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82 /100 116 WEBSTER ST.
“Little Fish's Dayton location is in a long, narrow old brick building on the east edge of downtown. It's a beautiful renovation in an old factory and industrial train stop. There's a long bar along one side, barrels on one end and hanging from the ceiling above the bar, and a kitchen in the back. Good amount of seating for the space, and there are tables outside for warmer weather. There were 20 beers on tap when I visited, with good variety and always very good quality. Prices are fair. High for food, but the food is excellent. The food menu is also a little bigger than in Athens and includes a chef's menu. They have some bottles to go, as well. Very good service. Along with Branch & Bone and the Barrel House, I now have a trifecta of best beer spots in Dayton.“
phaleslu 119 days ago
78 /100 416 E. 1ST ST.
“Stopped in here before a Dayton-SLU game on a Tuesday. Nice location downtown in a large, new development across the street from the baseball stadium. Really big space. Clean and modern. Long bar along the street-facing windows and plenty of tables throughout. There must be about 30 taps and they also had some cans available to go. The beer is pretty good from the 4 I had in a flight. Food was pretty good, too. Prices are fair. Service was really attentive and friendly, even making sure I parked in the right place behind the building and wouldn't get ticketed or towed. Downtown Dayton has some options now and this is a good one.“
phaleslu 159 days ago
12 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“Discovered by accident that this place was built on the Carillon Park site. Nice construction, but a bit of an amusement park feel. Kitschy with staff dressed in "period" outfits. Like a bad version of Colonioal Williamsburg. Stank like smoke inside. Couldn't wait to get outside. House beer list was hard to find ... Bud/Bud Light were more prominently displayed. House beers were simply not good. Home brew kits, probably. Won't be back. Brewery #990“
Braudog 345 days ago
“Nice Whole Foods. Decor and general vibe reminded me of the pre-Amazon days. Well maintained store. Prepared foods TM was friendly and helpful. Other TMs helpful but less friendly. Large beer selection. Long cooler full of six packs of beer. BYO section was well stocked. A section of large format beers, most of which were the more usual Belgians but a few interesting things there. Bar with what looked like 14 taps full of local breweries. Overall, worth a stop.“
Drake 421 days ago
76 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Quite the large warehouse repurposed for a burgeoning brewery in downtown Dayton. Parking is reasonable in their lot or lots across the street. The beer was very good and the service attentive. The food was pub style and I found the tater kegs particularly forgettable.“
BeerandBlues2 725 days ago
74 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“Visited on a weeknight for dinner. The place is a nice renovation on a corner in the Historic Inner East neighborhood. There's a cozy bar up front, dining room with a vaulted ceiling, and a nice patio outside (too cold during my visit). The only waitress was quite busy, even though the place had some open tables - pandemic-related staffing issues at the time. She was very good, though. The beers were decent; I got a flight with a couple stouts and a couple barleywines, basically two bases and two variants. They had about a dozen on tap. The food was also decent, a burger with chips. Nothing special but good bar food. Prices were fair, $7 for the flight and $13.50 for the food. Overall, it's a warm and inviting place, unpretentious and solid on all fronts. It's not my top spot in Dayton but worth a visit.“
phaleslu 894 days ago
50 /100 308 E 1ST ST
“An arcade...and a deli....and a bar. This was trying to be a lot of things. It seemed both grungy and kid friendly. Didn't see a whole lot on tap other than a few macros and a few locals then upon leaving found out there was a whole bottle list of a lot more locals. Brother in law wanted to go mostly for the arcade games. Honestly, not somewhere I would revisit, but an interesting concept.“
rennat42 1077 days ago
“Nice location was an awesome rooftop seating area. The amount of beers on tap was absurd. Something like 32 of their own beers and a few guest taps. Somehow the beer I had was still great despite all the options, usually that's not the case. Taster pours were very generous.“
rennat42 1077 days ago
86 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Daytonians would probably consider Warped Wing old news but in my opinion, it's the best place to visit brewery wise. Over 20 beers on tap including a few guest beers and ciders, all of which are above average to excellent. Awesome building and location in an old factory. Close to other breweries and coffee shops. Parking was a bit tough but visited during COVID19 so not a lot of people out. The food looked really tasty but didn't try any. Staff was ridiculously personable and friendly. Even the wife enjoyed this spot and she is not a big fan of brewery visits. Can't wait to return.“
rennat42 1432 days ago
70 /100 905 WAYNE AVE.
“A very small location on Wayne Ave which is the hot spot near the Oregon district in Dayton. Within walking distance of 3-4 more breweries and 3 really good coffee shops. Visited during COVID19. Plenty of beers on taps, mostly sours with a couple Imperial Stouts. The sours were very funky and almost felt experimental. The prices seemed a touch high but the sample pours were also very generous, so it all balances out. Staff was super friendly however, the lady working just sat the beers on the table and there was no list and she didn't go in the board order so it was a bit difficult to figure out which were which on some of them. All in all, a great stop. I would say this is a must visit if you are in Dayton and haven't visited.“
rennat42 1432 days ago
64 /100 300 WAYNE AVE (CORNER OF 5TH ST)
“Perhaps one of the best pubs I've been to in the U.S. Very good food, solid beer selection and nice authentic atmosphere. Not a lot to say but if you want good food and decent selection of beers, this is a solid spot.“
rennat42 1584 days ago
“The Barrel House is in downtown Dayton, just a couple blocks north of the Fifth Street Oregon District main drag. It's a smallish space that packs a ton in, with a warm, inviting atmosphere, like a great bookstore or something. The beer list is probably the best in town at any given time, and the bottle/can selection is top-notch, too. Service was attentive, although basically just a guy behind the bar/register in the back. Beer is available in 5 oz. pours of anything, too, so it's a good way to work your way through the taps. There's a bottle/can chiller so you can also pop anything on site, too. I got a Schramm's mead for my group along with our draft pours. Prices are what you'd find elsewhere for the same stuff. Overall, this is the best bar/bottle shop combo in Dayton. Essential stop.“
phaleslu 1584 days ago
80 /100 520 E FIFTH ST
“Lucky's is the OG Dayton craft beer bar, but I didn't make it here to pay my respects until early 2020. The tap list was good and they had a couple vintage kegs on along with some new national and regional and local crafts. It's not a big place, a shotgun space with limited tables and an average sized bar, so we waited a bit for a table and got a beer while we waited. The food was good bar food, nothing special. Service was friendly. Prices are fair for the area, too. This is a really solid place. It's probably been overshadowed by the fact that Dayton has a bunch of breweries now and had none when it opened, and there are some better bars now, too. But it's a great place for beer and food and worth your time if you're in town.“
phaleslu 1584 days ago
74 /100
Old Scratch Pizza (Restaurant)
“Visited on a Sunday early afternoon for lunch. The building looks a little small on the outside, but inside they use the space very well and it seems to be more than enough space. Small dedicated parking lot just out front. Admittedly, the pizza menu here is far more impressive than the beer menu, but both are of pretty high quality, aside from a few macros they have on draft. The pizza selection included a black truffle and mushroom pizza, which I couldn't pass up and was delicious, the beer menu was about 75% craft beer with an emphasis on Ohio, but not exclusively. Pizza quality was great. One pizza was big enough for my wife and I to split without getting stuffed. Just right for a lunch portion. Everything comes out quick, too. Within 5 minutes of ordering we had our pizza delivered to us. Prices are reasonable and service is great. A good spot to bring kids, too. Lots of the people here were with children.“
JStax 1978 days ago
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. The brewery is located downtown and has street parking, and a small parking lot nearby. It's a huge warehouse type place with the brewery and taproom taking up the upstairs, and a small pizza place taking up the downstairs. The draft list was fairly impressive. Of the 36 drafts, about 12 were Dayton or Lost Tunnel beers, and the rest were other craft beers. The remaining beers, if my memory serves, were all Ohio brewed, which is really cool. Service was attentive and helpful. Funny guy to talk to. They weren't all that busy, so we had an opportunity to chat a little. I would come back here again if in Dayton. It is very close to a lot of the area's attractions, and also close to other breweries.“
JStax 1978 days ago
80 /100 431 E. 5TH STREET
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Street parking only, but there was plenty around. The sign for the place was a little difficult to find, but once you are in front of it, it's not bad. Inside there is a bit of a heavy metal vibe. I guess the name Toxic could lead you to that assumption. The draft board was fairly diverse, and I ordered a flight of 5 beers. Decent prices overall. The quality of the beer was average to good. Service was excellent. The person working behind the bar was friendly and personable. He answered my questions easily. This brewery is in a really nice part of town, so it's worth including in your Dayton visit just because of that. Plus it is close to several other great beer places.“
JStax 1978 days ago
74 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“Visited on a Sunday just before lunch. The place looks like a house from the outside, but there is a small parking lot for maybe eight cars directly behind it. Plenty of street parking around as well. Inside the front door you are at the beginning of the bar, which is an L shape, and takes up the full front portion of the building. As you walk back to the end of the bar, you can find additional tables and the way to the patio. The patio looked really nice on my visit, but it was in the single digits for temperature with some snow on, so needless to say I did not bother sitting there. Service was helpful and friendly here. The bartender took care of my wife and I, and he appeared to be taking care of everybody else as well. Pretty busy guy! The flight of beer I had was nice. I was able to pick out a good variety of beer styles, and for the most part I liked them all. The Kolsch in particular was a standout. Overall this place was easy going and a nice place to hang out for a little bit. I would visit again.“
JStax 1978 days ago
88 /100 905 WAYNE AVE.
“Visited on a Saturday evening. There is a small dedicated parking lot right beside the building. Inside is sort of small, but was sufficient for the crowd they had. There were two bartenders working, and they kept my wife and I with beer when we requested it. I tried several beers and they were all great. Good diversity in styles. High quality. Pricing was fair as well. Overall, a great new place and a welcome addition to the Ohio beer scene. I look forward to seeing what this place puts out in the future!“
JStax 1979 days ago
84 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Visited on a Saturday early evening during their 5th anniversary party. Street parking was what I found, but there is a parking lot close by. Inside the place was very busy, as I would expect from the party they were having. The draft list was pretty impressive, and surprisingly they were handling the crowd and getting beer to people very efficiently. I don't think I waited more than a couple minutes any time I walked up to the bar. Only issue I had was finding somewhere to stand or sit, which again, was to be expected. I would really like coming in on a day they weren't so busy. It would be a cool atmosphere.“
JStax 1979 days ago
64 /100 135 EAST 2ND STREET
“Visited on a Saturday mid-afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner. The place was not very busy this time of day, but it was a very rainy day, so that could have been to blame. Fairly quiet. Our server was pretty friendly and tried to help my wife find a beer she would enjoy. They seem to be going for a gastropub vibe, and I think they are doing alright in that realm. The burger I had was good, and the fries that came with it were excellent. The wife had a bowl of the soup of the day, a cheesy potato soup, and it was phenomenal. The food even came out pretty quickly. The pricing here is the only thing that may deter someone. Our meal was close to $60 after tip and I only had one beer while the wife had water. For the quality of the food, I would say this is fine, but for the more frugal eater, it may not be. Overall, I would come back here. After checking today's draft list, it looks like they keep things interesting and diverse in that realm as well. Next time I'm in Dayton!“
JStax 1979 days ago
70 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“Visited on a Friday evening around 8:30 for dinner. They weren’t very busy. Really cool place with a definite museum feel to it. Kind of reminds me of what a german beer hall would be if it was in a barn. Every person working was in costume. Our server was super friendly and attentive. She was also tending bar, so she was busting her ass. It was much appreciated! The beers were interesting. A couple I really liked. I would definitely recommend visiting this place, but more for their ambiance and goal of showcasing brewing and food from the early Dayton days.“
JStax 1984 days ago
92 /100 905 WAYNE AVE.
“Branch & Bone opened in mid-2018 in the South Park neighborhood of Dayton, just south of downtown and right off 35, east of 75. The building is a former auto body shop, understated inside and out but comfortable and inviting. The chalkboard menu to the left end of the bar has current selections priced in three sizes. The beer is outstanding across the board, from what I've had so far. They also have 2 growler sizes to go and will fill brown glass only. The service was great during my visit. There is no food available for purchase but you're not far from plenty of options. I've been hoping for a place like this in Cincy. It hasn't happened yet, but this place is about a 50 minute drive north for me and I'll be coming here as often as I can.“
phaleslu 2128 days ago
84 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“Dayton Ale Trail. I selected the timing for this one based on the fact that they were open at 10am! Absolutely great ambience in a quaint part of town. Had a flight and a snack while discussing the brewpub and the coop with one of the many 'owners' that are involved. I certainly expect to visit here again!“
Aggie80 2147 days ago
76 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“Dayton Ale Trail. Great place to sit and relax while enjoying some traditional foods, traditional brews and watching the bakers and brewers go about their business over wood fires. Full explanation of what was going on from some of the employees. I had a great charcuterie plate that went well with my flight.“
Aggie80 2147 days ago
70 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“Nice, modest size building with some parking in the rear. Good looking food and menu but I didn't try any yet. All beers tried were very good. They have 10-11 taps with a few guest taps included. Friendly but rather lackadaisical service. Most beers available to small and large(r) pours, and all house beers can be ordered in 3- or 5-beer flights.“
chinchill 2157 days ago
“Fantastic place for an out of towner and locals alike. Huge beer selection tucked into a unsuspecting building. Literally had 5-6 aisles of beer mostly singles. I easily dropped $300 and didn't even realize it until check out and could have spent a whole lot more. Prices were okay for the area. Shopped on a Sunday as well and certain things were unavailable to be purchased. Not their fault just stupid Ohio laws. I will definitely return. Might be the best selection in SW Ohio. Even tops Jungle Jims in terms of selection, just not as "cool".“
rennat42 2160 days ago
70 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“This place was unique. You must go in understand that the point isn't about brewing world class beer rather than sharing and showing historical representation as a part of Carillon park and their museum, etc. The atmosphere is awesome. You go straight into 1800's life with the waitress attire and entire building, etc. Food was great but beer selection was not good. 5 beers on tap that don't seem to really rotate much. Beers were okay but brewed to style as they were back then...which isn't great. All in all, a fun place to visit but wouldn't go back if my sole intent was to find good beer. Worth a visit.“
rennat42 2160 days ago
76 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“Cool place. Located in an historical recreation type area. Reminded me of Williamsburg with the servers in period costume. 6 beers on offer, $2 bucks each for 4 ounce pours, or a 4 pour flight for $7. Pints and growlers as well. Beers were all solid, and as others have mentioned, some have a natural sourness to them which generally works. Oddly the berliner weisse was one of the least tart. Creative with 1850s ingredients. Lots of herbs used. Come here if you like ginger. A couple of guest taps (I think Warped Wing) and wine available as well. One cask option available, but I didn't see it advertise anywhere, so ask. Large place nice looking outside and pretty cool inside. The brew house wasn't in operation when I visited, but it is visible from any part of the restaurant and is pretty cool. Parking was easy, but this was after the adjacent museum closed, so I imagine it could get tricky during tourist season. Customer service was friendly but a bit lacking, and the "pretzel braid" was dry and tasteless. Worth a visit for the glimpse of brewing history alone, and you the bonus of some nice beers.“
Drake 2358 days ago
90 /100 531 WAYNE AVE.
“This is a real gem. The story I’ve heard is it’s decorations are based off an old apothecary. Looks straight out of the early 1900s. Great cheese and cured meat plates. Fricken stellar. Fifty taps of beer and cider with no macros taking up space. Great selection of local and regional brews. Almost overwhelming. Service was great. Truly a top-notch destination.“
Capa 2368 days ago
80 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“Carillon Brewing is located in the Carillon Historic Park in Dayton, across the river from UD Arena on the south side of the city. You can’t miss the park’s tower. The brewery is lovely from the outside, and really nice inside, too; almost all wood and brick, in perfect shape and intended to replicate an 1850s building. The employees’ outfits, too - and the brewing setup, which is fascinating in and of itself to see. They stick to the process of the times, and all fermentation is done in wood, so everything has a sourness to it. There were 3 house beers on tap when I went, and it looks like they normally have 4. There are some permanent macro-type offerings, as well, and supposedly a rotating selection of local guests, but I forgot to ask about those. The house beers are all unique and interesting, with varying levels of success. The food is very good, though, and I imagine that along with the one-of-a-kind atmosphere are what would keep locals coming back. The prices are in line with the area, maybe just a hint on the high side but not much at all. Being in a historic park and having to adhere to museum standards keeps this from being a casual weekly visit type of place. Still - I strongly recommend a visit here if you’re in the Dayton area. I guarantee you haven’t been to another brewery like this.“
phaleslu 2711 days ago
80 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“This is one of those comfortable neighborhood locals brewpubs that make me want to live nearby. Plenty of outdoor seating between the main bar building and the brew house. The bar inside has plenty of seating, too. Beers com in pint or 9oz size, which was nice. All the beers I tried were good though nothing was a standout. Food was a variety of sandwiches for the most part and were filling. Service was friendly. Definitely a place I’d be happy to call my local if I lived nearby.“
Capa 2815 days ago
82 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“Charming location on a wide Avenue, with comfortable outside seating to compliment a cozy inside bar and room with tables. Great place to hang out. Seven Fifth Street brews on tap, along with several regional guest taps. Service is quick and personable, with a flight of five brews going for $7.50. Food is also available, though I didn’t join in.“
rondphoto 2818 days ago
78 /100 1000 CARILLON BLVD.
“An interesting brewpub in Dayton. It is located right next to a museum. A very nice open space, brick walls, with wooden barrels. A unique brewery - all their beers are historical recreations of beers brewed in the 1850s. All allow open fermentation, so they are all a bit sour. When I visited, they had 4 beers on tap, a coriander pale ale, squash ale, rye beer, and porter. The food menu is fairly small, with a few sandwiches and German-themed entrees. I had the wurstl platter, which was tasty. Definitely an interesting and unique brewpub to check out, seems family friendly, just make sure you’re up for the sour beer!“
LilBeerDoctor 2830 days ago
84 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Big, open, bright space. Brick, tall ceilings, big brewhouse behind, large bar. Separate in house food venue was excellent. 12 beers on tap plus a pin, all well executed. Bartender was helpful and informative. Prices about average. Plenty of parking out front. Comfortable, good beers, I’d be here a lot if I were a local.“
Drake 2874 days ago
“Shelf after shelf of singles, grouped by continent, or by style, or by region. A little deciphering is needed, but who cares? All those (literally 300+) singles. Prices seem competitive, although, I didn’t see any bargains. I quickly filled a case (24) with singles I don’t see in NKY, and could have filled two more, but my friends were patiently waiting, so not enough time. This place is the real deal, and I’ll be back.“
rondphoto 2907 days ago
76 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Open-air warehouse east of downtown. Beer hall feel with bench tables and lots of customers on a Saturday eve. Service was attentive and quick. Flights were 6.50 per four samples. Had Warped Wing and guest taps. Nice place. Stop in when you’re nearby.“
rondphoto 2908 days ago
80 /100 431 E. 5TH STREET
“A terrific location on a cobblestone street in an old neighborhood. The interior is roomy and cozy old warehouse room. Flights are available. Service is quick and the tenders know their beers. There on a Saturday night it was busy, but never felt over-crowded or noisy. Beers are average. Worth a stop if you’re in the neighborhood.“
rondphoto 2908 days ago
78 /100 11 BROWN STREET
“(Visited 06/2015): Thai Nine is located in the Oregon District of Dayton on Brown Street between 5th and 6th. Street parking is available in the surrounding area.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty and open with lots of windows, brick walls, wooden ceiling and floor, and hanging plants. There is an upstairs seating area as well, and a small bar on the right side.

Thai 9 has around 10 beers on tap and 20 or so bottles. The drafts include local/regional breweries like Warped Wing and Yellow Springs. In bottles/cans they serve domestic and imported craft breweries like 21st Amendment, Bell’s, Unibroue and d’Achouffe. Service on a Sunday afternoon in the bar area was good. My server was familiar with the beer menu and efficient. The restaurant also does periodic events such as beer dinners. In terms of food, Thai 9 offers a solid menu of Asian-influenced plates. My dinner was enjoyable. Overall this is a great restaurant with a solid beer menu.“
Dogbrick 2933 days ago
78 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“(Visited 06/2015): Warped Wing is located in downtown Dayton on Wyandot Street off 3rd and Wayne. Street parking is available in the immediate area.

The large brick warehouse stands out on the street, and there is a large garage door in front. The inside is large and open with communal benches and a few tables for seating, and a bar along the right side. Lots of games contribute to the social atmosphere. Industrial feel with steel girders, cement floor and hanging lights. There is a large chalk board behind the bar listing the beers on tap.

The brewery has around 10-12 beers on tap, including many flagship beers as well as seasonals and one-offs. On my visit some of the selections included Incorruptible IPA, BrassPunk Pils, Cascara Saison and Barn Gang. Samples are available.

Service on a relatively busy Sunday afternoon at the bar was good. The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable.

I did not have any food on my visit.

Overall this is a cool spot in downtown Dayton with a solid array of beers to try.“
Dogbrick 2933 days ago
78 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Housed in a converted factory space, there is some funky ambiance going on. Around 12 of their own beers on tap. several options for to go beers. In house food is artisan and utilizes spent grain for the dough in the flatbreads and pizza. a fun space.“
Panzuriel 2937 days ago
96 /100 431 E. 5TH STREET
“Friday night 5:30 pm and it’s slow. The service at the bar was quick and efficient. Shared a couple beers with my wife while the baby slept in the stroller. Real hip hop (ie. Kendrick Lamar) playing at a reasonable level. Plenty of seating, eclectic decor, delicious juicy and hazy triple IPA, lots of tap options. A fair amount of beers were pretty expensive for getting straight from the source, $3 for 4 oz, $6 for 10 oz, etc. but they were delicious.“
Nickdrinksbeer 2965 days ago
“Small space in a strip mall. Very confined area to move around. Shelves are very close together and I found it hard to navigate without constantly bumping into someone. Saw a lot of dusty bottles, and overheard one of the workers helping someone find a sour beer - with no avail. New releases were hard to find. Okay I guess.“
michcam8 3009 days ago
“Quite impressive selection of local brews, all available by the single bottle, which is a huge plus. Lots of Belgian and English beers too. I voted with my wallet and Spent a ton of money on 20+ beers.“
Iphonephan 3066 days ago
80 /100 520 E FIFTH ST
“Looks like a bar and it is a bar -- but with a ice draft list and decent food with Bingo on Tuesday night. Pretty much across the street from Toxic Brew. Visit them both!“
Iphonephan 3066 days ago
76 /100 431 E. 5TH STREET
“Funky but pleasant place next to an xxx shop. Nice pub quiz on the Tuesday we visited. Berra were quite good especially the IPAs. Worth a detour.“
Iphonephan 3066 days ago
18 /100 3440 YORK COMMONS BLVD
“Worst customer service I’ve ever had at a bottle shop. Extremely disorganized and a lot of beer unavailable due to construction. Was told one price for a growler fill then charged double after it had been filed. The employee was extremely rude and hateful. Selection was decent but nothing you can’t get at Belmont Party Supply. Would not recommend.“
TheGreatMow 3067 days ago
80 /100 1600 E FIFTH ST
“Overall good place in an old building on edge of downtown service was excellent... Friendly, helpful, attentive. Good beer selection and they offer multiple sizes from samples to 9 oz to pints. Food was also good... Our group had a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads and all was enjoyed.“
strongpieman 3098 days ago
78 /100 26 WYANDOT ST
“Large beer hall type space in an old building in downtown Dayton. Service was good at the bar, beer is excellent, good selection of their beers with many styles“
strongpieman 3099 days ago
78 /100 431 E. 5TH STREET
“Small brewpub in an old neighborhood. Very good beer selection-- across many styles and alcohol content. No food, but a popcorn machine that works great. A great place for a good beer“
strongpieman 3103 days ago
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