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68 /100
The Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“If you’re looking for beer in Greeneville, you’ll want to go here. Staff and owner are very nice & you might find some aged brews if I haven’t snagged them all by now. Good selection of Trappist and Unibroue amongst others. Possibly the most beer crammed into the smallest beer section you’ve ever seen.“
TN_Gabe 4448 days ago
78 /100
The Party Haus (Beer Store)
“The under 6% companion to The Bottle Shop. While both have very old bottles, this is more of an issue with the under 6% side. I can tolerate a 4 year old Rochefort 10, I wouldn’t think to buy a six pack of 4 year old Left Hand Jackman’s Pale Ale. Other than that, a tremendous selection. Everywhere you turn there is more beer, stuff I haven’t seen in Knoxville. They carry Depot Streets beers. Friendly help, will do a mix six pack. I paid 8 and change per six, but I have a feeling that isn’t the standard policy.“
lithy 5422 days ago
74 /100
The Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“The over 6% companion to The Party Haus. Great shop with a good selection of beer. Problem is, much of it is anywhere from a couple to nearly 10 years old. Which is fine if you want 4 year old Orval, not so fine for some of the other beers languishing on shelves. Prices seemed fair and the cashier was more than happy to sell me a couple singles from six packs.“
lithy 5422 days ago
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