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86 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“Great lil place to browse and buy. Selection is pretty good. Nice and clean. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Added bonus...its a liquor store too! This was my first visit to PBC and it won’t be my last!“
Knilas 3268 days ago
84 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“Don’t let the fact that it is in a Family Dollar store fool you. You have to drive to Belmont in Dayton or the Anderson’s in Columbus to find a better selection of domestic beers. Also they let you build your own 6-pack from almost any of the 6-packs in the store. But if you really love beer you will have to go to House of 1000 Beers Pittsburgh, PA.“
midwestbeerguy 3362 days ago
94 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“New Owners, remodeled, repriced, and reset, the variety has nearly doubled. The goal is to carry over 1000 types of craft beer. See the website at www.ohiobev.com for a look at the pictures that have been posted. Thanks“
Piqua_Beverage 3476 days ago
70 /100
Beppo Uno Pizzeria (Restaurant)
“Great pizza and pasta dishes. Beer selection is kind eh. They always have Sam Adams on draught. Bottle selection is small but decent. Srap the Miller and Bud on draught and put on some craft.... Bell’s or something. Serve the Bud in bottles!“
brock1984 3890 days ago
68 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“Hidden in a Dollar General store in Piqua, this place is a liquor store with some wine and a decent selection of craft beer. They had a lot of seasonals and the usual good Ohio craft beer line up. Not a destination kind of place but it has a very nice selection for the locals and those in the area.“
jsquire 4196 days ago
64 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“Stopped in to what was around. Lots of stuff on the shelf. Some big bottles and lots of 6 packs. One bad thing you can’t pull out singles you just have to take what ever singles are out. If I lived in the area that would be nice to pick up a 6 pack of some Bells/Founders/ or a few others. The price looks pretty good and have a few imports. Some vintage stuff aswell.“
BuckeyeBoy 4359 days ago
68 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“I do live in this area and have my whole life.Its a small town of about 22,000 people.This is the only place in a 40 mile plus radius to get any kind micro or craft beer.He does have a really great selection and utilizes the space he has well.As for it being connected to a Family Dollar store,there have been 3-4 other stores in that building and they have outlasted them all.The owner Jack knows quite a bit about beer and the other staff are always very friendly,It is true too that if he doesn’t have it he will get it for you.That said coming from an "economically depressed area of the rust belt" this is one of my favorite beer stores and I have been to a few.Side note:I don’t know what the hang up is about this place being connected to a Family Dollar.Whats the difference from that and bottle stores in strip malls?“
Bukowski9 5554 days ago
52 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“I’m from this area originally, it is an economically depressed area of the rust belt and a beer store that can manage to stay in business here with a selection like this needs to be commended. I get in there about once every two months and the selection has usually changed a bit. There is a liquor store connected and the counter staff is always really friendly. I’ve heard second hand that the owner will order beer upon request and is somewhat knowledgable in his selections. I just wish this place had existed when I lived in this area.“
thoramel 6094 days ago
56 /100 633 W HIGH ST
“Upgrade: they have added another aisle of import/micros. It is still a FD store, but a good liquor one at that. Original rating: Its a Family Dollar store!!! The PBC is off to the right of the entrance. Initial impression , aside from it being a Family Dollar store was this was a typical crappy BMC OH liquor store. Well the singles selection won out on me deleting this place. They have Jolly Pumpkin, Stone AB & Ruination, and a few Euros new to me( although the Greene King "Beer for Dinner" in a clear glass 750 scared me.) Quality of said selections might come into question as some selections are haphazardly scattered on the floor. Note: My curiosity got the better of me with this place as it was entered by someone who had not rated it otherwise they would of checked the $1 :patio furniture, proper glassware, cigars, and games available at the Family Dollar store. Weak, Skiless.“
redlem 6489 days ago
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