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84 /100
Ale Tales (Beer Store)
“Have visited here a number of times over the past five or so years. Not sure why I haven't rated it yet... Small shop in downtown Albany, which is kind of a cute little part of the Bay Area that I had not spent that much time in before moving back in 2015. These guys really get a great selection of stuff. They of course have the usual offerings from places like Faction, Fieldwork, etc. in the Bay Area, but also get a lot of stuff from San Diego, Colorado, and outside the US that you do not often see. I also find some interesting Mission-Trail ticks here from time to time. Get some nice lambic, too. Prices are very fair, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and it's just a well kept shop. They also keep a pretty up-to-date inventory available online, so that's nice, too.“
brokensail 250 days ago
78 /100 627 SAN PABLO AVE
“Dropped by on the way to a night swim in Berkeley. Nice convenient location with lots of parking. I bought some cans to go. About $6/can. They have 5oz pours, which is essentially a taster, so maybe I’lol stay next time. Very friendly staff. One sour. No BA beers. Definitely recommended.“
wetherel 446 days ago
82 /100
Ale Tales (Beer Store)
“Wow. What a great craft beer store. Tons of barrel aged, sours, and IPAs. Very well organized. Lots of unique local beers. Highly recommended if you are in the area. Looks like it used to be called hopsy, and this is the new name.“
wetherel 502 days ago
58 /100 836 SAN PABLO AVE
“Dropped by after a visit to Berkeley. Typical BevMo. Focus on larger breweries and multi-pack beers, Belgian bottles, etc. Small breweries are non existent, like ocean view brew-works across the street.“
wetherel 544 days ago
80 /100 627 SAN PABLO AVE
“Cool. I was at Rare Barrel and decided to do a "nearby breweries" search on Gmaps before coming home. This popped up. Never heard of it before! I made the drive and parked on the street a block away. The brewery is next door to a Taco Bell, which will come in handy in the future. Small place indeed, with a small out-door patio area and an even smaller taproom. Saturday was trivia night and the place was pretty packed, but service was prompt nonetheless. About 12 beers on tap, standard range of "normal" styles (no sours, for example). Crowler machine for beer to go. Everything available in 5 oz pours making for a build your own flight possibility. I got four samples and found a standup table next to the brewing equipment to rate. Frankly was not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. Two IPAs, a brown ale and a pub ale were all quite good for style and overall. Definitely a place to watch in the future!“
bytemesis 1167 days ago
84 /100
Spouts Farmers Market (Grocery Store)
“New Market in area, mostly organic. Nice beer selection!“
bigericsports 1872 days ago
52 /100
Hopsy (Beer Store)
“All they had was pre-filled growlers. A good selection that was mostly fresh. They are in the process of expanding the size of the showroom.“
Sledutah 1990 days ago
74 /100 836 SAN PABLO AVE
“Just across the street from Albany Taproom, pretty much. They have some nice parking available, so that’s a plus.

The layout here is more open than your typical BevMo, at least that’s how it felt. The beer is pretty much all in the rear of the store and very little, if any, is refrigerated.

Based on peaking at previous reviews, I wasn’t really expecting to find much of value here. That said, there were a lot of nice finds with things like Enjoy By, Almanac sours, some Mikkeller offerings, and plenty of various barrel aged beers from lots of different breweries.

Definitely worth a shot if you’re in the area or stopping at Albany Taproom.“
brokensail 2419 days ago
80 /100 745 SAN PABLO AVE
“Stopped in for lunch one day. Was not initially aware that it’s connected to Grazzy Burger next door and you can take beer/food between the two. It’s a good burger, but it’s the kind of place where a burger costs $13.

Draft list was really quite good and very eclectic. Some stuff from Eagle Rock brewing I had not tried, a new mead from Mead Kitchen, and some other oddities and rarities. Prices can be kind of high for certain more special offerings. But in general, pretty fair. They also do flights, which is always appreciated.

Service was quick and friendly. They update their list online fairly regularly, and get good beers. Can’t ask for much more.“
brokensail 2419 days ago
90 /100
Hopsy (Beer Store)
“Today’s their opening day! The basic concept is local Bay Area folks will be able to order freshly filled growlers from several local breweries, which will be delivered to your house. How cool is that?!? Right now, they’ve got a beta going with people who’d already signed up. But, you can still walk into their store, which is what I did. Pretty much just a small counter area where they help you with the selection, and then there’s also a small table of beer related stuff for sale. The majority of the building is dedicated to the fridge and other back room stuff the public doesn’t have access to. Look forward to trying many of their delicious offerings in the future.“
robertjm 2486 days ago
60 /100 836 SAN PABLO AVE
“It’s BevMo, Just down the road. Decent Beer selection but most of the times there out of stock. Don’t really think they order enough!“
bigericsports 2731 days ago
82 /100 745 SAN PABLO AVE
“I really liked this place. It’s located in a busy part of El Cerrito right on San Pablo Ave. It seems like it’s fairly close to BART which is a plus. Anyway, the bar is pretty large with a few small tables along the opposite wall. There was an opening that led to a much larger space that was filled with tables which I thought belonged to them, but ended up being the Grazzy Burger next door. It’s pretty cool that you can get a burger and then have your beers without leaving the building. The beer selection was awesome. They have 32 taps, all of which were either obscure locals or one-offs. The list actually reminded me of what Beer Revolution used to be like in their first couple years. Lot’s of different styles across a wide range of ABV’s. There was stuff from Fort Point and Woodfour, which I haven’t seen at other places in the area. Also some of the Hangar 24 barrel-roll series. Lots of other gems too. The bottle selection was pretty darn good too. Lots of cold storage, but some of them were on shelves in the back. The prices were high on some things and reasonable on others. The four beer sampler I got was ridiculously expensive at $12, but single pours seemed more reasonable for some reason. I really appreciated their attention to selection. The service was ok. I wish this was along some of my more usual routes, but I’ll be coming back fairly regularly anyway. BONUS: they update their tap list on facebook every couple days.“
joeneugs 3099 days ago
72 /100 745 SAN PABLO AVE
“I went here opening night and back again a few days later to try without the crowds. I have only tried a salad so cannot speak much about the food. The beer selection is nice, at least for being local to me, with a mix of IPA’s many local micros on tap, some other regional beers and a few european beers. They offer a sampler of any 4 beers each 4oz at nominal price. They still have a few kinks to work out and the bottle prices are on the very expensive side considering Bevmo is across the street and has many of these same bottles at half the to-go price here. I predict I will be back many times. Hopefully I will cross paths with robertjm one day since we seem to frequent the same places.“
rayOfBeer 3490 days ago
66 /100 745 SAN PABLO AVE
“Tonight was opening night!! If any of the ratings seem low to anyone keep in mind this was opening night tonight! Also, I did not try the full menu, only the french fries off the light menu. The burgers looked good and will be on the agenda next time around. All 32 taps were flowing. Shelf space for bottled beer is still being stocked, and wine was delivered while I was there. Ambiance is a hard one. It’s not a fancy eating establishment, yet it’s not a dive bar either. I imagine it will get pretty noisy with a packed crowd. Overall a great looking start, which I think will only get better once any kinks are kicked out. I love Beer Revolution, but it’s going to be really cool being able to WALK to this place from my house.“
robertjm 3493 days ago
56 /100 836 SAN PABLO AVE
“What can I say? It’s just like any other BevMo. It’s a good place to go to stock up for a party, but not really for beer hunting. Then again, if I’m stocking up for a party, I can think of several places in the area that I would rather shop at.“
Aquilo 5107 days ago