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74 /100 1635 SW 4TH AVE
“Finally had a chance to be in Ontario, with enough time to stop, so I checked out Bert’s. Definitely worth the stop! It’s almost like a bit of time travel occurred when walking through the front door, classic cars on the right, café seating in the middle, and the bottle selection on the left. Lunch was good and then I picked out a few bottles and a pint growler. Pretty cool to see 16, 32, and 64 oz growler fills being offered. Tap list and bottle selection was pretty solid, a few top-tier beers and lots of really nice beers. Bomber prices were pretty reasonable, but the 12oz singles were priced too high. Spoke to (clearly) their beer guy and he was eager to help and share his knowledge. Cool place, I would absolutely stop again when in the area.“
jake65 2483 days ago
58 /100 937 SE 12TH AVE
“Not much to this tasting room, just a few taps in the distribution room. No seating. Staff very friendly and accommodating. Several of the beers don’t make it to Boise, so it was worth the trip.“
stevoj 3153 days ago
76 /100 1635 SW 4TH AVE
“Beer Valley is closed on Sunday, so thanks to their billboard, I found this place. Nice selection of taps (mostly Oregon) and bottles. Also does 32 oz. fills as well as regular drafts. Classic cars inside the place are a neat touch.“
stevoj 3469 days ago
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