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70 /100
Gators Grille (Restaurant)
“Ambiance is pretty normal inside, but a huge timing bar out back and a nice patio. Service is pretty standard really. Selection is nice selection of local and popular crayfish companies. Food is freaking delicious for bar type food. Beer and food prices are pretty reasonable. Worth stopping by if you are driving past the area.“
Beerman6686 3825 days ago
70 /100
Giant Eagle - Shaler (Grocery Store)
“This is my go-to 6-pack store, so I figured I’d throw in a few words. One of the few places to buy 6-packs in the area and the prices are reasonable. They have a fairly substantial international and American section. Bombers are also available. The dates that the beer is received is noted on the price sticker on the shelf so you always know what’s fresh. They have pretty good turnover and are always getting new stock in. Check it out if you need some 6 packs!“
LilBeerDoctor 3886 days ago
“Ambiance is hard to rate, but place is very organized in the types of cases they have. Service is decent, mostly younger guys who like beer and cigarettes. Selection is very very good, especialy for one off limited stuff. They almost always at least get a case or two. Case prices are also some of the cheapest i;ve seen anywhere. especially on some of their sale products. Overall, a really good place to buy cased beer in PA.“
Beerman6686 4134 days ago
60 /100
Giant Eagle - Shaler (Grocery Store)
“Hard to consider ambiance in a grocery store beer section, but I went with average. Service is by far the lowest point here. I have asked the guy who runs it several times about if they are getting certain beers, and here refuses to tell me when or if they are getting them, and held the CBS hostage when they got that. Selection is fairly extensive, exspecially for belgians and the latest bombers and seasonals. Definitely the cheapest place you are going to find beer in Pittsburgh. As long as you can avoid the @$$hole that runs the place, you are in good shape.“
Beerman6686 4140 days ago
78 /100
Giant Eagle - Shaler (Grocery Store)
“Stopped over at this place prior to hitting beerman6686’s place. Very nice for a typical grocery store, I was impressed. First off, this giant eagle has lots of food kiosks all over the place for freshly made food, made my mouth water. Secondly, they had quite a selection of beers, very good price and the prices were well displayed. The selection is very good for a grocery store, I saw a few beers here I never had seen before. Will return to buy more. Very good easy to access parking.“
cheap 4256 days ago
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