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82 /100 237 W BUTLER AVE
“Pretty solid place with decent brews, a comfortable ambiance, and great food. Very friendly staff. Best sauerkraut I’;ve had in a long time. Looking forward to a return.“
alobar 3056 days ago
62 /100 237 W BUTLER AVE
“Old Crabby Larry’s location. Stopped by @ 3pm on a Saturday. 6 beers on tap with daily food specials. Beer OK and food was decent enough.“
hopdog 3059 days ago
74 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Another place I can’t believe took me so long to finally check out. Nice rotating craft beer list. They sell flights of 4 that you can choose from any that are on the menu. Nice single store in the front with a decent selection at decent prices for PA.“
hopdog 3992 days ago
76 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“My first trip to the Blue Dog Tavern for the "Wealth of Riches" event. A- Somewhere between a sports bar and a good beer bar. A large bar area with a even bigger seating area to the left for family’s and larger groups. TV’s throughout, plenty of people coming and going but that may have been because of the event going on. Q- The quality was good. All my beers were in the correct glasses and all tasted fine. I did have a few short pours in my flights but that was not a huge deal. The prices were pretty good as well. Some of the food items seemed to be a little over priced but the beers were pretty spot on. The bottle shop prices also seemed to be a little high. S- Service was pretty slow even with an event going on. I was sitting at the bar and it still took me close to 20 minutes to get my first drink. I even got the attention of one of the bartenders and got the brush off. Once they did serve me everything seemed to smooth out. My food took a good while to show up but the bartender sent someone to look for it and it arrived a couple of minutes later. S- Here is where they shined on this day. I went to the event hoping to score a CBS but it kicked early. Not really sure why they were serving it in 13oz glasses. Still a decent selection. F- The food was ok. It tasted pretty good but the execution was not the best. I got a Honey BBQ Chicken Melt. It is a hoagie I guess, I think it would be much better as just a normal sandwich. I think they put more BBQ sauce on it than chicken. The sauce also caused the bread to fall apart and make the sandwich into a total mess. I ended up eating most of it with a fork. The fries were also not the best. Same as most other places, take them out the bag and fry them up. Not a favorite of mine but still good. I don’t think I will be making any spur of the moment trips down here but I will return if they have another event like this. The tap list is just too good to pass up.“
orangesol 4314 days ago
70 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“The focal point of Blue Dog Tavern is the massive U-shaped bar flanked by large flat-screen tvs. They also have 20-22 different things on tap, most of them very good. I wish they had a beer list for their bottles which are quite extensive as well. The hamburger I ordered was a bit undercooked but did the trick. They also have a bottle shop tucked in the corner that has a lot of quality micros and belgians. Some of their bottle prices are very reasonable, others not so much. Let’s be honest. There are a million places in this country like the Blue Dog but few have their beer selection and that’s why I’ll go back.“
DiarmaidBHK 4816 days ago
74 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Service is pleasant and fast. Place is nice and clean. Beer selection is good. Value for money is ok. A nice place to have a good beer and relax.“
Scouser 5102 days ago
62 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Was here for the Pliny the Younger fund raising benefit this year ... had a great time the management was very nice .... the service at the tables was awful, but the bartender was on top of things ... the kid serving me was clueless about beer which sucked.... the bottle shop when you first come in is well stocked with hard to come by brews and the place was clean ... the food needs some work my steak came out raw instead of medium and tuna bites were overcooked ..... if I gave this place another chance i’d stick to pub grubb and sit at the bar and of course bring home some goodies from the bottle shop.“
italianjohn 5152 days ago
84 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“I went here on my last trip to PA. My cousin lives right down the street. It has the feel of a pretty standard bar. It’s odd that their over stock is stacked up against the wall along the far side of the bar but oh well. Their draft selection was really nice including some good winter seasonals. The bartender seemed like she didn’t want to be there and maybe didn’t have any knowledge of craft beer. I asked for Bashah and she kind of looked at me funny despite it was right behind her written on the tap. There was some god awful dance music being played in the side room with no one seemingly paying attention to the DJ. There take out options were really impressive and the pricing seem slightly high but nothing to really complain about. Overall I had a good time though. EDIT: Went here again on my most recent trip and the guys working the bar were much more knowledgeable than my previous trip“
MikeMoriendi 5160 days ago
10 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“If you are looking for a decent bar/restaurant experience, I would steer clear of Blue Dog. I live in the area, just a few miles away, and over the years, this place has gone done hill. The bar itself is filthy! When you order a beer, drink, glass of wine, etc.. you almost always get a dirty glass with lipstick on it! The food is awful, and is consistently way to salty, even for things that should not be like that, like soup. The food is not consistent either. One day, you get it and it will be great. So you come in a few days later, and order the same thing, and it looks and tastes like my 3 year old put it together. They are always changing their beer selection which is good, but are typically running out of liquor or wine. Often, the beer is bad, like in the hand pumps they have. i doubt their lines are clean, so often, beer tastes skunked. So if you enjoy a beer and a shot, hope you are just okay with only a crappy, light beer. There is a liquor store next to the location, and they won’t go out“
MichaelandKate 5557 days ago
20 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“The draft beer was excellent. I loved the Tetley Pub Ale, very good. Do not waste your time on the food. The waitress got our order wrong, forgot to deliver the appetizer, and the kitchen provided cold food. We sent it back only to get microwaved food in return. The waitress informed us that she microwaved it herself.“
britalefan 5688 days ago
74 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“This is the second Blue Dog location (the other being the Pub in Lansdale). This location is more family-family friendly. I also think the food is better at this location, and the food is only okay here. They have a couple of things that are very good (the Tuna bits), and others that are just lousy. The service is never very good. The only reason they get a decent rating is because of their selection...which is very good.“
FooFaa 5884 days ago
72 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Another thanks to Whaleman for entering to help me find good beer on my recent move. Impressive selection since it didn’t look like a place where I could find a Dogfish Head 120, fort, d’extra, Stone 06, old guardian, weyerbacher, rogue, and many others. Some prices were too pricey (Stone Im Russian - $9) but others were good (DFH Fort - $16, cheapest I’ve found). I’ll be stopping down quite a bit.“
jason 6522 days ago
64 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Its a bar. But a bar with decent food and a great beer selection. Good choices on tap and a great take out. Its a good place to go with non craft people because they probally won’t notice the good beer they have there and think its just a bar.“
Birdiebeagle 6528 days ago
80 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Thanks to whaleman for rating this place or I would have never known it existed. Only went for the take out beer. Great selection of all styles and you can make up your own six pack. I was able to find Three Floyds, Thirsty Dog, Rogue among a bunch of others. Price wasn’t too bad, except for the Dogfish Head 120 IPA for more than 10 bucks per 12 oz. bottle (I didn’t get it this time). Since I live within 25 minutes of this place, I’ll have to go back and sample food and drafts.“
HopBackDoc 6557 days ago
72 /100 4275 COUNTY LINE ROAD
“Decent neighborhood bar with an impressive lineup of bottles for consumption or takeout. Bottles include Rogue, Jolly Pumpkin, Sly Fox (cans too), Stone, Three Floyds, Unibroue, Russian River, Dogfish Head, Troegs, Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortel, MacTarnahans, Heavy Seas, Lagunitas, Victory, Weyerbacher, Southern Tier, Fantome, Thirsty Dog, and others. Limited draughts include Victory (Storm King), Brooklyn, Flying Fish, Maredsous, Chimay, Fullers, Penn and Lindemans. “
whaleman 6624 days ago
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