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74 /100 38302 SR 20
“Phenomenal mountain views in the beer garden at this great place just off the highway. They had 9 beers on tap when I visited, which are available in a 9-beer sampler for $9 -- a great deal. The beer itself is above average, many of them quite a bit higher ABV than normal, so they have room to make things more interesting. Sadly, they serve them all in shitty plastic cups. C’mon guys -- get some proper glassware to showcase your brewing skills. Friendly, quick service. Worth the stop when along this way.“
mcberko 2868 days ago
76 /100 38302 SR 20
“Fantastic location, stunning views and a fun building. Service was good. Family owned. Food is packaged, so not bad but nothing special and expensive. Beer is better than expected and reasonably priced. Although not a destination, I would go back.“
Ferris 3572 days ago
50 /100 38302 SR 20
“Small family owned establishment. Everything seemd to have a honey hint, at lest my pallet interperted it this way. But sill evey varity/style was worth the drive. rhey have lots of bar type snacks, and one guy there was eating m&m’s with Jalopino peppers. You can get natchos, nuts, pretzles... the entire room is lined with various growlers.“
DarkBrewDSM 5030 days ago
24 /100 38302 SR 20
“The location and atmosphere is cool, log cabin in the middle of nowhere. The back patio was the only place to find seating when I went and was equipped with tiki torches. The beer, however, was terrible. I am not a fan of the over the top Northwest hop thing going on... so I couldn’t choke it down. Bitter... hoppy... I gave it a second shot about 4 months later... asked the bartender for something not so hoppy and it was the same story... but this time the bartender was rude. No reason for me to go back there again!“
Morkaskogen 5449 days ago
68 /100 38302 SR 20
“Stopped by before a weekend of camping. Double burgers hit the spot. That porter is where it’s at though...dang tasty. Lots of cool beer memorabilia on hand. A venerable beer oasis on hwy 20.“
pede7 5479 days ago
78 /100 38302 SR 20
“It’s a long haul out to Birdsbiew, but thankfully for anyone aiming to try it, it’s on the way to tons of amazing hiking and scenery. It’s definitely a very unprepossessing little building. Nice inside, thoughplenty of room, high ceilings, cool skylight. Flat screens. The food’s ok, just burgers and suchnot so much a kitchen as an electrified waiter side station. But they make it work. And Bill does a killer job with the beers. He won’t be knocking the big guns out of their spots just yet, but he’s definitely got a good thing going. And the place is staffed pretty much entirely by him, his wife, and some of his kids. Pretty great vibe. All the customers seem to know the family or some of the other customers. Nice setting.“
after4ever 5879 days ago
74 /100 38302 SR 20
“Stopped there on the way to Winthrop. Very, very good family ran business. Will definitely stop there again on the next time through. Support the Locals!!!“
Bier brauen 5923 days ago
78 /100 38302 SR 20
“Very cool little spot, looks like an 8 sided lincoln log cabin. Beers all have something unique to the point where they’re almost, but not quite out of style, but the individual touches work in most cases, and even had my wife saying she liked styles she normally can’t stand. Had 9 6oz samplers for $6, you can’t beat that. Didn’t try the food“
Bradrcr 6136 days ago
66 /100 38302 SR 20
“Looks like a tourist information stand. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by foothills of the Cascades. Family-run. The beers are hit and miss, but the hits are out of the park. They aren’t chefs...I won’t eat here again. Vibe and crowd not dissimilar to other tiny, rural PNW brewpubs like Elliot Glacier (the closest), North Fork, Methow Valley or Cashmere.“
Oakes 6265 days ago
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