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74 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Good parking. Upbeat staff. Helpful service. Good selection.“
Arbitrage411 510 days ago
100 /100
Lou Beverage (Beer Store)
“Lou's Beverage is a small family owned distributor that gives it that family touch. I've been going to Lou's for 20 plus years and love the fact I'm supporting a company that is a family. They work hard and long hours, but always have a smile and a kind word when they see you. Whatever I've needed, they've always provided. I'll be giving Lou's my business for many years to come. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!“
MaltLees59 1036 days ago
82 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Road closure meant a roundabout path to this, one of the earliest boxes on my list to check from years ago. It's a large space but segmented into distinct rooms, tall ceilings, everywhere colorful and shiny. Great bartender and normal long line of own taps with some site-only experimental batches. Their hoppy and fruity beers seem just so much more potent fresh from one of their taps than from a bottle that's been sitting for a month, and should ensure a loyal base. ON the other hand, though it's not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but not really convenient to much else, unless you want to drive over to West Chester (which I think I'd do instead). [2019.09.05]“
ganache 1115 days ago
82 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Nice to visit the "mothership". I had visited two other Victory sites, but it is nice to get to the historic hub of the operation. Very easy to get to, located next to a residential neighborhood on little Acorn Lane. Sat at the bar, had a good cheese steak and tried a couple of their awesome beers. I have found that Victory does not make a bad beer and all of their beers are finished products. Mike and Shawn were our bartenders and they were both very helpful and alert. Pennsylvania's laws changed so you can now get a "mix a six" sixpack from their store for about $12“
Cakes 1773 days ago
74 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Bustling taproom next to the production brewery, parking iffy. Loud and noisy, but classic long bar is a nice touch. Variety of pour sizes to choose from.“
stevoj 2045 days ago
92 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Visited 04/13/2015 on the way back to the airport. We arrived basically right as they opened. I remember the place being a little difficult to find. Once we pulled up I was expecting a taproom on the smaller side, but that was incredibly wrong. This location is just huge! Tons of seating by table and at the bar. Everything was just excellent here. Plenty of taps with flight offerings. I count 10 new beers by them I hadn’t had before visiting, plus ones I know I’ve had before. Service was excellent and the bartender was knowledgeable and fun to talk with. We were one of the only ones at the bar but I imagine even when the bar is full the service is about the same. Decor was really awesome with a lot of copper still-looking designs and decor. For being as big as the place was it seemed very cozy. They serve food but we didn’t eat anything. There is also room for conferences and business meetings and there was a meeting going on when we were there. There is also a separate room full of a lot of cool merch. The merch is high quality and fairly priced. I walked away with a work shirt and a patch. Very highly recommended.“
monmisreal 2048 days ago
84 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Sat in the bar at a stand-up table. Beer was good. Feels like a German beer hall. Lots of beer on tap. Bartender was friendly but we did not interact much. Complete with a store to buy swag and beer to take home. A good visit!“
Msdrbeat 2253 days ago
66 /100 853 E LANCASTER AVE
“Standard PJs, solid draft list, above average food, perky and peppy servers, although not necessarily as skilled in beer knowledge as they should be. Service here is better than Victory if you are in Downingtown, and less likely to be a shit show on weekends and peak hours.“
DocLock 2375 days ago
72 /100
Wegmans - Downingtown (Grocery Store)
“Standard Wegman’s, with great beer selection, decent prices (and, yes, the prices here seem higher than Collegeville), and decent service, but Wegman’s needs to commit to hiring beer experts for their beer arena, pay them a working wage, and stop treating the beer procurement process like a red-headed step-child.“
DocLock 2375 days ago
88 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“02-28-2013 - There is bar seating and a family dining area. This is a big and spacious establishment. Did not order food and this place is worth stopping at. Good selection of beers.“
hotstuff 2376 days ago
92 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“2011: One of the largest selection of on site brewed draft beers I have ever seen comprising of all varieties (IPA, Belgium style, lagers,..). Nice bar and huge seating area. Burgers great. You cannot call a taxi from this pub. Seemed we were the first people ever requesting a cab. The waitress drove us home after she finished and cleaned all tables, very nice service. Came again on 16.3.2016. Still impressive beer selection (30 Victory beers on tap). They now tap Hop Devil with C02, Nitro and from the Hand Pump. Had my first IPA tapped with Nitro. Really like the large flags displaying all their signature beers hanging from the ceiling. Food was good and reasonable priced. World class brewpub!!“
Schlenkerla 2383 days ago
80 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Victory is a really cool brewery with cool facilities. They specialize in German and Czech style beers, which is cool if it’s your style (it’s not mine, mostly), and they’ve got good people with a lot of knowledge making their beer.“
Sirmixsomewhat 2477 days ago
80 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Stop #1 on my birthday tour. Sort of a pub/restaurant atmosphere. Dark and clean with leather booths. Big tap list of well executed German styles. Had some tasty apps but a tad on the pricey side for food.“
Art 2503 days ago
86 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Stop on the way back to DC. Pretty nice space, large and open. Easy lot parking. Large bar area with some tables as well. Service was solid. They well taster flights; you pick five, for like $7 or so, which seems reasonable for the area at least. Really good variety of taps, including all the "100’s" and an eclectic selection of other styles. I stayed German on my visit, mainly cause I have tried much of the other stuff. The beers were solid, but then I know that Victory is solid. Nothing new there. Nice top on any beer journey.“
bytemesis 2564 days ago
66 /100
Wegmans - Downingtown (Grocery Store)
“Visited on Wednesday 27/11/13 mid morning. Typical Wegmans beer range but a slightly smaller selection than the Malvern store. Pick and mix 6 packs were $11.99, 100 or more to choose from. Plenty of local beers to go at, Troeggs, Victory, Weyerbacher etc and lots of bombers from across the US. There was a limit here on how much beer you can actually purchase, 2 x 6 packs + 1 bomber ! I had to leave a few bombers behind ! Also issues with ID - they wouldn’t accept a UK driving licence and when presented with my passport had to call the manager to OK this - wat? Ok place guess but some hassle at the end that really shouldn’t have been there!“
Theydon_Bois 2732 days ago
82 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“everything I was hoping for. far bigger on the inside than expected with an expansive tap list, good food and service, and a solid gift shop.“
slowrunner77 2741 days ago
98 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“GReat selection of brews. I wish I lived closer to this place.“
beerfinder1 2825 days ago
82 /100 207 W LANCASTER AVE
“Very cool beer bar. solid tap list and a decent bottle list. had some scrapple lol and some very good chipotle hummus.“
mikem409 2875 days ago
86 /100 420 ACORN LANE

Beer Quality// very good
Beer Philosophy// more than a dozen rotating taps; variety of styles that are frequently true to style; some brewpub exclusives
Serving Sizes// flights of five; half pours; full pours
Growler Situation// 68oz German-style flip-top growlers (will fill theirs or others so long as its the German wide-mouth flip-top style)
Food Situation// family restaurant food
Ambiance// spacious; semi-industrial brewpub feel; lively
Overall// a must visit destination worth a detour; very good beer; a great pretzel; good prices“
callmemickey 2925 days ago
94 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“The staff is very quick to help with suggestions! Haven’ t ever had a bad bite to eat here! Food and beer menu updated everyday! Great place!“
chrisjalbert38 2966 days ago
64 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Went to see the tour and have a few beers. The tour was really good, only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t give any samples on the tour. Place was huge and clean. The beers were fresh, food was ok, service was poor. I left with two cartons of Storm KingStout and Blue Monkey ice cream that was really good.“
MadIndian 2969 days ago
86 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“An awesome place, located in what seems like the backside of a shopping mall. Very large parking lot (obviously again because of the mall), and a huge building. Inside it felt like I was at a large Busch Gardens restaurant/attraction. There is all sorts of old beer memorabilia, cases with old cans and labels, old fashioned tins, posters, etc. There is a very large bar, I couldn’t even say how many were seated there. There are also 2 large round booths covered with copper kettle lids. The service was quick and friendly. We sat at a table and ordered a flight, a couple of pints and food. Everything was awesome. They have a gift shop at the other end of the building, the clerk of which I cannot deliver 1 compliment, but the merch was cool. Tshirts, hoodies, stickers, growlers, etc. Definitely a stop worth seeing and worth revisiting.“
Emeister84 3032 days ago
78 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Just adding to the noise as well as remembering my roots since I grew up semi-close to the area. The Downingtown pub is always clean and always has great service. I’ve been there with a 20 person party and had very good quick service. The selection is well, its their brews, don’t go in there and ask for BMC stuff and as far as I remember, they don’t have guest taps. The food is pretty good, probably one of the better brewpubs on the market. The value, well, its Southeastern PA and a better part of the nation to get good beer at a fairly decent price. Overall, if I lived in Southeastern PA, I would be here almost/probably every weekend.“
Bulk_Carrier 3032 days ago
80 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“The selection is excellent with many of there beers on tap with three of them also available on cask. The area is spacious with a lot of seating space available. Good and diverse food menu Overall a great experience. Flights of whatever combination you want and growlers to go are available too. “
ROGUE 3154 days ago
78 /100 853 E LANCASTER AVE
“Fun sports part in the D’town area. Good selection with plenty to choose from style-wise. Also like their collaborations with Victory. Bar staff is very friendly. Worth a visit.“
jdb288 3246 days ago
92 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Stopped by for dinner after visiting nearby King of Prussia mall. An hour long wait ended up being only 30 minutes. Busy place but our waiter was friendly and fast. Awesome selection of Victory brews, both regulars, specials and casked. Food was also very good. Growler fills must be crazy common here since I saw them everywhere. I’ll also note how out of the way the brewpub seemed to be to be so busy. Great brewery, great brewpub and just an all around great operation. Worth the trip.“
radio_nowhere 3255 days ago
82 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Huh - MASSIVE complex, but a strange corner entrance with minimal parking right in front of the door. Trucks and traffic all over the parking lot. You can tell company has grown faster than initially planned! The space is pretty impressive - a massive tasting room with tons of Victory on tap and a selection of food as well (which I didn’t order, unfortunately). The service was friendly and quick, despite it being a busy Friday afternoon. Down the hall is a nice gift shop with the usual beer nerd apparel and cases and bottles for purchase.“
can8ianben 3260 days ago
92 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Sort-of-industrial setting that just happens to have up to 22 taps of their standard, seasonal, and special offerings. If you have the opportunity, grab one of their (2 liter) growlers ($15) and have it topped off by their custom filler - Price varies according to selection of beer but its the best value if you use the growler frequently. Food that is offered can be paired with almost any of their beers but, of course, some work better than others. Retail operation on premises allows you to usually grab a case or two (or more) of whatever you may have had from the bar.“
ZehrAlte 3322 days ago
78 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“went for one of the last tours at the brewpub, great taps, samples cost different amounts which is annoying, decent bar food.“
devman171 3322 days ago
84 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Long time since i,ve been here. Very busy, which is good. Service was very good considering how busy they were.Great beers.Clean facilities a plus. Worth the stop. Will be back for food and more fun at a later date!“
sloth 3326 days ago
84 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“My hometown brewpub from growing up. I remember the first building when it was essentially a large warehouse that also served food and beer. This updated version is much cozier. There is rarely a wait for a table because the place is pretty big. Good Victory draft selection and one or two nitro taps. Go for the beer, stay for the food. It’s a nice hang out spot.“
jdb288 3348 days ago
92 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“One of the better brewpubs of one of the best craftbrewers in the northeast. I highly recommend you visit this place if anywhere in the area...worth a detour too. Along with Dogfish & Smuttynose...probably the best 3 non-Belgium brewers in the northeast. Really fun place to drink & hangout. I just went back here again over the 4th of July weekend. The beer selections were fantastic. I especially loved the Ranch DIPA that can only be found on draft. Also, Storm King & Hop Devil on the hand pump were a joy. The food here is really good too (love the fried pickles!)“
PRBeer 3365 days ago
84 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Lots of seating in this place. They had a wide selection of their beers on hand. The food was pretty good. Service was excellent. She took the time to explain each beer.“
dhunter151 3400 days ago
68 /100
Wegmans - Downingtown (Grocery Store)
“Once you’ve been to one Wegman’s, you’ve basically been to them all. The Downingtown store is pretty much exactly like the one in Collegeville. The only difference is a dollar or so on a couple of the selections. It seemed like this store was a tad bit more expensive on a few beers than Collegeville. This store has plenty of local and other East Coast beers, along with a good selection of West Coast and international offerings.“
obxdude10 3409 days ago
84 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Stopped in as 2nd stop on 2013 PA/DE brewery tour. In an industrial park. Nice interior, set up for large numbers of folks. I could see it rocking at an O-fest event. Nice folks on both sides of the bar. Tasty pizza and pretzel and solid brews for sure. Tap selection is really good if you’re a fan of Victory.“
BiddleBrau 3447 days ago
72 /100 207 W LANCASTER AVE
“Finally made it down to this establishment to celebrate a nice annual review. The location is not ideal considering the street parking and being right beside a train station but it was fairly easy to locate. It’s a bit small inside but had a good atmosphere, good clientele, the service was friendly. The only downside was an extra beer on our tab that wasn’t ours. Mistakes happen and it was only $3. The selection was okay but I know they have had a better selection in the past. We happened to fall on a night without anything too exciting. I do like that they have some pricier bottles if you want something special. Food was good, cheap, and enjoyable. $5 pulled pork sandwiches. The edamame was amazing. Prices were good across the board.“
boxofrane 3504 days ago
80 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Huge industrial complex, second only to Stone, I think, of the brewpubs I’ve visited in the US. Extensive number if beers on tap and available for growlers - a steady atream of growler customers. Came and went all day. Both food and beer were tasty. Worth a visit.“
Travlr 3506 days ago
68 /100
Lione’s Pizza (Restaurant)
“Rally just a pizza shop with 6 pack takeout. Food is pretty good...tomato pie is fabulous. 6 pack selection is pretty nice...good local crafts and nice ips/dipa seasonals. Got some lag sucks here and nugget was on the shelf too. Worth a stop for a good slice and a nice sixer.“
reggiedunlop 3521 days ago
100 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Victory has a lot of great beers on tap that do not make it out of their brewpub. Plus you can find old favorites and new ones on the Hand Pump. Not to mention the food is outstanding with new additions to their menu everyday!“
jantonius 3554 days ago
66 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Great looking brewpub, but the tours are lacking and the backroom is especially loud and reverb-y. The service is usually top-notch and the growler fills are well done. Standard brewpub selection of a handful of beers and a few exclusives, but things that others do well (cellared beers and the like) are not to be found here. Nice amount of hand pumps. A bit overpriced. Food here used to be great but has steadily gone downhill. Same with the prices.“
kimjongill 3592 days ago
90 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Great place to take your kids and enjoy good beer. Try to go once a month. Growlers are the cheapest I’ve ever seen - $8 for HopDevil. It does get busy, but the place is enormous.“
Whig68 3631 days ago
90 /100 207 W LANCASTER AVE
“Good food and solid beer selection. Small place so it does get cramped. No better place within 20 miles.“
Whig68 3631 days ago
88 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Have spent a few boozy afternoons here, most recently on 25/05/12 and cheeky follow up on the 27th (growler run for BBQ). Have always arrived mid afternoon and plonked myself at the bar. It tends to fill up after work and can be 2 or 3 deep by 6pm. Service has always been top notch for a bar that can get very busy quickly. Samples freely given.You’d be surprised howmany growlers they knock out here, usually one member of staff sometimes two manning the automated growler machine! 20 beers on tap, 4 on cask, all Victory. The cask beers are always served correctly and topped up for a full pint, unlike certain other US beer establishments. Decent enough bar food. Shop around the corner on the way although nothing too interesting. I’ve found the rarer beers are tap only seasonals so you’re unlikely to pick up anything in the shop that you wouldn’t elsewhere in PA which is a shame! Always a good time in Victory!“
Theydon_Bois 3678 days ago
74 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Good food and nice draft selection. Very massive bar.“
mikem409 3695 days ago
70 /100
Wegmans - Downingtown (Grocery Store)
“Like all pa beer stores with bar licenses you can enter through a separate entrance at the cafe. They have a nice selection of local, regional, and national craft though the Belgian section has only the obvious choices. They have a solid pick 6 section with over 150 to choose from. Prices are solid for the region. Not a destination but a pretty solid local.“
DiarmaidBHK 3697 days ago
96 /100
Joe Burns Beverages (Beer Store)
“The store is BRIGHT and cheery - The employees are THERE to help you - I ordered a keg and didn’t lift a finger! They have a whole section of craft beers andif you ask for a beer they don’t have - they will order it in for you! Definately is my beer store of choice!“
bulrich 3702 days ago
84 /100 420 ACORN LANE
“Large and open with high ceilings. Place was PACKED when we showed up on a Saturday afternoon. Luckily we were just stopping in for a beer and a growler fill. Due to the vast openness and high ceilings that noise in the place really gets loud. The bartenders were really busy but were also really cool and personable. I wasn’t sure if they’d fill my non-Victory branded growler but it was no problem. My only disappointment was the lack of "pub only" special brews. I expected there to be a couple I’d never heard of. Not a big deal. I had a kolsch that was about as fresh as can be and the alt bier, which was a great beer. I’m very glad I finally got to stop in and would like to make my way back here sooner than later.“
Capa 3710 days ago
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