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72 /100 710 E 2ND STREET
“Was at this place about 4 or 5 years ago when we were passing through The Dalles. Talked to the owner at a Brewfest and they are still the only brewery in The Dalles. When we stopped there the food was good but nothing special and the only had about 8 taps.“
coasternut 79 days ago
70 /100 710 E 2ND STREET
“Cute signs out front. You walk around the production facility--open and industria (was there at a time they were pressure washing so a little noisy)l-- into the pub, with some antiques and a western saloon feel. Very friendly service, tasty beers. The pretzel bites tasty; the pizza looked good but i was just watching.“
raphael 1472 days ago
72 /100 710 E 2ND STREET
“Hit both breweries in town on my way back to Boise. A short walk past the brewhouse to get the the tap room. Nice little food menu a little high on the price but they also have a good prices sampler set. Beers all were soso but happy to have visited.“
BuckeyeBoy 2436 days ago
78 /100 208 LAUGHLIN ST
“Stopped in on the way back to Boise from a quick Tillamook run. Nice old open building big open area nice and clean. No food for me on this stop, just had all the beers on tap. Sampler waw glasses that were like 6oz along with a pint $10. Super good deal and not to mention all the beers were pretty good.“
BuckeyeBoy 2436 days ago
70 /100 208 LAUGHLIN ST
“Downtown The Dalles new operation with a clean and minimalist concrete aesthetic. Saison, Steam Beer, Pale Ale, Porter, and IPA of decent quality.“
3fourths 2660 days ago
60 /100 710 E 2ND STREET
“Centrally-located tasting room inside a warehouse brewery, offering Stout, IPAx2, Pale Ale, Weizen Bock, and Helles. Flights, nonic pints, and growlers with a short food menu.“
3fourths 2660 days ago
66 /100 311 UNION ST
“Nice place, decent service with passable food (eat elsewhere.)“
beernovice39 3847 days ago
68 /100 311 UNION ST
“Stopped by on way to Idaho. Place is nice like new. Big selection at cheap price. Not brewing beer yet“
mikem409 3899 days ago
78 /100 311 UNION ST
“I thought this was Brewpub with own beers to offer but instead they had great variety of local Oregon and Washington brews on tap. It looks like an hotel lobby bar (old court house I read). Staff was friendly and helpful. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted so I got samples of couple of IPAs. I really can recommend this pub. “
rosenbergh 4957 days ago
88 /100 311 UNION ST
“Given the place just openned 2 weeks before we went, we were impressed with the set-up. Our server told us that there is much in store as they continue the renovations and expansion. It is definitely a pub and the focus is on the beverages with a light fare menu. My daughter loved the mac-n-cheese & ice-cream sundaes; my husband tried the beer sampler and then ordered a pint of two of them - he was happy- and I very happy to see ciders! We also liked the relaxed kid-friendly environment. Great new casual place - even in it’s infancy.“
tapchap 5119 days ago
28 /100 311 UNION ST
“Don’t go there if you are planning to have a meal. The frozenesque pizza, land o’ frost type deli meat and cheese or pretzels don’t really cut it. I cannot believe they put in this great facility w/ such opportunity and offer such horrible food choices. So much potential to serve great recipes made w/ some of the ales they serve (at too warm temps) by the way. There was one really rude lady who seemed to be running the place and several very young kids who were obviously very inexperienced standing around, which gave a very unenjoyable feeling to the place. Really too bad they have so little seating in the main area where everyone wants to be seated. I’m sure they have their niche. I have heard alot of very disappointing comments from locals. Definitely disappointing to us after waiting so long for this beautiful bldg. to be open and only have snack bar choices for food.“
divadoll 5130 days ago
58 /100 311 UNION ST
“Reasonable selection of local and regional beers ranging from pilsners to stouts. Also a couple of wines and much to my wife’s delight hand crafted fruit cider. Server who I have forgotten her name was very on top of things, ensuring we were given what we needed. Beer quality would have been greatly improved if served at the appropriate temperatures. The cider and beer which should have been served chilled were lukewarm at best and served in very thin glass juice glasses for the half pint. We ordered a veggie pizza which was not heated throughout. At one point I bit into an olive that was cold inside. The crust was not hot and the cheese barely melted. If properly prepared had the potential of a great pizza. Atmosphere was not homey and not comfortable. I was told by a local the place used to be a funeral home and still sort of had that ambience with bare walls and carpet that could double as a funeral home. I can only imagine as beer is spilled on the carpet over time that the smell is not going to be good. Overall not my kind of place...a little dull, not comfortable and and not inviting.“
bearlybrewed 5138 days ago
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