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“The couple running this small craft beer bar have been living in the Zizkov district in Prague for many years. Hence the name of the bar. Urquell on tap and cans from Sibeeria and Rodins Pivovar Zichovec. But, most beers are craft beers from UK, USA and other countries. Menu on Untappd. Very friendly and talkative service. Cold easily spent more time here, especial with friends and share bottles. Yet another great craft beer bar in Östersund! (Visited July 9th 2024)“
Bryne 1 day ago
64 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 19
“Classic English styled interior, brown wood and leather. Nice bar with carvings. 11 taps, half of them from Jämtlands, the rest rather uninteresting standard beers. Many were eating at my visit, I just enjoyed a beer. Friendly service and mainstream pop/rock music played. (Visited July 9th 2024)“
Bryne 1 day ago
90 /100
Artut (Bar)
“Best craft beer bar in the city (2024) Tasty pizza and 14 Swedish craft beers on tap. Fridge with tempting big bottles. Nice patio in front. Very friendly and attentive service. Nominated for beer bar of the year in Sweden in 2023. Green walls, large round tables with 4-6 chairs, two sofas and three high tables with bar stools. Star Wars artwork on the wall and Honky Tonk music played. I enjoyed strong, hoppy beers from Omnipollo, Stigbergets, O/O Brewing, Ten Hands and Frosty Beard. I really enjoyed my stay! (Visited July 9th 2024)“
Bryne 1 day ago
74 /100
Jazzköket (Restaurant)
“Visited for dinner with my son, I was driving so I had to settle for a light ale which was decent enough for its strength, and a taste of one of my son's beers. A reasonable beer selection printed in the menu / drinks list. We sat out on the patio in warm weather, quite a lot of mosquitos around. Very friendly waitress. Very good food too, but not very cheap.“
Sigmund 1864 days ago
58 /100 POSTGRÄND 5
“Well, I have to admit that this placed doesn't offer a great beer selection. But I think this restaurant has the best beer garden in Östersund. Spacious, long tables and benches, live music and 4 beers on tap. Some bottles too, selection varies but look for Firestone Walker or Swedish craft beer. My last beer this evenig was a pint of Gotlands Sleepy Bulldog Summer Pale Ale. (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2506 days ago
26 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 16
“Holy crap! This is not a craft beer destination. Some macro beers on tap and hardly any interesting bottles. Only for those staying at this hotel. (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2506 days ago
76 /100 STORTORGET 8
“The Bishops Arms is always "a safe card" to visit in Swedish cities. You know what you get. This bar have 25 taps and about 100 bottles. No beer menu for the bottles, but you can have a look in the fridge. Beers on tap sometimes just have a name, and therefore not easy to know which brewery and what ABV. Should be easy to fix! The bar is spacious with plenty of seatings and has a long bar counter. Two draught beers for me: Oskar Blues Fugli and Jemtehed & Brande The Falconers. Polite service. (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2506 days ago
58 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 31
“A fine bar but beer selection is rather poor. Nothing interesting on tap but some bottles from Revsund and Jemtehed & Brande in the fridge. There is a beer menu but ask for new bottles. Lots of various seating on two floors and a patio in front. Nice interior and carpet on the floor (?) (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2506 days ago
84 /100 HAMNGATAN 9
“My number one in Östersund. A spacious pub with dark brown interior, nice covered patio in front and a wild boar fur and anaconda skin in the ceiling when you enter. Strange! Free Wifi. A long bar counter with bar stools and all the bottles visible in shelves behind the bar. Actually many interesting local craft breweries present. Many ordinary macro beers on tap, but always 4 from the local brewery Jämtlands and 3 rotating taps. At my first visit I enjoyed Revsund Wicked Mountain and Revsund Yet Another Flamango from tap and a Cook's Burger. Very service minded and attentive barman. Commercial rock and pop music played. I visited once more later in the evening and had two bottles: Klövsjö Black Nirvana and Klövsjö Yellow Nirvana. (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2506 days ago
72 /100
Jazzköket (Restaurant)
“Ecological, Jazz, modern, hipsters, gastro food and craft beer, these words belong in a tag cloud describing this restaurant. It was crowded but I found a small table in the "Courtyard", a part of Jazzköket. Only Norrlands Guld on tap but more than 30 bottles from local microbreweries in the area and further north. I had a bottle from Westerbottens Bryggeri. A DJ was playing jazz and alternative funky music. Actually not bad. There is also a patio in a courtyard facing Jane Doe's patio. (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2506 days ago
50 /100 KYRKGATAN 66
“I drove as crazy from Systembolaget Lillänge just to visit the second Systembolag in Östersund. This is in the city centre so you have to look for parking and walk a bit. I got inside 10 minutes before closing time. This outlet was a disappointment. I only found 4 more new beers, all macro lagers. Shelves were almost empty. The reason? Well, "Storsjöyran" a local amusement and music festival was going on this weekend. The locals had almost emptied this Systembolag, even for craft beer! (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2507 days ago
66 /100 HAGVÄGEN 11
“Located in a retail area outside Östersund. Free parking. Easier to buy loads of beer here than at the Systembolaget downtown. I ended up with 19 new beers. Some of the same local breweries I found in Krokom, but also beers from Härjebrygg and Revsunds. (Visited July 29th 2017)“
Bryne 2507 days ago
60 /100 KYRKGATAN 66
“Wybór piw niez³y, choæ mniejszy ni¿ w Sztokholmie.“
Pudelek 3299 days ago
64 /100 STORTORGET 8
“Expensive... revisited again since they gave me 500 SEK of tokens to spend on drinks and food. Food was good (small potions, and skip the starters) but service was slow (had to wait for 1 hour for the mailcourse and no one told us...). If you’re planning to go there become a member... check their webpage and you will have some kind of benfit. Beer selection is OK (approx 10 interesting taps and 50 interesting bottles). Toliets are clean. Not that there is smaller bar to the right after the entrence.“
Nisse666 3386 days ago
70 /100 HAMNGATAN 9
“Aaaa I hare when the rating is beeing deleted during entering it so here a shorter one: Not the best but perhaps no 3. Dark interiors, nice staff, big selection.“
Nisse666 3433 days ago
68 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 19
“A more airy bishops arms look a like pub. Friendly and fast service, even do it was crowded. Local beers, probably only Jämtland. A wee patio for the summer overlooking one of the must ugliest squares I ever have seen (except Masthuggstorget in Göteborg)“
Nisse666 3433 days ago
62 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 16
“A wee pub in the entrance area connected to the hotel resturante. The pub boss refused to keep the local leftovers after the festival - pretty odd.“
Nisse666 3433 days ago
52 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 31
“Lively pub/bar with a great focus on whiskey. Probably loads of regular guests so go there during of peak periods. Not that interessting beer selection but if you are doing the full Östersund pubcrawl u shouldn’t miss them out. “
Nisse666 3433 days ago
90 /100
Jazzköket (Restaurant)
“Coolest place to be in Östersund. Great eco friendly local produced food, beer, and mead (out of stock at the moment :( ). Nice interessted, friendly and skilled staff. Jazz nights... will revisit and bring wife for the full monthy. I was lucky to find a seat or rather the sofa. My recommendation is that u book in advance. And yeah the have loads of beer that are very hard to get...“
Nisse666 3433 days ago
62 /100 KYRKGATAN 66
“Located inside one of the city center shopping mall. You have to walk for approx 10 min to reach the place. Longest que of VIPs at 10.00 just before opening in the mornkng that I have ever seen (me first ;) ). Only went here to purschase "Vår Julbrygd, from Bakgården I Revsund. Had a few Jämtlands and one Jemtehede and Brande at my visit. Nice interors. Staff didn’t know their locals, unfortunatly.“
Nisse666 3433 days ago
64 /100 HAGVÄGEN 11
“Out od town - Supermarket variant, easy to reach with car. Never seen such a big beer departement, with focus on Macro beers*. Anyhow locals Jemtehede... and Jämtlands are available. Friendly staff, open to 15.00 on Saturdays;).* Hade special self for special releases, so perhaps visiting in January didn’t make the place justice, have check yourself.“
Nisse666 3490 days ago
56 /100 KYRKGATAN 66
“Systembolaget main facts:
Chain of government controlled monopoly stores to sell alcohol with an ABV higher than 3.5% to take home.
20 years age limit to shop, or even to accompany someone else making a purchase. If ID can not be produced, you might get refused service.
All alcoholic beverages above 3.5% ABV you wish to buy in Sweden and not from a "Systembolaget" store, you will have to buy at a pub or restaurant, for consumption at the place where you purchased it. Minimum age requirement 18 years, the pub itself might opt for another age limit though, making it so you need to be older still.
Alcohol at 3.5% ABV or lower may be for sale to take home at regular stores that have a permit for it, age limit 18 years, ID may be required.

This store:
Has been a while since I visited. As is norm in Sweden you go to a "Systembolaget" store when you want to purchase any alcohol stronger than 3.5% ABV to take with you. Centrally located in ÖStersund. Had a decent selection and decent service last time I visited.“
gnoff 3897 days ago
64 /100 KYRKGATAN 66
“Rather big Systembolaget store with nice selection. Especially Jämtlands very well presented.“
rosenbergh 4321 days ago
60 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 19
“Couple of taps with only the most common brews. 10 different Jämtlands bottles available. Food could be good as it is more of a restaurant than a pub. Close to the Bishops Arms.“
rosenbergh 4321 days ago
66 /100 STORTORGET 8
“Around 18 taps and 2 casks. Most of the taps are lager unfortunately. Quite basic Bishops Arms pub.“
rosenbergh 4321 days ago
74 /100 HAMNGATAN 9
“18 taps, even some interesting ones. It was quiz night I visited so the place was crowded. Danish beers like Mikkeller/To Øl/Beer Here available. And of course Jämtlands. Nice place. Best in Östersund.“
rosenbergh 4321 days ago
88 /100 HAMNGATAN 9
“Best beer-place in town! Way better than Bishops Arms. Mikkeller everywhere, even on tap. Great food and friendly bartenders. Great prices!“
banii 4537 days ago
74 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 19
“English-pub-look. Cosy ambiance. Local food, decent/slightly high prices. Not very exciting stuff happening on tap, but the bottle-selection is improving with some North Coast, Brooklyn and Jâmtlands available at very decent prices. I always eat here when in Östersund. Make sure to book in advance.“
banii 4537 days ago
64 /100 STORTORGET 8
“Nice pub centrally located on Stortorget, with a very nice outdoor area overlooking the square. There is a small and cosy bar just left of the entrance and a larger one straight ahead. Friendly and efficient service. Most of the draught beers were not very interesting, but there were a couple of Swedish micros, for example St Eriks. Decent selection of bottles, but far from the bigger BA pubs in Stockholm or Gothenburg. My main reason to visit was to see if they had any beers from the new local brewery in Klövsjö. Which they had (and they were a success).“
Svesse 4634 days ago
66 /100 KYRKGATAN 66
“Good selection of beers, specially local Jämtlands. Helpful staff.“
tkrjukoff 4748 days ago
54 /100 STORTORGET 8
“Onlhy patio open, no "roofing" by the Stortorget. Poor selection of beers, luckily they had 2 Klövsjö bottles during this weekend t saved my day. Guy behind the bar couldn’t make a difference between a pale ale and a lager, not Guiness or Kilkenny...kinda says it all of the beer knowledge of people who work there.“
tkrjukoff 4756 days ago
80 /100 PRÄSTGATAN 19
“Typical Swedish "English" pub. Ordinary "must be" taps, and bottles with local Jämtlands. Good food, service a bit slow. Good location by the Stortorget.“
tkrjukoff 4756 days ago
44 /100 STORTORGET 8
“VERY expensive. A St. Eriks Pale Ale is 75 SEK, on Systembolaget it’s 16 SEK. Not very friendly personell, and they don’t know a lot about beer. 40 tap’s, but 35 of them are LAGER or main streem Ale’s. No IPAs, Stouts ore Porters on tap. Food is not very good - overcooked. I hope they improve.“
banii 4862 days ago
68 /100 STORTORGET 8
“Nice BA in the town center of Östersund. The menu is small but imaginative (they do include local products) which matches the standard BA selection very nicely. Friendly staff. Watch out for this place in the summer when they open their outdoors bar: they are happy to serve you every whisky they have, but only a very, very reduced beer selection. They did not even have any ale options on bottle during the summer, only the fizzy lager stuff.“
Nonesofar 5218 days ago
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