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62 /100 1496 COLUMBIA ROAD
“A trek out of Cleveland will bring you to Jilbert Winery. Since the last review they've apparently started brewing more than just a mead though I did not get the details on the brown ale. From what I can discern their options are a step above decent homebrew - not awful but not enough to deserve driving out here solely for one stop.

It's worth trying if you want to get a few rates that will likely be perpetually under the radar. Otherwise stick closer to Cleveland and focus on hot spots like Ohio City.“
Brigadier 2354 days ago
60 /100 1496 COLUMBIA ROAD
“I gave Jhelbare a score of 1 on selection because it only has one Ratebeer "beer." The honey mead was very nice, but it is the only mead they make, and the guy kept saying honey wine. It is a winery that makes one honey wine. It is a cool place, if a bit off the beaten path, with food available but check the website for availability as it does a lot of private events. If you are into little winerys, you will like this place. It is an obscure tick for most of the Ratebeer crowd.“
jsquire 3513 days ago
84 /100 1496 COLUMBIA ROAD
“Took the cruise out to the country and it was well worth it. Really old country town feeling house with a small patio outside. Walked right in and started my mead/wine tasting which cost 25 cents for legal purposes. Got my first and extremely informal tasting of all their homemade wines and their seasonal honey wine. I now have a different outlook on wine and the different types and even the best way to consume honey wine. Sat outside and had dinner with a bottle of honey wine, food is very simple and very good. Very comfortable atmosphere in just a relaxed country setting. All the wines were very good and the honey wine was the best I’ve had and all are only $8 to take home they even re-cork your bottle if you don’t finish to take home. I will be back that’s for sure.“
crizay 6041 days ago
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