it’s in The Greene, expect it to be PACKED if you go in the evenings. I’m talking standing room only at times. It’s sort of ridiculous. If it’s that crowded, you will have a very hard time getting anything to drink. They have an okay selection, but nothing extremely rare or different. The food is pretty good here, especially the fried pickles. If you have never been here and want to try it out, go during an "off hour" when it won’t be so busy and you won’t have a horrible time.“
m0sf3t 4722 days ago
74 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“This place is pretty cool. First off, they have tater tots, which is just awesome. I mean, they are a perfect drunk food. They have a big selection of bottles, the prices are a big high, but they are out to make money so it’s not too surprising. The place itself is just odd though. They have a couch area so you can watch movies on TV, they have random areas with pool tables, and other games. A bar and tables. They also have darts. It gets fairly crowded on the weekends in the evening. I’d recommend it to friend, it’s a fun they have tots. And they have a strange obsession with spinach, they don’t use regular lettuce in anything, it’s all spinach.“
m0sf3t 4722 days ago
62 /100 2348 GRANGE HALL RD
“February 2011. King’s Table is essentially a middle America, neighborhood pool hall and bar. But they also happen to have a pretty impressive beer list. The taps this night included Founders Breakfast Stout, Avery Joe, Flying Dog Gonzo, Bell’s Hop Slam, Southern Tier Krampus, and a couple others. The bottle menu is two sided and colossal. It doesn’t really include anything hard to find for this area, but impressive nonetheless. The bartender was nice enough and the service was great, but he didn’t seem to know anything about beer. Worth a stop, particularly if you want to shoot a little billiards with a good beer. They have a kitchen, but I didn’t try the food.“
Braudog 4870 days ago
70 /100
Spinoza’s (Restaurant)
“Spinoza’s is a nicely assembled pizza place attached to the mall. The pizza choices are unlimited, along with a good choice of salads. You can create your own pizza with a wide variety of dough, sauces and toppings, and they’re always very good. The owner here also brings in a nice rotating selection of craft and import beers, and it’s always something new. The only downside here is that the wait staff generally knows zero about beer, so you’re on your own. But on my most recent visit the options were Czechvar, Rogue John John, Lagunitas Lil’ Sumpin’ Wild, Dogfish Burton Baton, Erdinger Weiss, Heavy Seas Winter Storm, 21st Amendment Hop Crisis, Great Divide Hibernation, Founders Breakfast Stout, Brew Kettle Four C’s, and Victory Hop Wallop -- excellent lineup! They also offering occasional seasonal beer dinners. Definitely the best beer destination in this corner of Dayton!“
Braudog 4932 days ago
“Everyone around here babbles about how nice The Greene is -- yet another recent addition of outdoor malls in America, complete with the Cheesecake Factory, a Starbucks/Clone on every corner, and every conceivable scion of consumerism in a single quasi-Americana fake-downtown. Plop "The Pub" -- a really badly imitated British pub environment -- into a predominate corner of this nirvana, and you can imagine what you get. The place does offer 24 taps, 12 of which are from the UK (none extraordinarily rare, though), along with about 35 bottles (including 24 imports, including Chimay Red and 4 Sammy Smiths’), so it deserves some mention. We had a Fullers ESB (soapy, served in less than clean glassware) and a nicely served Youngs Double Chocolate Stout. Although the menu is far from Slow Food, it always gets positive reviews. Not the top of Dayton’s beer destinations, but not the worst place to stop.“
Braudog 5505 days ago
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