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50 /100 9390 MONTGOMERY RD
“Every time I’ve been to The Village Tavern, it’s been the night before Thanksgiving and we’re hanging out with friends who are back in town for the long weekend. It’s a corner bar in the northeast suburbs, so it’s that kind of place. It’s big, but crowded on weekend nights. The food is average. The service is average. The atmosphere is average. The beer list is below average, and I wouldn’t have added it here. But in the spirit of inclusion I’ll rate it and be a good sport. It’s mostly macros, and a few local and national crafts. Nothing you can’t find at any other bar. Not really worth the trip unless you have no choice.“
phaleslu 2049 days ago
44 /100 9390 MONTGOMERY RD
“A good, local hangout spot, not a huge selection, but occasionally they will have something good on tap or stored away in bottles, but you gotta ask.“
jackricci 3115 days ago