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68 /100 6362 E SANTA ANA CANYON
“I’ve actually gone to dinner a couple times at the teppanyaki restaurant across the street. Never realized this place was so close. It’s kind of tucked away in the corner of the shopping center and there isn’t a whole lot of signage to indicate that it is here.

There are two separate areas. The more typical bar area is to the left of the entrance and there’s some tables as well as the bar itself. The main area has some dining tables and seats at the bar as well. Lots of TVs, all that jazz.

The tap list here is good. Not amazing. It’s also not quite as huge as some of the other (newer) locations. But there were at least a handful of new beers for me to try.

Service was good. Very prompt and friendly. The prices here are kind of the only knock on the place. Some of it is pretty typical $6-$7 a glass, but there are some random beers that are super expensive ($15 for a glass of Firestone Agrestic...wat?!). Food isn’t terribly cheap either, but you get a ton of it.

Not a beer destination, but there isn’t really anything else in this area and it’s good enough to stop in if you’re nearby.“
brokensail 2190 days ago
76 /100 6362 E SANTA ANA CANYON
“Very popular place. Large dining area with a small bar area off to the side. Service was really good for us, but the food delivery from the kitchen was slow. Moderate beer selection (this is not a beer bar) with locals and favorites. When food arrived, it was excellent. Terrific value as well.“
kathouse 2255 days ago
64 /100 6362 E SANTA ANA CANYON
“Stopped in for dinner with some non beer friends. Actually they were beer people back when I started in 2005 but they no longer care so for all intents and purposes this was not a ticking trip.

The place was packed on a Saturday night. It would have been an hour to get a table but we found a table in the bar area that the 5 of us could get around. Service was pretty slow as you might imagine on a night that busy. The tap line up isn’t that impressive as it’s just a lot of macro taps with a few good ones mixed in. I got an old Union Jack and then a Paulaner hefe. My friend’s Sierra Nevada Pale was pretty fresh. The food was quite good albeit way too much. I went with the spicy burger (can’t remember the name) and that was pretty good, though when I ordered it medium rare it came out medium well. The one I really wanted to try but didn’t want to commit to was the peanut butter and jelly burger. Sounds like it could be good but it also might be terrible. I guess I’ll have to go back and try it.

Overall a fun place but don’t expect an intimate dining experience or anything too ridiculous on tap. Also, prices are pretty high.“
t0rin0 2605 days ago
80 /100 6362 E SANTA ANA CANYON
“Good selection of beers, served nice and cold. We had a friendly waitress. Pretty decent burgers. Overall a nice place to enjoy a beer.“
arfor 2783 days ago
86 /100 6362 E SANTA ANA CANYON
“Came here while at Disney on vacation. Got the 50/50. Good but I would go with straight beef if I were you. Good food, good beer. Bacon salt a plus.“
mrhoppy 2787 days ago
82 /100 6362 E SANTA ANA CANYON
“If you’re in the Anaheim Hills area, this is place is a well worth a visit: - very nice selection of drafts & bottles - the food was very good - clean, nice on the inside - family friendly - if you’re with non-beergeeks, they’d be fine here enjoying a good burger“
JohnC 3468 days ago
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