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52 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Located in a very small strip mall in front of a Walmart. Small dining area with a cashier/host station as you enter, with a long bar area with additional seating to the left, forming an "L" shape. There was an unused room to the right---not sure if this was additional seating or another business. Bad first impression: we were first in line to be seated but they took some loudmouthed jerk who yelled over me first. We were seated at a table in the bar area, which is much noiser than the area by the front door. There were a lot of interesting old brewery trays and signs on the wall. There were 30 beers on tap, 12 of which were Brew Kettle brews and the rest guest taps. I got a flight of four of the house brews, which ranged from very good to excellent. The food was good with generous portion sizes. The waitress was friendly and attentive but grabbed my plate before I was completely done as if it was the end of her shift and she was rushing to catch an Uber. This place needs to get its act together when it comes to service. I would consider going to one of Brew Kettle's other locations but I won't stop here again.“
Drjohnrock 347 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Found in a little shopping mall. Lighting is dimmed and nice. Few people around for Friday lunch. One bartender and 3 or 4 wait girls. 16 or so can sit at the bar. Stick over 50 people at the tables. Service was good and 30 taps going with their beer and guest beer. Plenty of parking. This is a good stop. Cheers!“
unclefrito62 1549 days ago
72 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Big place. Nice tap list with 10 of their own beer and a very nice selection from other breweries. Food menu fairly extensive. Food was solid and reasonably priced. Beer prices good. Affordable flights. Nice place. Will definitely be back.“
FROTHINGSLOSH 2701 days ago
70 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Kind of a tired strip mall place, packed on a Sunday afternoon. Did not try the good. Nice beer selection, several of their house beers and lots of nice guest beers. Several bottles to go. Staff was very slow and ranged from friendly to surly. Good prices.“
Drake 2911 days ago
80 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Crap, I’m the mayor and never posted a review? Okay. Great stop to make on your way south from Cleveland. Less than a mile off 71. Decent selection that’s about 60/40 guest taps and TBK offerings. Flights available. Food is pretty decent, but admittedly I don’t eat there very often thanks to usually grabbing lunch at Beer Engine beforehand. Service is usually pretty average.“
JaBier 3227 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Dinner stop after landing in Cleveland. Pretty large inside; hard to tell from out front. Nice decor, and they have patio seating as well. Good, attentive service. They run 30 taps with 8-10 of their own beers and a pretty good selection of others. Everything is available in 4oz sample glasses, but you need to order them five at a time, and they are on a sliding price scale from $1.50 to $4. Food was decent; bar food, but good within that category.“
bytemesis 3513 days ago
86 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“When I get to a beer place to drink & dine my time is limited. Seems I’m always on the clock even when I’m off. It’s a logistical issue. Always planning the next event. But here at the Brew Kettle, I was really in need of more time. And as I frequent this area quite a bit, that time will come. In the mean time, the beer selection here is awesome for the area and surpasses other locales by offering their own beers to choose from a wide variety of midwestern and nationals. The choice of food was good for my vegan-nature, and the staff was more than accommodating my dietary needs. Those staff were a bit scarce at times, but considering the early Friday nite local crowd, they can be forgiven. And with a shift change, service was more frequent. The highlight of course is the Beer! With the likes of White Rajah & his Black brother, Old 21, and 4 C’s there’s little lack of Very good home choices; but then add ClownShoes Space Cake and some of my hometown favs such as Destihl, Revolution and 5 Rabbit + nearby Dark Horse and STONE - you get what a mean: this is a great place for beer and cool place to come back to for more exploration.“
beersorcerer 3514 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“I liked this place better several years ago before it became popular. The atmosphere is good, like a pub with a bar on one side and booths on the other side of a long skinny room. They have tables in an area on the far side of the bar. They recently opened a larger area adjacent to the old bar with additional seating, which doubled their capacity. That has taken a lot of pressure off the wait time, eliminating waiting during non-peak hours. The beer selection is very good. They have 30 beers on tap, with generally 6 to 10 of their own beers available at any one time. Most beers are served in pint glasses with the "big beers" offered in 12 ounce brandy snifters. Prices are reasonable, mostly $4 to $5 per glass. I particularly appreciate the fact that they have many obscure and hard-to-find beers. Beers are listed and described on placemat style menus. The staff is knowledgeable about the beers as are most of the patrons. All are happy to discuss beers and recommend their favorites. Four ounce beer samples are available on a sliding scale price which varies from $1.25 to $3.50 per sample. Their food menu is adequate and the food is good, especially the BBQ. The ribs are excellent. The service is good to very good depending on where you sit and the size of the crowd. Bartenders are very attentive. Brewing on premises is available but they are booked well in advance. Growlers are available and 12 and 22 ounce bottles may be purchased from a cooler in the back. I like this place and stop there whenever I am in the neighborhood. “
brew4health 3562 days ago
84 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“They have 30 beers on tap and always have 6-10 of their own beers, along with some very good guest beers. They have a lot of beer signs and of course the brewing equipment. I had much better service at the bar than when I was at a table. The prices were very fair for the beer and on Sunday they have really good deals for their own beers. The food was also above-average. A really cool place. There is a place where people make their own wine connected and they have house wines in case you go with non-beer drinkers. You can also brew beer here.“
sturmthis 3584 days ago
82 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Convenient location off of 71 with plenty of parking in the strip mall. Thirty two taps with several of their beers and great guest taps. I didn’t eat, but menu was typical. Worth a visit for the beer alone.“
jsquire 3687 days ago
82 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon. The parking lot out front was more than sufficient. The place is located in a small strip mall. The bar area is immediately inside the entrance along the left wall. They had about 15 of their own taps and about 15 guest taps. The stuff they had on of their own were for the most part draft only or pub exclusives. They had White Rajah on, of course, but that’s about the only regular I remember them having on. The service was very quick and friendly. I wish I would have eaten here, but I just stuck to beer. Value was pretty nice. Most samples were right around $2 or less.“
JStax 3775 days ago
82 /100
B Spot Burgers (Restaurant)
“Very friendly service, great food & burgers, and a good selection of craft beer styles. A bit of the smaller side when it comes to space, but I was able to find a seat at the bar on a Friday night,“
laurenstrec 3826 days ago
80 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“There is a clean, restaurant style ambiance. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. I enjoyed the pulled pork while I was there but I hear the wings are good as well.“
Art 3902 days ago
78 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“30 quality beers on draft. Great food. Friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit.“
Iphonephan 3958 days ago
72 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Food has gone downhill. It’s inconsistent.. Undercooked. Portions vary.. and the staff knows it. Beer is still good, staff is great, but they even know it’s not the same. It’s a Brew Pub, but you get the usual Muffy and Buffys for martini’s.. Good for beer.. Find food elsewhere..“
liquidcrack 3992 days ago
78 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Dark place, bar on the left and then restaurant seating further back. Service was pretty good and knowledgable about the beers. Had a pretty solid tap list between their beers and guests. Food was really good and reasonably priced as was the beer. Overall definitely worth stopping by if in the area.“
Beerman6686 4136 days ago
96 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Love this place“
69MACH1 4147 days ago
92 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“What can I say about this place that has not already been said. Awesome beer guest and house. I love BBQ and this place kills it with the smokehouse and BBQ. If you stop in Cleveland please do yourself a favor and go here.“
barak316 4319 days ago
84 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Ambiance, bar attached to family dinner, I sat at the bar I liked it. Sampled all the brew kettle beers, all good. A few commercials I wanted, I’m really tired of imperial ipas, let’s move on. The BBQ was fantastic, only beer bar like this I’ve seen is Slows in Detroit. If you like BBQ and good beer this is your place. I recommend sitting at the bar or at least in that section of the establishment.“
KPD 4326 days ago
82 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Fun place not far off I-71. Beer selection is 75% theirs, 25% guest handles of quality elixers. Food is taste and features smoked meat... YUM! Service is good. A must visit if in the Cleveland area.“
UDBeernut 4327 days ago
82 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Awesome place - visited on 2.28.2012. Cool beer bar vibe with beer decor. Very good selection, flights available, and the house brew are solid. Didn’t eat.“
BVery 4387 days ago
58 /100
B Spot Burgers (Restaurant)
“While I trust the two other reviewers of this place (Fiver and Mike) I had a completely different experience. The staff here has no interest in serving you, it seems as though they are annoyed by you being there, their draft list is good, but had nothing spectacular such as KBS when I was there, in fact their entire "Hop Forward" section was all middle of the road IPA’s that you can find at any store in Ohio. A small ish seating area is limited to maybe 20 tables, the burger (Lola) was small and not filling, especially when compared to a Buckeye or Fatheads burger, everything is a la carte which is fine, onion rings were bland but cooked very well (correct texture, batter etc.) all in all quite disappointing after all the local hype. Will try again in a few months.“
jmikolich 4427 days ago
82 /100 18300 ROYALTON RD
“Clean and roomy“
coldbrew 4472 days ago
90 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Great selection of house brews and guest taps with 30 beers on tap. The bar-b-que food here is some of the best around. I highly recommend the ’backyard sampler’ and the bar-b-que pasta with shredded pork. The food here is always amazing no matter what I order. Since the expansion, the service has gotten a little slow unfortunately. Secret...the ’make your own wine’ section of the building has additional TBK beers on tap not normally found in the main bar, and is a quiet place to relax and order appetizers while waiting for a table to open up.“
herchick 4481 days ago
86 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“awesome place to visit. huge rotating tap list including some rarities. great service. would love to go back if im ever in Cleveland again.“
RayOhm 4572 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Damn good smoked wings and black bean cakes. Their house beers are good, especially the White Rajah IPA and Old 21 DIPA. They have great guest drafts most of the times I visit here and the staff are friendly most of the time.“
Busko 4572 days ago
78 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Brew Kettle“
stranglehold 4594 days ago
86 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Probably the best beer bar I’ve visited in the Cleveland area so far. Very vibrant atmosphere for a Tuesday night. They just expanded so they have a sizable dining area plus a very long bar. They have almost 30 taps with their own craft beer mixed in with other craft brews. You can also brew your own beer in the back. The wings were also very tasty. I’ll definitely go back.“
DiarmaidBHK 4596 days ago
80 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Great brewpub outside Cleveland. It was certainly very busy on the Thursday night I visited. Got a table by the bar, but waited a little bit for service. This is mostly a beer bar. Although they do brew their own beer, they have like 4-5 taps of house brews, and say 25 guest taps. Nonetheless, it’s worth it to seek out their house brews. I found the White Rajah and Red Eye PA very good, also got to try the 4 C’s on firkin. The guest beers were all American I believe, plenty of different styles and interesting selections (though I didn’t get any, there were many I wanted to try). As far as the food menu, it was pretty basic. Got some pulled pork nachos which were quite tasty, especially the pork. A fun place, lots of beer paraphernalia on the walls, a few TVs. Worth it to stop here.“
LilBeerDoctor 4597 days ago
74 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“An interesting place. Large and leading into the brew your own. Everyone knew their beer, the bartenders who pointed out maybe the best tap list in the city if not the state, the lady selling ingredients. Cheap food for my mates. Very long large bar, and you can take the snifters with you to bottle or to brew. All kinds of people here and stuff going on.Tasty soft drinks too.“
Sammy 4621 days ago
88 /100
B Spot Burgers (Restaurant)
“Iron Chef Michael Symon’s latest creation lands in Strongsville! Now you can hit the Brew Kettle, B Spot, and Heinens for great craft beer here. Yes! So its a small place with not a lot of seating. A decent sized bar with a beer list on the back of the menu that dwarfs the wine list. There are maybe 40-50 beer selections total to the 5 or 6 wine. I love it! I had KBS on tap on my first visit. A ES Bam on the second. The menu divides the beer by hoppy, dark, sours, etc. There are draft and bottle selections in each section. Service was top notch. Food was great. I’ve had quite a bit of everything on the menu as I’ve hit the other B Spot in town as well. The pickle and relish bar is great to add to the great burger you order. I’m just a huge fan of the place. Biggest downside is its across the street (kind of) to a large mall and about a mile off a major freeway. This place will always be busy. And since its small there will always be a wait. I asked the slowest part of the day on my second visit and they said around 2-2:30. Looking forward to more visits to this place. Easily the best burger in town!“
fiver29 4711 days ago
78 /100
B Spot Burgers (Restaurant)
“Went in opening week for lunch. Dark interior and a very small place... maybe 65 seats plus a relatively large bar. It was crowded and it took about a half hour to get seated, so we had a couple beers at the bar. They had an impressive selection of draft beer including KBS, Breakfast Stout, Two Hearted, good locals, etc. Bottle list was ok but not too interesting. Service was good and so was the food. I would go back for sure. Expect crowds at this place... located near a very busy retail area with a popular shopping mall across the street.“
miketd 4711 days ago
84 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“this place is very cool. the walls are covered with beer stuff and bottles all around the top part of the walls. The waitress was very nice and the food was decent pub food. The beer selection was killer and I love a place that offers beer flights. This is a must stop for people driving through ohio on route 80.“
bobbypaulson 4727 days ago
78 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“This is a great brewpub with some solid selections, including a yummy Rye and a pale ale with four different types of hops. You can also brew your own beer in the back from a list of over 100 recipes, which is expensive, but worth the money if you’re having a party. They also offer kegs, which is great for parties as well. At times the service is questionable, if not downright rude, but the food and the beer make up for it.“
pottygok 4736 days ago
76 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Our final beer stop on a Tuesday on our way out to Michigan for RBSG ’10. For a place tucked away in a strip mall I was blown away. Not only was the very long main bar and dining area utterly slammed, but were it not for Crizay, we wouldn’t have even gotten seating. We ended up out back in a quiet patio area nestled into the parking lot area. Worked out well given that there was myself, my wife, Crizay, his lady, miketd, puzzl, JoeMcPhee, Maxdaddy, and zdk. So we had that whole back area essentially to ourselves. The on-site brew your own system was also running and full of people. This place definitely has a big local community feel and we felt very welcomed overall. Their own beers were pretty good, and with the brew-your-own thing they have going on, some of those beers make appearances on the taps, which was quite cool. The food was geared toward the greasy comfort food end of the spectrum, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and ours was pretty good, so no complaints here. Wish there was one of these in a strip mall near me...“
j12601 4928 days ago
74 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Cool spot in an unexpected strip mall. Their own beers were solid and had a few impressive guest taps. They’re doing the cleveland homebrew community a great service by essentially renting out brewery space to homebrewers. What a great idea. cheap beer samplers, tasty food and nice staff (if a bit slow). Chill, outdoor space. Was pretty crowded at dinner time, so make a reservation.“
zdk 4933 days ago
68 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Pretty cool spot - there is a long, narrow bar area up front and a nice big U-brew area in the back. A sort of parking lot area out the back that serves as a patio as well. There was a nice selection of stuff on - some of it was quite tasty. The spalt bomb and red eye were standouts for me. Cheap too - which never hurts. Solid, if typical pub fare on the menu. I enjoyed hanging out with miketd and crizay though. A pretty solid spot to have a few - the continuous smell of boiling wort sure doesn’t hurt the ambience either.“
JoeMcPhee 4969 days ago
80 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Went here while in Cleveland for a Browns game. Collectibles everywhere. Large selection of home taps and guest beers. Great value on beers. Highly recommended.“
clarkybsu 5125 days ago
72 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Went on a Wednesday evening. Draft list was good- NH Mad Hatter, GF West Coast, some house brews, Delirium, and LH Fade to Black among many others... not too shabby. Good amount of vegetarian-friendly food, but service was slow and food took a while even though they were not very full. I would go back as they seemed to have a good representation of OH beer and available brews.“
markwise 5172 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Cleveland must have the worst airport for people flying in (allow an extra hour if you are renting a car), but the best collection of brewpubs to make up for it. If you have a hotel near the airport, you will be blessed with Fatheads, Cornerstone, and Brew Kettle within three miles or so of each other. I’m a North Carolina style BBQ fan, and these guys serve up some wonderful pulled pork. Bartender staff is VERY good - probably as knowledgeable a group as I’ve encountered. Sat at the bar between two national beer judges - great education. First night I was there, they had their 4C’s ale (named for four varietals of hops) served up on cask. That was about as good as it gets for me, so I went back a couple days later only to find that they only do that once a month. Bummer. Anyhow, this is a must-visit stop for any beer lover. A few house brews plus great selection of guests. Bottom line is that if you have to endure the Cleveland airport, all will be forgiven after a week of alternate dinners at Brew Kettle and Fatheads.“
Packard 5231 days ago
96 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“The brew kettle is a great place to go for a good beer and dinner. The BBQ Spaghetti is amazing, and the homemade chili is the best I’ve had.“
zkascak 5308 days ago
90 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“A gret beer stop for just about anyone from the beginner beer hobbyist to the homebrewer.Not only can you eat fantastic BBQ here, they also have there own beers on tap plus guest taps.They also have brew on premise which is a whole other expieience.The waitress we had knew her beers and which ones changed off the menu.Samples start at .85! Are you kidding me.The beers were good and the food was awesome.A definate must stop if your in the Cleveland area.“
DragonStout 5313 days ago
84 /100 18300 ROYALTON RD
“Visit once a week. Selection is well above average but not spectacular. A nice choice of micro’s but they are inconsistent. Some of the beers have been sitting thre for a long long time. Have to check the selection freuently because its real hit and miss. They do come up with some of the real "gems" from time to time. Rob is knowledgeable and very helpful.“
BR007 5340 days ago
82 /100 17608 PEARL ROAD
“The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowedgeable. Selection is usually pretty good although not top notch Prices are on par with other establishments in the area. Nice to have them around. Keep up the good work, George.“
BR007 5340 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“I am a Brew Kettle veteran going several times a month. The brew selection has a nice variety to it although it seems to have fallen off a little the past year. The food on the other hand, is still outstanding. The BBQ is irresistable. I highly recommend the sampler. The service is always great with knowledgeable and friendly staff. OLD 21 is a very good house beer and I also really liked the barrel aged Dark Helmet. Lucky to have this place nearby.....“
BR007 5340 days ago
88 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Good time, good beer, good food. Interesting to see the back area where the "self-brew" is going on, months out for a reservation to brew though.“
ZiggyDaMoe 5352 days ago
80 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Friendly staff and good service. Long bar, booths, tables and an outdoor patio (sadly looks out onto a back parking lot). They do samples of 5 or more beers at a decent price and decent size. Hilarious deer ass mounted over the bar for some added character. Went on a Sunday afternoon and there were 2 guys at the bar and 3 booths full. Great thing about Sundays at The Brew Kettle is the $2.50 pints of anything they have to offer and $7 pitchers. Good nachos and other things of the like on offer with plenty of screens to watch from any angle - on this day they were showing baseball, Indy 500 and NHL so there was a good mix. $9 to refill your own growler and $15 to buy one there. Family friendly at least on Sunday, not sure about the other days/nights. Brewing is in the back and open to the public, about the same size as the bar/restaurant section of the building. Same strange location as Fathead’s in Cleveland -- nestled between some storefronts in a small strip mall off Pearl Road.“
Pipper 5397 days ago
80 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“The Brew Kettle I just heard about this place from a co-worker so he met me there for a beer and a bite after work. As I drove up to The Brew Kettle, I was thinking to myself - "What kind of place is this? Considering that its wedged in this small strip mall looking building" but as I walked inside - I was convinced this was a pretty good place indeed. The concept of being able to go in the back and brew up your own batch is a great idea. You work with some sort of "brew helper" and they make sure that you don’t create some undrinkable monster. It is all extract brewing and steeping grains with palletized hops - so if you’re already a "bungalow brewmaster" in your own right doing partial to full mash brewing - this is not the place for you - to brew that is. But come on down and drink!!! They have 20+ taps and half of them are their own brews - with the other half being a pretty good variety of other regional and national craft brew. Last “
Beer3irty 5398 days ago
60 /100 8377 PEARL ROAD
“Been here numerous times and each time I go it gets less and less adventurious with the beer list. Their beer menu is seriously declining, the house beers are ok to good, but nothing ever really stands out. The food is pretty good and around lunch time it can be a good value, but otherwise some things are overpriced. Used to be an awesome place but seems to be slowly going down hill, but thats ok b/c newer places on the westside have opened that are taking its place.“
Cliff 5413 days ago
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