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80 /100 3022 WILMINGTON PIKE
“Eudora's new location is close to where the old one was, but many times larger. It's a big, shiny, new-seeming warehouse space with a huge area for tables inside, a large patio outside big garage doors, a long bar, a game area, a private room, and a counter for food. Good variety of beers, with about 16-20 house beers on tap. Proper glassware, good service, fair prices. The food counter is good; they seem to have a decent variety of above-average bar food that I'm told is a collaborative effort between some local food trucks. So there's a mix of tacos, burgers, etc. and always a few specials. They still have the brew-your-own thing here, too. The place is family friendly. Seems like a good local hangout with wide appeal. Big upgrade over the old location.“
phaleslu 124 days ago
80 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“Big place. Parking lot is small but should be sufficient when its not three days before Christmas. Staff was helpful. Solid prices. Good selection of American, local, foreign, mead, and cider. Didn't see sake but that was probably over in the wine section. Large walk-in cooler which is mostly beer. About 16 12-foot sections of room temp stuff. Small single selection but you can pull stuff from room temp sixers (not chilled). Ample room to shop and the space is well used. Fairly clean and bright. Looks like there is also a huge selection of wine, spirits, and cigars, and some decent snacks. Overall, nice place and worth a stop if you're south of Dayton.“
Drake 764 days ago
60 /100
Shell - Kettering (Grocery Store)
“This is a shell gas station shop so take it for what it’s worth. A surprisingly robust selection. Lots of high quality sixers from local places and the more readily available brewers. They also sell quite a few bombers of good stuff. Sure, there are better places not far away but if you need to fill up and want some good stuff this really isn’t a bad place to stop.“
Capa 2131 days ago
56 /100
Kroger Fresh Fare (Grocery Store)
“A pretty standard, if a little more upscale, supermarket. The beer selection is pretty decent. Lots of sixers from craft breweries but nothing out of the ordinary. All the big local and national brands. Decent prices on all of it. They have a middling import section but it is oddly located in the wine section. They also do have a small singles area but it can be hit or miss. Last time I was there there were many holes in the singles area. Good for a supermarket but not a beer store so not in the upper echelon.“
Capa 2141 days ago
80 /100
The Market (Beer Store)
“This is a real nice bottle shop for Kettering. They carry a wide range of beers and while most are by the six/twelve only, they do have a solid mix a six section. The beers are not sorted in any helpful manner, which is kind of annoying, but it’s a small enough store that it doesn’t take too long to browse thru it all. Lots of local stuff from the Cincy/Dayton area. The employees were super friendly and helpful, answering all our questions and chatting about their store and how the beer laws work. They have a large sale section with really great prices on good brews. the clerk told me they buy the big box store overstock of seasonal and distributor discontinues and can sell them super low, sometimes even half price, following some weird Ohio alcohol law. I’m not sure how it all works but it was pretty awesome. They have a large selection of cigars and some good Greek/ Mediterranean foods, too. Real nice place.“
Capa 2147 days ago
76 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“Dayton Beer Company anchors a small strip mall on Dorothy Lane and Ackerman. There is a small lot in front of the building.

There is a small patio outside. The inside opens to a small walk-up bar for ordering growlers to go, and to the right of that there is a short bar with a few seats and a couple tables along the far wall. The walls around the bar are painted bright blue, and there are signs above that list the available beers. The taps are visible in the small room behind the bar, and the bar top has the DBC logo branded onto it.

The tap room has over 10 beers available, including Cranberry Orange Blonde, Patterson Pale, Double Red Scotch Ale, Winter Stout, Oregon Alley IPA, Oaked Mersyside Barley Wine, Batch #400, Wandering Second Black IPA and Mad River Milk Stout along with a couple of their year-round offerings. Samplers are available. Some of the beers were pretty average but a few of them were pretty good.

Service on a Friday late afternoon at the bar was pretty good. The bartender was personable and happy to talk about the beers.

Food is not served here but I understand they regularly have food trucks.

Overall this is a worthwhile stop in Kettering.“
Dogbrick 2217 days ago
72 /100
The Market (Beer Store)
“Decent beer store a couple doors down from Eudora. Beers were somewhat all over the place, which made things a little difficult. Selection was pretty solid with a rack dedicated to singles if you wished to build your own 6-pack. Staff was nice and once they realized we knew beer, they offered us the more rare stuff they had hidden behind the counter that they weren’t advertising. Not a bad stop if you’re in the area, just make sure to ask about what special stuff they may have tucked away.“
sonnycheeba 2273 days ago
66 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“Yet another Ohio strip-mall brewery.... At least for these guys, it sounded like they would be moving to a larger facility nearby. Around 10 house beers to try and most were pretty good. The selection was stout-heavy the day we went in and while they were good, most tasted the same as the one before it. They definitely has potential, so hopefully the expansion helps them expand their craft.“
sonnycheeba 2296 days ago
56 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“This place looks bigger from the outside than it does inside. A little claustrophobis, a 5 seat bar, a couple of small tables. Beer flights are available. The brews tend toward high alcohol, without the flavor that one expects from big brews. They are working hard, but still a work in progress.“
rondphoto 2345 days ago
62 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“Interesting, smaller spot. I went in around 8pm on a Saturday. The place was mostly full of people watching March Madness, I must have stuck out like a sore thumb rating beers on my laptop in the corner... Bartender was a little rushed at first but reasonably friendly and helpful towards the end; can’t complain. Place is nothing fancy as far decor, but pretty chill and cozy, I liked it. 6 house beers on tap during my visit. A food truck in the parking lot that I didn’t have a chance to check out. Reasonable prices. Solid place overall, would revisit.“
DrSilverworm 2500 days ago
76 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“DBC is a small brewery tucked in a storefront on Dorothy Lane in Kettering. The tap room is really cozy, with a short bar and a few tables. But I liked the atmosphere. A brewer and bartender were on hand, young guys who were super friendly and helpful. 10 taps, but a couple were in transition so there were 8 when I visited. Growlers and half growlers are available. Prices are good. The beer is solid. Nice little place. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.“
phaleslu 2555 days ago
66 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“This is a small place in a small commercial complex in Kettering. The atmosphere is alright, as is the beer. There are 8 beers on draft. Service was good, and they didn’t have a menu, but they had snacks. Worth a stop if you’re in the area, but don’t expect to tick any game changers (at least not yet).“
b3shine 2873 days ago
32 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“I love small, local establishments and wish these guys well. Based on my admittedly brief visit, they still have some work to do. The 4 beers I sampled ranged from very good to technically flawed. The staff was efficient but a bit aloof, along with the couple other people in this small place with the feel of a basement bar. Also wasn’t impressed with the cost of the flight for what they give you. Positives included the munchies on the bar, if you’re into empty, salty carbs. I’ll try again someday.“
Braudog 2883 days ago
68 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“This place is a small storefront in a retail building. Very attractive bar area that had a few tables and a small bar. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable and the brewer was there Saturday night as well. There were a steady stream of people in and out, including several people filling growlers. They had eight of their own beers on tap, all of which were pretty solid. Five dollar, four beer samplers. Worth stopping by, and I hope they get enough traction to thrive. No food though.“
jsquire 2961 days ago
70 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“This is no Belmont Party Supply, but it is a nice store with a good selection of craft beers, a big beer cave with most of the beers chilled, and they let you break any six pack to buy singles. It’s in a nice part of town and worth the stop if you are in Kettering.“
jsquire 3036 days ago
64 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“Let me say this up front: I’m super excited that these guys started up a brewery in Dayton. This is a small operation that will obviously experience pretty big variations in production and uniformity as they get settled. Nice service, nice feel and average beers right now but hopefully they can last long enough to find a good groove. I’ll definitely be stopping by regularly to add to their bottom-line.“
BelgianBeerGal 3139 days ago
64 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“IPAlove is an obvious troll who has something out against these guys. I stopped in last night to check them out for the first time. Small place. A few tables outside, a few inside, and a short bar. There really isn’t a lot of room in the tasting room and could only imagine what the place would feel like on a Friday or Saturday. Clean and comfortable, though. They only had three beers on tap during my visit, porter, stout, hefeweizen. The porter and stout were good and I thought the hefeweizen was missing something. Brewing is done on a 1.5bbl system. The owner/brewer was pouring beers and he seems like a friendly and enthusiastic guy. Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty standard, if small, brewery tasting room. The beers are decent and I’m assuming they will improve in time. Worth a stop if in the area.“
Capa 3139 days ago
20 /100 912 E DOROTHY LN
“Pretty dingy. Terrible locations. Beer was piss warm. This place won’t last long. Only busy from the opening weekend, I can’t wait for other area breweries I’m sure they will be better than this! Overpriced! Investors get your money back and RUN!“
IPAlove 3162 days ago
94 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“I live close and frequent the store often. They have tracked down hard to get beers for me. They have a beer manager, and if you are not talking to bobby when looking for beers I can understand why you have had a harder time. The selection is above average even though not quite belmont party. Also the prices are as good or better than every where else.“
mjw1200 3542 days ago
52 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“This is where those who are starting to get into the craft scene go. Decent selection of beer, more emphasis on macro’s though. Not much help from the staff in the beer section, you can however mix your own 6pack which is great for those Brew Beginners. Solid store, reputable collection but this place is no Belmont Party Supply.“
raninator84 4183 days ago
68 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“This is one of the places I used to go to all the time before I discovered Belmont Party Supply. They have a greater selection than what you will find at any grocery store, but nothing amazing. Definitely a good place to start though. They also have cigars, cheese, gourmet snacks, wine, and liquor. Friendly, helpful service.“
Bigmmartin 4584 days ago
60 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“A good amount of beer available, A great walk in cooler for the beer you need right away. Although it lacks in microbrew availability and it has limited single bottles. It does have some nice suprises and if your interested it carries wine, liquor and cigar selection. The service is great as well.“
kibble48 4593 days ago
56 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“I was stuck a few hours in Kettering at my sister-in-law’s marriage to some redneck (it was a second marriage; why bother with anything but five minutes before a judge?). By sheer coincidence, this place was kitty corner to the church. So I left the reception (also on church grounds) after a polite interval and checked it out. While the emphasis is on wine and hard liquor, they do have a respectable beer selection. It’s the kind of place that has a lot of familiar stuff for the beer fan, but a few surprises, including some regionals I purchased that I can’t get at home in Cincinnati. Not a place to go way out of your way for, but if you’re in the area, definitely check it out.“
Drjohnrock 4964 days ago
56 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“I wasn’t expection to go here, I met with a friend in Dayton and he said he used to work there so off we went. Nice sized store with a smaller section out front and a good sized walk in beer cooler. Decent selection of regional micros. Not bad“
IPFreely 5274 days ago
64 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“It’s got plenty if you’re looking for liquor. It has an ok beer selection but was expecting more. I usually only go there for my liquor needs and that’s only because it’s closer.“
Lowe1983 5481 days ago
64 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“Much smaller selection than Belmont, but has more beer stored cold. Some singles as well. Few hombrewing supplies, plenty of wine and liquor.“
Capa 5487 days ago
60 /100 2950 FAR HILLS AVENUE
“This places doesn’t have the selection that Belmont Party Supply has but it is much more upscale than Belmont. Large variety of glassware, sells beer singles.“
JCW 5844 days ago
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