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86 /100 102 S CENTER ST
“Not a place that I would expect to find in Ebensburg, PA. Fantastic selection. Great staff. Great atmosphere. Reasonable prices.“
pet3rman 1850 days ago
90 /100 102 S CENTER ST
“Had an early dinner and pints here on a Tuesday night. Nicely appointed pub, cozy and dark with ample seating. If you want to geek out and discuss beer, strike up a conversation with Mike at the bar. Of the 14 taps during my visit, I had not rated 9 of them. They’re connected, and have stuff on tap that I haven’t seen in Western PA before - and it’s all craft - no Yuengling, no Sam Adams, no BMC. Prices are very reasonable for generous pours. Food menu is small but of high quality - tried fried Brussels sprouts w/bacon and lemon aoili, and the farm burger (w/maple bacon and a fried egg), which came with a huge helping of crispy Belgian-style fries. The curry ketchup was a real treat. This is a really great place and I’m bummed it’s not in my home town! Definitely worth a trip here, if not a stop on the way to somewhere else.“
Nate 1967 days ago
88 /100 102 S CENTER ST
“Great beer and great food. What a combo!“
fhspsu67 2295 days ago
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