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18 /100 31500 NW COMMERCIAL ST
“So my wife says she is hungry and I too immediately saw the sign for this place and said let’s go there! Hole in the wall dump. Std Rogue beers - heck the 2 beers I had there were from Boneyard. My sandwich was good ... but I was hungry. When I received my bill, I noticed a .50 band surcharge on each of my beers. Bullshit ... the band was outside, I didn’t listen or care to nor was I told about this up front. AVOID AT ALL COSTS ...“
hopdog 2517 days ago
26 /100 31500 NW COMMERCIAL ST
“Nothing fancy, but the beer was good, and I enjoyed the place..“
pdxjahman 3444 days ago
20 /100 31500 NW COMMERCIAL ST
“Saw the signs of the highway coming back from the coast and stopped for dinner. We were expecting a Rogue experience...what a joke! This place is such a dive. Three workers in their early 20s were just sitting around eating and drinking at one of the tables. They would get up occasionally to see if we needed anything. The place was dark & dirty. I asked my waitress what Rogue beers they had on tap. She listed several including Jubelale (Deschutes), RPM (Boneyard), and Coors!! I thought that she had heard me incorrectly so I repeated that I was interested in the Rogue Brewery taps and she nodded and acknowledged that she just answered the question. She obviously had NO clue about beer whatsoever! She didn’t even know that Coors wasn’t a Rogue brew. I’m not sorry that I will never stop at this location ever again. It is way more resembling of a dirty biker bar than a Rogue. Food was miscooked and excessively greasy, service was subpar (to say the least), and ambiance was nonexistent.“
Salmoniform 3794 days ago
52 /100 31500 NW COMMERCIAL ST
“Not affiliated with the brewery. Nice burgers, decent beer, ultra lowkey“
HughConway 5902 days ago
36 /100 31500 NW COMMERCIAL ST
“Walked in not knowing what to expect, what a hole in the wall. Looks like a place on the roadside that would sell hot dogs and have picnic tables, and I was not far off. Couple of young kids working behind the counter, that were more interested inf lirting with each other than helping me. Nothing on draft, just bottles. Not worth stopping for.“
harlequinn 6568 days ago
76 /100 31500 NW COMMERCIAL ST
“We stopped here on our way to the coast and enjoyed a Rogue Chipotle ale on tap. They were a bit busy and we were served by one of the cooks who didn’t know barely anything about beer. But the other servers were very knowledgable. Ultra laid back atmosphere. In an old building with an outdoors themes like snow shoes and skis stuck to the walls and ceiling. The kitchen is tiny and in the corner up front. Souvenirs are available for purchase. The day we went all the burgers were half-price. I fed my family with drinks included for about 23 bucks (tip not included). Give it a try on your next brew tour through Oregon.“
pinkzambia 6840 days ago
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