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60 /100 310 TAYLOR STREET
“Cool little hole in the wall looking place blasting some Ska music when I walked up. Busy and took a while to get a drink. Also found the beer selection a bit lacking ... so I only grabbed one beer and quickly left.“
hopdog 1143 days ago
90 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“This little shop has an amazing selection of some of the best beers you can find in this area. They almost always have some gems that are very difficult to find elsewhere. They primarily sell individual bottles instead of six packs which is nice, but sometimes it gets a little pricier if you just want a bunch of one kind. Still, I go out of my way to visit this hop and always find something new.“
greg189 1284 days ago
80 /100 310 TAYLOR STREET
“We came here on 24.11.2018. This small brewpub is located 2 miles away from the old steel mill. A lot of parking available behind the brewpub. Amazing which great beers they can brew with their small brew system. Brewhouse is wooden panel lined and behind a grid. Good selection: a few English low alcohol beers, some high alcohol Belgium style ales, an amber ale and a few IPA’s. I had the aged Saison and the English Bitter, both were excellent. Nice bar and super friendly service. A very positive surprise.“
Schlenkerla 1358 days ago
70 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“We came here on 24.11.2018. Seems this brewpub, located on the main street in Bethlehem, is already existing for +20 years. First I thought it is a commercial trap, but it is not. Long bar and spacious restaurant area. It is commercial but also has a beer focus. We liked the beer tanks being dressed up as Rudolf the Reindeer. Beers are ok, not overwhelming (tasted the New England IPA and the Peter Peter Pumpkin Ale). Food was ok. Had a small cup of Chili.“
Schlenkerla 1358 days ago
72 /100 564 MAIN ST.
“Ambiance - beautiful and clean location in a very historic building. Service - was of a high order Selection - is good and local. Very historical focused. Food - is also local and of a high quality. Value - is surprisingly reasonable for the high class of the location. Good value at a nice location.“
DandyWolfFloyd 1455 days ago
46 /100 77 W BROAD ST
“Ambiance - it’s a Notre Dame dive bar. Very small. But generally pretty clean. Service - was basic Selection - was unpretentiousness, pretty much macro and that’s it. Food - I didn’t try any. Value - pricy for a dive bar Overall - it’s interesting, but not memorable.“
DandyWolfFloyd 1456 days ago
70 /100 1988 BLAIR AVENUE
“Passed by before I found it ... industrial park type setting, but nice inside. Stopped by on a Saturday afternoon, not too busy and friendly bartender. Average and drinkable beers ...“
hopdog 1471 days ago
64 /100 1988 BLAIR AVENUE
“Newish brewery in Bethlehem. They made a few beers well, especially one of the IPAs. Dive bar looking atmosphere kind of detracts. Plenty of parking available.“
jtclockwork 1623 days ago
72 /100 2330-2340 JACKSONVILLE RD.
“Ambiance - it's a nice clean distributor with clean displays and organization Service - its out of site out of mind. Very organized. Hands off but there if need be. Selection - offers a little bit of everything. Growler fills, individuals, cases, mix 6. The range is great. Nothing incredibly difficult to find here. That's what separates the next levels. Food - didn't really rate this but there are good snacks and soda. Apparently there is pizza available. Value - prices are on par. Good distributor. “
DandyWolfFloyd 1651 days ago
78 /100
The Wooden Match (Restaurant)
“service a little spotty when busy as they sometimes have young inexperienced help. but nice enough. good food and they will surprise you with some good beer offerings. i like the look of the place and one can smoke which is cool even though i am not a smoker per say. old train depot like vibe right on the old tracks. actually a really good spot counting anyplace.“
BREWMUSKCLES 1836 days ago
74 /100 444 MAIN ST
“Small cafe housed in the back of the Moravian Book Shop. Lots of avaiable pours, some from the tap, but most from bottles. Lots of options. Flights come in 4. Friend and I got 2 to share. Bottles are about what I’d expect mead to go for, so a touch expensive. Tasty mead though.“
radagast83 2021 days ago
72 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Was there back in November. Perfectly fine brewpub. Service was great, food was tasty and the beers ranged from okay to pretty tasty.“
radagast83 2021 days ago
64 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Very much meh. Old school brewpub vibe. Bartender was very helpful. Draft list was inaccurate, but at least that scored me an extra free tick. Food was not good, not bad. Beers were not great. Drinkable, but, none good, lots of minor flaws (none major). Flight of 6 + pierogies for $23. Not worth a trip out of your way.“
Drake 2047 days ago
68 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“A huge and neat space in the middle of downtown. No parking though. Service was decent but not really beer focused. Selection was large but flight was a bit pricey and beer was not pleasant. Not a great stop.“
Ferris 2226 days ago
60 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Steel worker themed brew pub. Beers hit and mostly miss. Touch pricy.“
jtclockwork 2227 days ago
66 /100
Wegmans - Bethlehem (Grocery Store)
“A nice little corner of the supermarket. Lots of local sixers and bombers. Good prices on locals like Weyerbacher. Nice to have this option during my 2 weeks in Bethlehem. Decent sandwiches and sushi and pizza and stuff, but the beer is to go.“
scarletfire65 2239 days ago
74 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“good selection and good prices. not a big place but not small.“
BREWMUSKCLES 2561 days ago
70 /100 569 MAIN STREET

---Rated via Beer Buddy for Android“
Goosebag 2564 days ago
68 /100 336 ADAMS ST.

---Rated via Beer Buddy for Android“
Goosebag 2564 days ago
70 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“I actually visited this place on July 2nd. The beer selection was good and the food was good. The noise, however, was incredible You could not talk to the person across the table from you without shouting.“
hman43 2595 days ago
88 /100
Taps Tavern (Restaurant)
“Very good pub fare with a good selection of beer on tap.“
r464 2700 days ago
44 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“For some reason I’ve wanted to visit this place for some time. The photos looked so cool. But the place has a very tired feel (unlike the town, which I expected to feel tired but was instead quite vibrant). The beers were all average or less than that. The appetizer plate we shared was flat out gross -- frozen, and plated lazily. The friendly waitress was a saving grace. Won’t likely return. (Brewery #667)“
Braudog 2865 days ago
72 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Stopped by for a few beers. Good variety of taps and a great atmosphere.“
edgallow 2942 days ago
80 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“Small store but a great variety. Picked up some Dogfish Head and Flying Fish. Glad I stopped by.“
edgallow 2942 days ago
90 /100 1223 W BROAD STREET
“Ambiance: A really cool place, a former bank that has been converted in a gastropub but still maintaining the bank feel and theme. The bar holds roughly 12 patrons with plenty of tables around. There is also an outdoor patio with a fire pit and several more tables Service: The bartender and server were very friendly, the bartender was knowledgeable about the beers on tap and had some opinions about them too (spot on) Selection: They had 12 beers on tap and roughly 100 bottles/cans, a nice variety across the various styles. Food: Food was awesome...had the Chicken and Donuts, which was 4 pieces of fried chicken served with blue cheese glazed bacon donuts. Very interesting...also saw the marrow platter and it looked solid too. Value: One tap, three cans, chicken and donuts came to about $40, decent value for the beer quality and food quality. Overall, a really cool place, great food, great beer and definitely a staple to go to when in the area....and across the street from Abes Bottle Shop.“
merc7186 3004 days ago
84 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“Small store with parking in front off a busy street. This place is singles heaven. Upon entry you are presented with 3 aisles of steel racks perpendicular to the entrance starting with bombers, then foreign then locals. Coolers of singles surround the outside of the small store with cases of macros in the back. Not being local, I found plenty of NJ, PA and MD beers among the other well selected offerings. Service was very good upon checkout - they didn’t provide a discount, but gave me a couple of glasses. Beers seemed reasonable especially given they were all singes. I will definitely stop by the next time I’m in the area.“
GDTRFB 3039 days ago
72 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Visited: 3/25/14 Ambiance: Cool place in downtown Bethlehem. From the exterior it is another non descript old brick building, but has the Fegleys symbol painted on the exterior. The interior looks huge compared to the exterior with a long bar, tables running the length of the building and a second level with more additional seating. In between the two levels, they had their brewing equipment encapsulated in a room of its own. Service: For as busy as it was, they had plenty of staffing. The bartenders were prompt and knowledgeable. Selection: They had about 10 in taps going, 6 of which were flagships beers and a decent array of various styles. Unfortunately of the 4 beers that I had that night, none got rated above a 3.5/5 or worth their prices. Food: I had a really nice buffalo meat burger that was cooked well and a decent value. Value: I thought my food was reasonably prices but thought that the beers (for their quality) could have been about a dollar cheaper than they were. Overall: After going to both locations of Bethlehem and Allentown...I liked the location of Bethlehem better but liked the beers in Allentown better.“
merc7186 3057 days ago
64 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“I used to be a big fan of this location. It’s been slipping quite a bit. I don’t know if it’s years of turn-over or what, but the staff is far less familiar with the beer than when I had gone in there when it first opened. The food has probably suffered the most. Today’s meal for instance was less than flattering, my wife’s salad had celery in it! As a chef, I would never include that in a salad, it’s cheap, and the price isn’t. The beers although nice are really jumping up in price as well. Probably not going to frequent it as much anymore. You can get a better deal elsewhere.“
DandyWolfFloyd 3128 days ago
78 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“One of my favorite places to frequent. It’s a basic six-pack shop, in a safe area of the city. It’s reasonably roomy and easy to navigate. The service is very good, very helpful, and very friendly. Selection would be hard to beat. Only in DC have I seen a better selection. No food except snacks. Value is pretty good, no complaints there. Overall, a nice 6 pack or individual bottle builder place. Awesome!“
DandyWolfFloyd 3132 days ago
88 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“I’ve come here several times with my brother when i visit him since he lives only twenty minutes away. I love the selection of beer and some of the one offs they have. the food was good.“
WanderinCelt87 3144 days ago
70 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Place was bright and clean. Nice atmosphere. Beer had some winners, some losers. Food was just okay.“
bigrond 3201 days ago
70 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Very bright and loud. I had a great chicken wrap appetizer. Beer was so/so to very good...lots of options. Service was good and laid back.“
reggiedunlop 3372 days ago
92 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“I’m big fan of all the flagship beers and they have a good seasonal collection.“
RUNDONJUAN 3420 days ago
78 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Stopped in here after hiking The Pinnacle for some lunch and brew. Decor is pretty standard and the bartender’s service was just ok. However the wrap i had was delightfully tasty and all the people sitting at bar with me watching football were ridiculously nice. Beer was decent and good selection of their stuff plus bottle things. They have some sort of mug club that locals seemed to enjoy. if passing through worth a stop“
Jow 3554 days ago
88 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“I think this place beats out Allentown Brew Works. French fries are better, and they usually have more beer on tap. However, it is a popular place, so you may need to wait a little while for a table. A must stop whenever I am in Bethlehem.“
AcctError200505 3692 days ago
72 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Dinner here last night. Selection is good, had the Alt and Pils... Both were tasty. Fish tacos for dinner did not disappoint. Good value, Worth a visit.“
UDBeernut 3765 days ago
82 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“Great selection of both American and imports. Prices are decent and it is fairly well organized. Emma is great if you need help finding something and their email blasts keep you up to date on new arrivals. Definitely the best place to get beer in our area.“
paulys55 3833 days ago
90 /100
Keystone Homebrew Supply (Homebrew Shop)
128 E 3RD ST.
“A bit pricey and cramped for space but service rocks as does the hop selection. Great variety of products. The extra prices beat what you would pay in shipping. I have made some of my best beers with their assistance.“
JFURYCAT 3845 days ago
78 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“Pretty nice bottle shop. Very impressive selection including a very nice singles selection. Ton of nice imports and nice variety of brewers to select from. Definitely worth a stop.“
msante79 3995 days ago
74 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Lots of brick and steel which is part and parcel with Bethlehem’s history. They have 10 beers on tap and about 40 different Belgians in the bottle which is an odd combo. The beers were hit and miss for me. The stuff I didn’t like I was indifferent to but the stuff I liked, I really liked. I thought the hefe was fantastic. The cheeseburger was quite tasty as well. It’s 10 bucks for a flight of 6 beers but they were fairly big pours. Plenty of parking behind the building. I’ll definitely come back when I’m in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 4087 days ago
84 /100
Six Pack Shop (Beer Store)
“great people for the most part, except conmen customers.“
yellowbook 4150 days ago
80 /100 336 ADAMS ST.
“This is a must-visit for people who find themselves in Southside Bethlehem. There is a nice, selective bottle selection as well as a few taps, all of which come with proper glassware (you are paying for it!). When you walk in, three stairs below street level, you immediately enter a run-down, abandoned bookstore with a red curtain behind the register in the back left corner. Behind the curtain, a time capsule awaits. Chic 1920’s decor, very dim-lit bar and lots of red velvet. They often have jazz bands play here, though I’ve yet to catch one perform. The space is small, so I could see how capacity could be reached quickly if a band were to play. The service seems to be better at the bar than in the lounge area. Beers on the menu are categorized by flavour, not style, which is nice, as styles have been increasingly obscured, past the point of recognition in some cases. This is a definitely a date spot. Don’t come here to get rowdy or watch a game.“
Drink4Satan 4181 days ago
86 /100 117 EAST 3RD ST.
“I’ve been a fan of this place since I first turned 21. MacGrady’s always has a TON of beers on tap, and a pretty decent bottle selection too. The dumb college kids (eh-hem Lehigh) can sometimes over-whelm the place, but overall, I highly recommend MacGrady’s. My advice is to stop in on off-nights, like Monday-Wednesday.“
TheCorkStops 4214 days ago
86 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Beer is great. food is great. enough said already. but wait theres more. Try the sampler to get your own opinion of the beers. Try the beer soup its really good. Breweries are the best, its the freshest beer.“
ssb2much 4216 days ago
74 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“Multi-level place with beer, food, music, people. I’ve been a few times and it’s always busy. Upstairs bar is surrounded by dining tables, downstairs was a little mellower earlier in the evening. They meet the needs of the many with good food and good beer in a nice, clean active and modern establishment. Good for Jeff and family, the place is doing great. Go Lehigh Swimming.“
BiddleBrau 4229 days ago
86 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“Tiny bottle shop in the middle of downtown Bethlehem that does mix six packs on every single beer in the store. The people who run it were very helpful and answered all of my questions about availability of certain beer. Prices were about average for the area, a bit low possibly. Found some really good stuff and they change up the inventory almost every day it seems. If you are in the area it is worth it to check it out.“
Dfonorow 4238 days ago
76 /100
Abe’s Cold Beer (Beer Store)
“Great Selection. Helpful staff. BeerWoman emails those on the list when new stuff arrives. Missed the delivery of Infinium, but I did catch Biitches Brew before it was gone. Prices are good. As an example I picked up a Corsendonk for $4 less than two other places in the area.“
jsmerig 4264 days ago
90 /100 569 MAIN STREET
“The food here was outstanding. I ate until I was stuffed. The beer is even better. The beer on tap was great, and they also had a great selection of Belgina beers to choose from. The service was good and the prices were very reasonable.“
MercyDevice 4321 days ago