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70 /100 170 E CROSS ISLAND RD
“This is a solid brewpub in a somewhat unexpected location. Camano Island seems far enough removed from big residential and business areas that you wouldn’t guess it has a brewpub. They don’t brew on premise here as far as I know, but they truck in kegs from Mukilteo--this is a full-blown DK location, with a complete draft lineup of their more common kegs. They also offer the stonegrill tabletop cookery. This consists of a ceramic tray with a heavy square stone superheated in the center. The hot stone cooks your sandwich fixings, or your steak. This is very much a love it or hate it proposition for many people. I kind of get a kick out of it, especially when I am not in a hurry. If I am on Camano, odds are I am not on a schedule. At the Mukilteo location, there’s somewhat more chance I might be waiting for a ferry or something, so I might think twice about spending the time playing with a stonegrill. The service here was a bit scattered as they were winding down from a long shift. It was Seat Yourself and we unknowingly grabbed a table in a section that was no longer staffed for the night. We waited for a few things--menus, water refills, etc. She was very nice, and we got repeated apologies, but we did have to flag her down a few times while she did sidework. This is probably not the rule for service here and it certainly wouldn’t stop me from returning. The food is virtually the same as the Front Street location in terms of flavor and quality and so on. Their draft lineup won’t have the smaller and experimental batches, since they’re farther out from the brew tanks, but the faucets here pour good stuff. The building itself was clearly put up as a location for a chain-ish restaurant, and they haven’t done an awful lot to change what was there in the first place. It’s a comfortable and welcoming dining room, though, with pounded copper tabletops and a generally friendly atmosphere. Camano is a great place to get away for a weekend, and it’s great to have this place here.“
after4ever 3489 days ago
72 /100 170 E CROSS ISLAND RD
“Im a big fan of their beers and love their mukilteo loctions. They did a great job with what they had to work with on Camano. The servers are friendly and the food is very good.“
ericsondr 4218 days ago
76 /100 170 E CROSS ISLAND RD
“Diamond Knot bought this ex-chicken restaruant a few years ago, and now there’s some serious craft brew out here on Camano. There’s no "lodge" feel to the restaurant, and it’s a bit noisy inside. But it has a patio with a view of a pleasant little lake. Live music on the weekends. Food has an interesting twist, in that they serve several of their meats minimally cooked, and then you get a very hot cooking stone to sear the food at your table. Pretty much fun, actually, and it works for sandwiches, fish, and steaks. They serve all of the very good Diamond Knot offerings on tap (I had the Industrial IPA last visit) and have a few of their limited release brews in 22 oz. bottles to go. Beats driving into Stanwood, and actually worth a visit if you are east of here. And they serve breakfast!“
Packard 4240 days ago
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