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64 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Redone industrial vibe with patio seating as well as indoor taproom. 12 tap lines with different varieties. Service was so-so, but food was good.“
GregMooreNH 89 days ago
76 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Visited her in mid March '19. Sizable liquor store located in a commercial area in North Little Rock, I knew I wold like the place when I walked in and it had that wet cardboard aroma that I equate to visiting liquor stores with my Dad as a kid. Has a solid selection of regional craft, some bombers and 750mls imports. Small shelf of singles, had a few Topping Goliaths there. Nice find, fire sale on Cascades for $4.99. Worth a once a month stop during my stint in Little Rock.“
PorterPounder 1243 days ago
84 /100 314 MAPLE
“Visited here on an early Saturday evening in early March '19. Nice digs in the quaint little downtown of North Little Rock. Clean open space, lots of light, looks like they open up the garage doors in nice weather. Seating indoors and out, bar and tables, Have a good dozen or so of their beers on tap, all have a bird theme to them. Wide spectrum of styles, a few high gravity. Solid pub grub menu, I had the pork rinds for an appetizer and they were great. Service is prompt and friendly.“
PorterPounder 1249 days ago
78 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Visited here in late February 2019 early on a Saturday night, kind of subdued. Nice setup, bar seating, tables, patio, separate rooms - they have it all. Nice view of the brewing equipment a few TVs for sports. Have about seven or eight of their regulars on tap and a few rotating seasonals. The Pig Trail Porter was great, Quick menu, sandwiches and such, I had a Cuban and it was very tasty, Friendly staff decent prices, Will be on the rotation while in Little Rock for the foreseeable future,“
PorterPounder 1269 days ago
88 /100 314 MAPLE
“Wonderful small brewery, great selection of beers that are brewed without flaws. Service is always good, and the food is amazing, though limited. Tasting bar is inviting and well laid out. Fun place to hang out.“
handsomejn 1741 days ago
90 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“The beer was great. Really cool place. Nice shop in the front, great food and beer in the main part.“
steelman1213 1941 days ago
84 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“A converted garage with lots of energy on a trivia night. Service was good, food was good, beers were good, all good. Flights were $8 for 4 6 oz’ers.“
rondphoto 2001 days ago
88 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“top notch tasting bar with excellent food... beer, swag available in the retail store... great medal winning Diamond Bear beer plus select non-DB brews on tap. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly... same folks that have been there for years... always the sign of a well run org. Best porter on the planet, great pale ale that I could drink every day, IPA is fragrant and wonderful... Southern Blonde lager is a 98, Strawberry Blonde variation of the same is great“
handsomejn 2080 days ago
74 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Got done with work early on my last day before traveling out. This was stop #1. Had a sampler of four beers and picked up a sticker for the beer fridge. The place it’s self was nice, open, cool patio. The server was extremely friendly. Beer was pretty much buttermess bombs, but heh, a place tick is a place tick.“
UDBeernut 2358 days ago
72 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“convenient off the interstate, and more importantly, convenient to my hotel for the evening. Mostly a wine and liquor store, in the back corners they have some 6 packs and a few larger format bottles, some of which are cold. Some pretty decent or interesting grabs, I guess that’s what happens when you have a beer store in the hell that is Arkansas. This place does not have a huge selection, but I would venture in again if I find my self in purgatory sometime in the future.“
UDBeernut 2359 days ago
66 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“New location at 600 N Broadway in North LR is a bigger facility that includes a restaurant. It’s convenient to go there have a few, get a bite to eat and grab some beer to go. Open every day except Monday. Tours on Saturday and Sunday. Retail sales of beer on Sunday and branded merchandise (hats, glasses, t-shirts, etc.). Last visited at the end of August 2014. Their usual five or six house beers were on tap, so that problem cleared up as expected.“
askewbrew 2901 days ago
58 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Expansive spot out in a quiet part of North Little Rock. You have to literally enter and exit through a giftshop, which in my opinion is a pretty tacky move on the brewery’s part. The restaurant/bar is tastefully done. It’s pretty cool to be able to see the brewing operation from your barstool. The food looked great too. As for beer, the selection was unfortunately really lacking during my visit. There’s space for 12 beers on tap. Only 2 house beers were available, both of them widely available in the state. Apart from a guest from Saddlebock, the rest of the beer was the kind of ubiquitous mega craft that you can find anywhere (core stuff from New Belgium, Abita etc). In short, the draft list was a lazy afterthought. Hopefully these guys will raise their game a bit as they get up and running at full speed, but I can only rate based on my experience, not my expectations. As of right now, this isn’t a place for beer enthusiasts as much as it’s a spot for unconverted locals to dine and maybe try a house beer or two.“
jackl 2948 days ago
62 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“This place is a big warehouse just across the bridge in North Little Rock, their new location. You have to enter through the gift shop, which has lots of swag but only two beers. The main bar is straight ahead, a large L shaped affair with tables surrounding, and a porch. The brewery is visible through glass. There’s another smaller bar in the back, closed when we stopped by on a Sunday, that looked like it would be perfect for private events. The pizza oven looks wood fired, but it really just has a flickering light bulb inside, how cheesy is that? No pun intended. Ten of twelve taps were functional, but they only had two of their own beers on draft, with a third one in cans. The rest were pretty average guests, one Saddlebock being the only other Arkansas beer. Service was prompt and friendly enough. Food looked decent enough but we had just eaten. Six bucks for a pint of their double IPA seemed a bit pricey for the area. Hopefully they’ll have more of their own beers available as they settle in to this location, in which case my selection score will rise.“
Travlr 2949 days ago
68 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Small brewery but with super friendly staff. 5 brews on tap, all very drinkable. Tours on the weekend. Good luck with the new brewery.“
Beergeek23322 3026 days ago
86 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Loved this place. Very small. Yet, friendly staff. Very hospitable. Explain the history of the brewery and thier brews. Greeted and waited on by "Bones". Nice guy. Met the owners. Growlers are inexpensive and filled with your selection of any awesome brew they have on tap. I personally loved the place. Looking forward to seeing thier new location opening in the spring. A+++++“
DutchHillbilly 3103 days ago
88 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Selections is huge. Micro brews from Many southern States here. Not many micro brews are made in Arkansas, but these guys sell them.“
DutchHillbilly 3216 days ago
72 /100
The Joint (Bar)
301 MAIN ST, #102
“A coffee bar and performance theater more than a bar really, but they still have a really nice selection of craft beer to choose from at good prices. They also have tastings and other beer related events occasionally. Food selection is limited to snacks really, so eat before you go. The plays and Improv shows are fantastic and well worth the time. Fun feel-good place.“
WooPigBrewey 3293 days ago
70 /100 318 N MAIN ST
“Definitely a more wine-centric bar, but has a nice little selection of craft bottles at very nice prices. The negatives... no drafts and small food selection, so eat somewhere else before you bring your wine friends here. Happy hour has really great beer prices. Love the owner, great guy. Great little patio.“
WooPigBrewey 3299 days ago
90 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“I don’t know what else to say about this place that hasn’t been said already. It’s the arguably the best spirit shop in the state and I can only think of one other store in the area that rivals Springhill’s selection. Every now and then one of the guys will pull his cellar’d personal stash out for tastings. Great selection of imports and limited edition beers.“
jrumblepak 3504 days ago
64 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“It has a variety of beers from a dozen countries. A descent selection, probably second best in the Little Rock metro area. The other place in West Little Rock has more Belgians and a lot more singles, which is nice. Overall, I’m glad to see that more variety is coming into the state.“
Fatehunter 3595 days ago
52 /100
Kroger - N Little Rock (Grocery Store)
“it’s a grocery store, but at least a fairly nice one. at this location, they have a cooler full of singles that you can create a mix-6 pack. a few local/regional beers, and a bunch of mass market domestic junk. prices are decent though.“
rumproasts 3601 days ago
70 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“pretty standard liquor store. decent beer selection for the state, but no singles.“
rumproasts 3601 days ago
58 /100 301 MAIN ST
“Not a bad place! It was a slow Saturday night when I went, and the band was looking for encouragement (they were OK). The service was pretty quick, and the prices were fair. Their beer selection was fair, but nothing really rare - I liked that they carry a bunch of Sam Smith’s, though. Not a bad time, I’d go back.“
Caytinator 3621 days ago
50 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Quirky little brewery. FIrst off, it’s a great deal - $7 for a tour, 3 tastings, and a pint glass is a steal. The downsides are that it’s led by a volunteer who may or may not know anything about beer - he used his notes often and alluded to the fact that the brewers pay him in beer to give tours. FIne and all, but it’s different. The tour was busy and the facility (besides the tasting room) was HOT. Therefore, my advice is to go in the winter. Finally the tastings at the end was kind of a disaster and took forevr, simply because they don’t "pre-pour" - you have to order every sample individually from some poor "bartender", who I’m pretty sure is a thankless volunteer as well. Maybe Sunday’s tour is less crowded.“
Caytinator 3635 days ago
68 /100 301 MAIN ST
“I’ve been here a few times now. They have a good selection overall on draft and in bottle, dominated by UK and Irish offerings. You’ll find more American craft in the bottles. The staff is not the most knowledgable. They are bar staff that know they have a lot of beers, but are more interested in turning over volume. The food is so-so, and they have been out of their signature items more than once. The bartender didn’t really apologize, but commented "we’re a pub; most people are too hammered to care about the food." I’ll keep going for the selection, if for nothing else.“
Nocardia 3712 days ago
60 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Brewery tasting room not much more. Four basic beers on tap. $7 for a tour, flight, and glass. I would go back because it is close to Vino’s.“
decaturstevo 3828 days ago
100 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Premier beer selection. Hundreds in stock. Wine and spirits of course. Staff includes specialist for beers and wines“
PapaMick 3868 days ago
82 /100 318 N MAIN ST
“Small quiet venue. As the name says it is a wine bar owned by a sommelier. They also have an amazing selection of bottle beers, but no taps. Food is mostly light appetizers, but very nicely done. If you have a wine enthusiast friend, and you want great beer, this is your kind of place.“
handsomejn 4020 days ago
58 /100 301 MAIN ST
“Authentic Irish pub, located in the historic Argenta district of NLR. Good selection of beers, mostly UK, but plenty of others both in bottles and on tap (15-20?). Service is good, particularly early. Bartenders are friendly as are the waitresses. Food is classic pub fare done right. I particularly like the fish and chips.“
handsomejn 4020 days ago
74 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“definately a diamond in the rough. I found beers here that i have never seen which was a pleasant suprise. Prices were good but seemed to be a bit "stiff" feeling for some reason. yet again another place to pick up some midwest and south beers. I was very pleased!“
Terminus 4068 days ago
74 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Stopped here during a stop in LR and really enjoyed myself. Small tasting room at the front of the place. Looks like a small firehouse but used to me an old car dealership. Tours on the weekend come with 2 free beer tokens and an up close and personal look at the brewery. Also a good place to pick up bottles and I was told the only place you can buy beer on Sunday in the LR area. Draft root beer for DD’s and kids as well.“
fata2683 4077 days ago
74 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“December 2010. Get good directions and make sure you go in the right door. Neat little tasting room and some down-home Arkansas hospitality awaits. Have had and enjoyed DB’s beers before -- was neat to go to the source. Wish I could’ve stayed longer than one. Good folks. Good beer. (Brewery #527).“
Braudog 4258 days ago
100 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Hands down the best beer store in the state, the staff know their products and the management keeps in stock all of the best beers available in arkansas. Also Springhill will age certain beers which I do not think anyone else is doing in Arkansas. Come in and talk to me. Eric Springhill Wine and Spirits Manager“
Springhill 4428 days ago
84 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Good selection at a fair price. Knowledgeable staff is a plus.“
thefederalist 4475 days ago
76 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Nice place to stop anytime you’re in Little Rock. Cool little tasting room right next to the brewery (ah, sweet mash). Friendly and knowledgeable staff helped me out before their normal retail hours. I volunteered to help bottle, in exchange for beer, the next time I was in town. Very reasonable prices and a pretty good rootbeer too.“
BarZigKin 4574 days ago
74 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Nice store that offers a good selection at a fair price. They had several different beers from what I normally see in Dallas area. The staff was helpful and offered some info on a new shipment of Bourbon County Stout that was due to arrive shortly. Definitely worth the trip across the city and I’ll be stopping in the next time I’m in town too.“
BarZigKin 4577 days ago
74 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Cool place, nothing fancy. Great selection and prices seemed low compared to what I’m used to. Lots of good avery, new belgium, moylans, a few good imports, and they have beer from oklahoma too.“
Beerona97 4580 days ago
74 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Dropped in and he asked me if I was there to help bottle. If only I lived near a place like that, seems they do a lot with volunteers and pay in beer. Anyway, didn’t have time to help, but grabbed a few sixers. Credit card only on a Thursday, their regular open growler hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday when they will take cash. No tour but looked around, looks like an old firehouse or something with two big garage doors. Could smell the mash from the tasting room. They have all their beers available in bottles and about 6 of them for growler fills including a root beer for the underaged or designated.“
lithy 4680 days ago
86 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Big floorspace, low shelving, big selection. Some beer available cold, no mixed sixes which was unfortunate as I would have bought much more. Other than that, staff was extremely helpful, noticed I had a list and offered to look it over to make sure I didn’t miss something they had. Prices seemed fair, featured their local brews from Diamond Bear right at the front of the store by the door, which is always nice to see.“
lithy 4680 days ago
70 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“This place has the best selection in Little Rock. The beer selection in Arkansas is not that great, but this place has anything that is distributed in the state. They have a fairly balanced selection. There is a good amount of German, English, and Belgian brews. They have beer on the shelves and in a cooler. The staff isn’t really that helpful, but I never really asked for help. One time they did have a New Belgium tasting (La Folie and Biere de Mars) and the girl doing that was very nice. I’m sure their beer manager is on point though because he’s picked out a pretty good selection. Prices are fairly reasonable.“
MtStateBeer 4741 days ago
64 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“A good stop in Little Rock pretty close to the airport with broad selection of nationally distributed beer along with a few harder to find like some Goose Island and Lips of Faith series“
blutt59 4750 days ago
84 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“This is by far the best beer store in central Arkansas. They carry just about every beer available in central Arkansas including New Belgium, Diamond Bear, Avery, Boulevard, Unibroue. Eric, the beer manager, is very knowledgeable. I drive almost 60 miles to shop at this store. No other store in central Arkansas compares.“
jcdgoad 4862 days ago
72 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Small brewery (relatively) down the street from Vino’s. The sales manager Joseph is a great guy and really cares about the product. It’s evident from his attitude, that the brewers and the owners share the same passion. One of the most unique tours I’ve ever been on. I loved that they named all their tanks and pieces of machinery. This is an absolute must stop for anyone passing through the state!“
Butters 4914 days ago
84 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Great selection of beers. Arkansas is a bit limited, due to poor distributorship, but they are getting better. Springhill has most anything available in the state. Eric is the general manager and knows beer. They’re good about getting what you want if they don’t have it.“
handsomejn 4930 days ago
76 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“Very fun. Went on the saturday tour. Free 3 samplers and 30-45 minute tour. Talked to the people working there for a while. Friendly people. Great rootbeer. Worth stopping by if you are in town.“
BMan1113VR 5063 days ago
84 /100 600 N. BROADWAY ST
“I’ve dropped by a few times when I’ve been in town to pick up a growler or two. They also have their own root beer that my kids like. The staff there have always been very friendly. We had a little personal tour one time when they weren’t too busy. They have a little tasting room where I’ve had samples of their beers. Their beers are all good, and it’s great to see a small brewer do well in my old home town.“
kwoeltje 5113 days ago
50 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“probably the best selection in Little Rock, but that’s not saying much. Has a lot of New Belgium, Diamond Bear and many other brews that you can find anywhere else in the US like Anchor (plus seasonals), Sierra Nevada, and Avery (limited selection).“
LilKem 5558 days ago
80 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“I’ve scoured the Central Arkansas area and Springhill has the best beer selection I’ve found. Someone knows a bit about good beer there and has put some thought into their beer wall. Granted it doesn’t compare to what other states have, but for Arkansas it’s tops.“
clasley 5623 days ago
62 /100
Fermentables (Homebrew Shop)
“For a homebrew store, they have the basics. I’m sure you could get other stuff from them if you needed to but I order most of my stuff online just for the increased selection. The owner is knowledgeable and friendly, however, and he’ll help you find what you need.“
thefederalist 5643 days ago
58 /100 4281 E MCCAIN BLVD
“Not a bad shop, considering the location. The selection is good but rather small. In the micros they only carry New Belgium and one Arkansas brewery as the only beers not available in Illinois. Good staff. I’d stop back.“
Cornfield 5690 days ago