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84 /100
AuRants (Restaurant)
“As you travel down Main Street you see Aurants off to the side, you wouldn’t think it would offer the beers and food it does. First off the food was excellent with a variety of different dishes. Best food I have had in the area, its amazing the place isn’t more well known. The beer list was also well done, they had 5 beers on tap with three being aged barrels. tap offerings were from Corsendonk, Weyerbacher, Stone, Victory and Breaker. They have a substantial bottle list that is heavy on domestic and constantly being updated. They had a more limited selection of Belgians, but well curated. Somewhat expensive food but the beer prices were inline. Overall a great spot.“
Leafs93 3712 days ago
74 /100
AuRants (Restaurant)
“Visit on 6/11/13. A: At first glance of the place from the outside, I questioned whether or not I was at the right place. The interior of the bar area is slightly cramped and small with your typical 1950s old man bar appeal to it with the exception of craft beer tin signs on the walls and empty bottles of decent craft beers around. Q: The taps were definitely ’off the beaten path’ type of beers, which tells me that they dont like to put any of the mainstream beers or common craft taps on...a good sign in my opinion. They have a bottle cooler at the end of the bar that also features roughly 100 bottles in different sizes and price variations. S: The bartender was great, very friendly and knowledgeable about craft beers and the beers they had on tap that evening. S: Selection was light on the tap end as they only have 5 taps, which featured a saison/sour, BA porter, a quad, peach saison and an IPA. The bottle selection had some very interesting selections and was caught off guard when I saw 3F Zwet.be in bottles...never seen that anywhere other than belgian websites before. F: Out-freaking-standing. I got the ’burger’ which was a mix of Duck Confit, Sausage, Andoulie, etc....man was it freaking good. I have paid the same amount for a burger at Peekskill and other gastropubs and the quality wasn’t even close...this place has legit food. V: With the great food, comes the cost of producing said goodness, the prices here were somewhat high and you arent’ going to get out of their on a cheap evening. If you are going just for beers, then it is not too bad but if you are going for dinner, you are certainly gonna feel it in the wallet later on. Overall, what a great hidden little gem that is the craft beer wasteland of Scranton/Wilkes Barre area...its too bad that it is off the beaten path because it may get more great publicity if it were close to a main street or main street artery. Worth the stop, especially if you want to try some interesting food flavor combinations and decent beers.“
merc7186 3810 days ago
80 /100
AuRants (Restaurant)
“Truly a great new addition to the NEPA beer scene (and I’m disappointed to be the one to add this, as it’s been open for like a year). Fantastic food: multiple people, including myself, have raved about the duck confit gouda cheese steak; reasonably priced, and high end without all the pretentious baggage. Knowledgeable waitstaff. Beer list includes some lambics, Orval, various seasonal Belgians, and a nice smattering of U.S. things like Cigar City, Dark Horse, Dogfish Head, Troegs, Terrapin, and even (occasionally) some Russian River. Well-priced, and just a great place for a beer-centric dinner in NEPA.“
kmweaver 4871 days ago
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