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66 /100 1869 POMONA RD UNITS E & F
“A short walk from Storytellers. Much busier. Trivia Tuesdays. U shaped concrete bar, lots of outside seating. Decent service. 15 taps, nothing BA. Beers about average.“
bytemesis 337 days ago
100 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“Corona is a great city and the food at this Taps location is incredible. They truly have some breakfast and Sunday brunch specials that have some great tasting things. This is one place that gets very busy but the team and chefs are all able to keep up with it for sure. You also can get a really good deal during their happy hour, and they also greet you with Mimosas, which is great. One thing I found appealing was the rustic ambiance that really gave everything a nice touch. The delicious sourdough bread and dipping oil are quite tasty indeed as well. I have been to the Brea location many times and I am glad this one is also of outstanding quality and service. The best part of the visit, without a doubt, was the server Robin, who was absolutely amazing and had one of the best vibes I have ever come across before. She had a really enjoyable, friendly demeanor and treated us like family by making us feel comfortable and welcome. She was constantly checking up on us and made sure our drinks never ran out. Additionally, she informed us about some holiday deals they have going on and about The Catch restaurant to check out while in Anaheim, which has a tourist feel to it. Her recommendation to try the Louisiana Surf and Turf along with the Pumpkin Beer was perfect, I can't recall having such a satisfying meal before in this area. The location is also in a mall with all kinds of things to do while you're there, which is helpful. The entire management team was on point at this restaurant and they ensured everything was truly enjoyable. Not a single negative thing happened throughout the entire visit, I am surely going to be visiting all the Taps locations for the foreseeable future end surely other people will as well. “
GAlexanderHD 1356 days ago
80 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“If you're already in Corona or Riverside or Orange, that's fine. I strongly caution against considering this a destination and for a 99 it damn well should be.“
Mercutio 1674 days ago
90 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“In the middle of nowhere but where you oden the door to the fridge heaven opens up. But cold in there so bring warm clothes“
elbenco 1762 days ago
“Visited on 5th March 2019 after walking through some of the 'Super Bloom' in the canyons and hills around Lake Elsinore. Tap list had 10 Main St beers and 6 guests (mostly well known brews). I had a four beer Flight of their beers and a pint of a Stones brew I'd never heard of before. All the beers seemed fine to me, the Stones beer being the pick of the five. Food was plentiful and pleasant, service was good. Plastic cutlery and sports screens however didn't help the ambiance or experience of the visit. Might have been better in 'the bar area' rather than the dark canteen we sat in.“
BlackHaddock 1870 days ago
86 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Hands down the best beer store I’ve been to. So many beer its overwhelming on your fist visit. The space is super small, service/recommendations is none, and the outside looks like it only has 40. Regardless, the selection is amazing with rare locals and even harder to get rare nationals. This is a must stop if you are within an hour.“
chibuck 2532 days ago
90 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Dans une classe à part. J’y ai trouvé des bouteilles introuvable nul part ailleurs. Considérant que je peux visiter 10-12 boutique par jour, 2-3 fois semaine, je vous laisse tirer vos conclusion.“
Marheb 2929 days ago
96 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Its beergeeks heaven. Best store ever visited. Visited yeasterday and had good talk with owner about beers. Bought some stones, bells, prairie, mikkeller.“
k0mpsa 3038 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“A nice bottle shop with an impressive selection of beers. A lot of quality beers crammed into a small site managed to find quite many bottles here that were already sold out elsewhere. I spent way too much here and they even shipped my purchase back home for me, ask for Jazz when you stop by. but definitely worth a stop.“
SG340 3226 days ago
66 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Stopped by today. Don’t judge a book by the cover. Although the store is small and cramped, there is a decent selection of microbrews. Lots of beers not available on the east coast. Not too many different beers, and prices a bit high, but worth a stop if you’re in the area. A bit overhyped in my opinion.“
Beergeek23322 3231 days ago
78 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“I don’t really know why it’s taken me so long to get here. I’ve been to El Cerrito enough times and it’s only about 10 minutes away.

Located in the Dos Lagos shopping center and right across from the movie theater.

Larger location than the Brea one with an bar area and a similarly sized dining room. Plenty of patio seating as well, though I’m not sure I’d want to sit out and cook in the heat. They also have the raw bar right in front.

They seemed to have a smaller draft list than Brea, but a lot of overlap, though a few new beers for me to try. They do tasters of as many beers as you want, but they are typically in the $2 - $3 range, so it’s not exactly cheap. Beer quality is pretty good, though.

Food menu is pretty much the same as Brea as well. Fish and steaks are the stars, entrees are in the $20 - $30 range which is typically more than I want to spend when grabbing a couple beers.

Overall it’s a nice place and definitely worth visiting.“
brokensail 3236 days ago
78 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“The selection was huge, the service friendly and prices affordable. What I was expecting to find was single 12 oz bottles. Unfortunately no American singles, only 6-packs. Well I bought some nice 22 oz bottles. Not necessarily as good as I expected but definitely worth stopping.“
rosenbergh 3280 days ago
74 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“31 Jan 2015. looks like a hole in the wall kind of place. i didn’t look at their wine and spirits selection. Beer selection is not very big but almost all of it is beer that is to some degree rare. prices might be a tad high but given this is all hard to find it is likely worth it.“
Blairgus 3357 days ago
84 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Where to start with this place. Does it appear sketchy from the outside, yes. Does there appear to be too much going on around this place for the time of day and week, yes. Will you find plenty of new brews to buy, YES. Inside it has these cherry wood colored shelves that remind me of Texas Liquor in Carlsbad and some of the new shelves put it at Bine & Vine down in Normal Heights. I see lots and lots of fairly organized international offerings including a pleasing array from Mikkeller and To OL where there are easily a dozen I would be happy to buy if I had the money and an easy way to get them home as I’m getting on a plane after this. Ended up grabbing two To OL’s and some cool looking local offerings. Big selection that will have me coming back whenever I’m within 30 miles of this place.“
Ibrew2or3 3637 days ago
62 /100 23900 TEMESCAL CANYON RD
“I used to drive by this place all the time 20 or so years ago and never stopped in. Well that changes today. I headed over from the 15 looking for where to go. This place is a campus of assorted buildings and businesses and it took a while to find the Cheese and Wine one I was looking for. The other buildings are Tom’s “this” and Tom’s “that” wow. Cool spot with a lot of activity going on during the weekend. So the Cheese and Wine shop does indeed have a lot of cheese and wine. Off in the corner is the small beer selection. Good local stuff (Lake Elsinore has a brewery, what?!?), California offerings, some Belgian and some German stuff too. Nice selection but a few bottles were not dated and turned out to be way past their prime. So it sucked pretty bad paying for some $9 bombers that were drain pours, beware. I also grabbed a steeply priced barrel aged barleywine that really shouldn’t be past its prime so I figured the big price didn’t have much risk. Worth a stop if you want to stretch your legs while heading up or down I15.“
Ibrew2or3 3637 days ago
76 /100 23900 TEMESCAL CANYON RD
“Visited April 19, 2014.

I’ve been driving by this place for a decade now and FINALLY stopped in. Usually I’m on my way to a Stone festival early in the morning and don’t feel like stopping. Well, I’m glad I stopped as it’s a pretty neat place. Reminds me a lot of Casa de Fruta if anyone knows where that is (hwy 152 not too far from Gilroy) where it’s a large property with multiple buildings, each with it’s own purpose catering to just about everyone. There is a restaurant, a grocery store, a trinket store, public bathrooms, and games/attractions. They also had a bit of a farmers market set up though some of the tables were selling cheap jewelry. This could be a fun place to visit with the family for an hour or two.

The beer portion of the store is small, just two refrigerated sections but the selection is pretty good for how big it is. You won’t anything super rare here but you will find the usual assortment of better imports (plenty of Belgian beers and German beers) and a few of the popular domestics (Stone, Ballast Point, etc). I counted 7 bottles of Hammerhead bourbon barleywine from Hangar 24 in the fridge. I grabbed 5 of them. Prices were about on par with liquor stores these days, maybe a bit high. $20 for the Hammerhead. If I need some Stone or Hangar special releases I know where I’ll be stopping when heading to/from San Diego.“
t0rin0 3646 days ago
94 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Best bottle shop in the IE...hands down!“
Floydster 3671 days ago
90 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Stopped in here on the way into town, I had heard amazing things so I was really looking forward to checking it out. Not the most beautiful looking place from the outside but really nice once you get inside. Tons of wine and liquor in the first few isles, beer in the last one. Atmosphere was laid back with lots of people coming and going. Service was solid all around. I was asked if I needed any help and he was nice enough to point out a few things I may have overlooked. Quality and selection were both quite high. I didn’t see any out of date beers and they even offer some proper glassware for some of their beers. Selection was really solid. They had everything from the everyday beers of the west coast to some really rare beers I have never seen on a shelf anywhere else but here. Prices were a touch high on the rarer bottles but all of the others were reasonable so I can’t knock it too much. Overall probably the best bottle shop I have come across on this trip. I just wish it was a little closer to where we are staying, I would love to go back.“
orangesol 3721 days ago
94 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“This is the closest I have to a local bottle shop to me besides La Bodega. Jazz is the owner and beer dude and is connected with the bigger craft beer community. Make sure you are following the store on Instagram at . Find Upright, Cascade, Bruery one-offs, Lost Abbey special releases, De Cam, 3F, Cantillon, Alpine, weird Mikkeller and Evil Twin stuff, Tilquin, De Molen. They have a huge glassware selection as well with some rare but pricey glasses you won’t find anywhere else. Jazz has really hooked it up on numerous occasions so be sure to get in touch with him and start a conversation.“
GT 3784 days ago
98 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“This place is a beer lover’s dream! The selection has to be the best in the country. They really care about beer and it shows. Can’t say enough about this place. If you are in CA and love beer, you have a home here.“
BrewGreg 3799 days ago
92 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“Kick ass place, awesome food and even better beer. Superb Sunday brunch. Remy barrel aged deliciousness!!! Service was good despite how busy it was. Expensive but worth it.“
Sourguy83 3801 days ago
72 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“Visited November 15, 2013.

Can’t believe that it took this long to get out here. It’s in a large shopping center near a Bevmo, BJ’s, and some place called Steam Haus that are all rateable. There’s also two movie theaters and a BBQ place that is popular but served my tri tip very chewy. This Taps is similar to the other location in Brea and has fermenters and a ton of barrels holding Remy but for whatever reason was less crowded and had less house taps on. They had an altbier on that I wanted to try but instead I went with the pumpkin beer. I didn’t eat but they have the same menu, which is all very expensive but the few things I’ve tried from it are pretty good. I’ll have to stop back in some time mostly since I’ll be across the street checking out Steam Haus.

Other memorable qualities: good service (can be hit or miss in Brea but I’m batting 1.000 here in my one visit) and a cask with one of their house beers.“
t0rin0 3805 days ago
72 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“Decent restaurant. The food is about what you would expect for the price point. The beer is average with some occasionally good one offs.“
badlizard 3819 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“This is the best beer shop I’ve been to in Southern California. Jazz, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and will help recommend things. Must stop!“
craftbeer86 3841 days ago
90 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Looks like a typical divey liquor store you’d score some tall cans from. Beer is along the far wall and there is a lot of it. Really nice selection. Lots of cool imports, obscure stuff from the state and from less seen breweries around the US. Prices are pretty fair, some thing’s are a bit more expensive than I’ve seen other places, but on the whole pretty reasonable. Out of my way to go with any frequency, but definitely worth a stop.“
brokensail 3862 days ago
70 /100 2520 TUSCANY ST
“Visited September 9, 2013.

Seriously? No one has been here in 6 years? It was pretty busy when I showed up. This is probably in the top 5 BJ’s that I’ve visited, but that may be partly because of Monday night football combined with happy hour. There is a Bevmo in the same shopping center but unfortunately it’s a pretty lackluster Bevmo. I had a pint of the new seasonal IPA (Field Day) and a taster of the blonde lager. While looking at the menu I saw Camaraderie listed for $5.95 a bottle. Not sure if this is a second bottling or if they just have that much left over from the first batch (early 2012) but I took one home and it had a bit of hop flavor in it. Hmm. Might have to get some next year. Anyway, I doubt that I’ll drive 12 miles to get here on a regular basis but I could think of far worse places to have a beer.“
t0rin0 3873 days ago
64 /100 3643 GRAND OAKS
“Visited September 9, 2013.

I like the description of "under achieving". Seems pretty accurate. All the major CA breweries are present but only about half of the Belgian selection that others have, not much else in the way of imports, and not very many non-CA US brewers. Service is friendly, IPAs are not kept cold, and they have a random selection of singles (presumably from broken 6 packs). Also, no Orval. I bought a Vitus and a Sprite and left. Meh.“
t0rin0 3873 days ago
86 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Visited September 9, 2013.

OK, so I know that a lot of better liquor stores look as crappy as the rest from the outside, but this one had me questioning if I was even in the right place when I pulled up. I checked the RateBeer place page to confirm the address. As I pulled up there was a guy that had just finished peeling out in the dirt lot next door, a guy selling something from a cart on the sidewalk, and another guy that was stumbling pretty good. There is no mention of good beer outside. In fact about all I saw was a sign advertising that they sell water and a large ad for Jaegermeister.

Inside is your typical liquor store, extremely packed with bottles piled to the ceiling. The last aisle is the one you want. Lots of cool stuff on the shelves and in the fridges. It was nice to see some 3 Fonteinen gueuze just sitting there but I don’t particularly need any more right now. In the fridges I saw plenty of hoppy goodness. Mikkeller Farmhouse Invasion, all three of the Almanac single hop series, Black Market 4th Anniversary pale ale, Anchorage Galaxy White IPA, and plenty more. They had a single Anchorage glass on the shelf (teku)... for $15. It wasn’t for me, but yeah, that seems a bit ridiculous. They also have a cabinet behind the counter which is just visible to show off some of the beers inside. I assume those are only available if you know the owners. I didn’t ask but most of them were non-distributed bottles.“
t0rin0 3873 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“This is a beer heaven, from outside looks like a another liquor store, wait untilll you go inside, awesome selection, and everthing a beer geek wants they have it, look for guy name jazz who is the owner, he loves his beers. I bought $150 worth of stuff, he hooked me up with few bottles From the back. Jazz Is the man. Awesome service, awesome selection. Must stop!“
JK81 3895 days ago
88 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Wow - are you kidding me? I stop in and buy some beer. Jazzz follows me out and says "bro, wanna try some beers?". Then he cracks out some Lost Abbey and Russian River Framboise for the Cure. Just hanging out drinking beers. This place rocks soooo hard! Jazzz is the man!“
BVery 3896 days ago
86 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Unassuming location next to a Mexican restaurant that almost looks abandoned. Bottle selection is shocking. Staff is helpful as they give you advice on barrel aged stuff while selling Bud Lite and other pseudo-beers by the case. Worth going out of your way to try, which of course you’ll probably have to do.“
Travlr 3909 days ago
70 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“The main attraction in the Dos Lagos shopping area/outdoor mall across the street from Steam Haus Gastropub (AVOID!) and next to a pretty picturesque duck pond and covered walkway. Patio looks over the water. Interior is upscale on the left side of the building and then more casual on the right side. Complete brewpub here on site- kegs are not shipped in from La Brea. Barrel Aging program here is legit with 6-8 kegs of Pappy Van Winkle BA Remy on the way! Staff was quick and friendly, good prices at happy hour, and you can get a sampler flight of their entire house beer lineup. No guest taps is a bit annoying. Thankfully their house beers are higher quality than you would expect- many GABF medalling beers. The pizza we had was okay, but didn’t check out the rest of the menu. Only 8 house beer taps.“
GT 3916 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“One of the best beer stores around. It’s funny that unless someone told you about it you probably wouldn’t know. It looks like a random liquor store from the outside, but once you walk in and see the crazy selection. Jazz the owner is an awesome person. This is absolutely a must for beer enthusiasts. Shelf’s are loaded with rare beers, if you cant fine it here, then you wont find it anywhere.“
TapHunter 3928 days ago
78 /100 23900 TEMESCAL CANYON RD
“I was pretty shocked this place wasn’t on RB until now. Tom’s Farms is a complex that sits out by itself off the 15 freeway with a combination of various shops and amusements. It has a great selection of cheese, cured meats, and of course beer. These guys were way ahead of the times in terms of beer selection and they definitely more than hold their own nowadays. Good import and San Diego selection. I have also had the pizza they make on site a few times and it’s pretty good.“
wutangfinancial 3928 days ago
80 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“I like this location better than Brea, as it is less crowded and it sits in a nice large plaza with ample parking and space to move around. The food/beer selection is pretty much the same as Brea, which is good. Last time I was there they had a bunch of Remy bottles still available and it was drinking quite nice.“
wutangfinancial 3928 days ago
90 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“An unassuming liquor store on the outside, in the back country of Corona (there are some quality dirt roads nearby). Once inside, quite a revelation, as the beer selection is very strong, with an emphasis on "what’s hot" at the moment, i.e. Prairie suddenly appearing when it blew up. Nice Belgians, including sours, and a lot of 22 oz.’ers in the fridge. A nice feature lately has been bottles from some of the new Temecula/Riverside breweries. The only problem in coming here is you usually can’t get out without dropping a lot of cash money.“
wutangfinancial 3928 days ago
74 /100 23900 TEMESCAL CANYON RD
“Tom’s Farms is an old Corona staple that is like an Old Town Temecula or historical downtown shopping area except it is very small: 3-4 shops and a pony ride, train ride, shooting gallery, and carousel. Perhaps it can be described as an Old West Amusement Park. BUT, it happens to have a killer wine and beer shop that stocks specialty grocery items like their own pickles, olives, sausages, cheeses etc. They stocked a shockingly good amount of local beers including BA Stone releases, Ironfire, Aftershock, Manzanita, Packinghouse, Ballast Point, Hangar 24, even rare whales like Bud Light Chelada Picante. Prices were a tad above what they probably should be, but they were stocking stuff like Hangar 24 Hammerhead and BA Stone one-offs. Staff was friendly: one woman there actually does beer tastings in the back and everyday they have four different beers to try. They also do wine tastings. Overall, definitely worth stopping by for beer and charcuterie.“
GT 3933 days ago
60 /100 3643 GRAND OAKS
“Pretty under achieving BevMo here unfortunately with not many interesting beers going on. Typical "mini Total Wine" sterile set up, odd things in the fridge that shouldn’t be and IPAs that should be in the fridge languishing on the shelf. Stone, Lagunitas, Ballast Point, Firestone Walker, usually suspects of their normal lineup. Not a lot of smaller or new breweries stocked. No special releases. Half and half California locals with stale macro junk from a variety of countries. Eh, El Cerrito is across the street practically which makes this BevMo obsolete for beer nerd types.“
GT 3949 days ago
98 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Visiting my brother in Manhattan Beach from Saint Louis. Found this gem on ratebeer and decided I had to make the drive. Well worth it! Small liquor store out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Immediately greeted by Jazz, the beer man making the orders. He was very helpful, but not overbearing, allowing me to browse for well over an hour. Huge and varied selection of heavy beers on the shelves, many of which I had never seen before. Lighter and hoppier beers were appropriately kept in the refrigerated section across the aisle. Fantastic selection of local CA beers and stuff that was definitely ordered special. Obvious that they know their beers. Jazz was kind enough to hook me up with some smaller batch items from the back and even some from his own personal stash (probably because I had quite the haul.) Definitely will be going back next time I’m out this way.“
Dr_Fellini 3970 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“this place is amazing! had never heard about it until ZEBEERGUY metioned it to me for hard to find bottles. Found TAPS Remy amazing stout that JAZZ has a huge hand in the BA Process. cant wait til im back in cali again it will be one of my 1st stops.“
AmykalH04 4005 days ago
98 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Amazing selection. Get to know to Jazz, he gets the rarest of rare selections available in SoCal and beyond! This is the best beer store in Riverside County. FYI. Jazz posts all of his incoming beers on instagram/facebook.“
lozo130 4032 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“The best liquor store in i. e.....they have everything - they have all the hard to find, limited stuff that bevmo or other store that dont get. great selection of west coast beers, imports, belgians , . awsome prices. Plus, they have a wonderful selection of Tequilas, and whiskeys. The staff is friendly and know their beer. The store is clean and easily accessible. Dont forget ask what they have in the back!“
richardfolif 4043 days ago
98 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“If around a must for beer destinations“
DrDrinkAll420 4044 days ago
72 /100 2745 LAKESHORE DR
“Went for brunch on Sunday. Food was good and a stand up cask ipa“
mikem409 4050 days ago
86 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Small dumpy store but damn the selection is killer“
mikem409 4051 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“Jazz runs the best Craftbeer store in SoCal and maybe the best in California. IMO Great selection, Great prices and the man knows everything about beer. Also, the whiskey section is great with some mighty fine prices.“
ThirstyRob 4063 days ago
100 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“i can’t begin to tell you about how super awesome this place is not to mention jazz is a good friend of mine this is the toy’r’us walmart you name it super store i wouldn’t be surprised if this place had hard to find pbr and rare Budweiser this would be a rant put you can get Cantillion off the shelf and pappy van winkle 15 20 and family reserve when ever you heart feels like also tell him verble sent you he will laugh and prob tell you to buy something from logsdon“
whatsupstairs 4064 days ago
96 /100 19480 E ONTARIO AVE
“One of the best beer stores I’ve ever visited. Jazz runs an incredible shop and will make anyone feel like family. Make the drive regardless of your origination. I guarantee it will be worth it. CA goodies and rarities, lambics, Belgians; you name ’em, he’s got ’em. So much goodness I could barely contain myself. Definitely didn’t contain my spending. I suppose the distance from LA proper is part of what allows this store to maintain such an incredible inventory, but whatever the case may be, this is just an outstanding place to buy outstanding beer. Note: don’t make the mistake I did and spend too much time looking in his personal stash. Just like I guaranteed you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee even more strongly that you will leave feeling like your cellar is highly inadequate if you gaze through those glass doors too long.“
bootsjohn 4147 days ago
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