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70 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Old school 90s pizza hut buffet feels. Small outside porch gated off the sidewalk, a few too many booths inside. Wood everywhere, bar right next to the food service is unappealing & a little stuffy/smelly. Very nice people, service is a bit slow. Lots of classic style options but obviously heavy on the WC ipa front. $8 pints, two of their own meh ciders on tap, beers were very middling with an occasional aha moment. Food was above average pub quality. $10 cab from SD. Love the view from outside.“
MicroGrog 47 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“On the boy's soccer tourney. Cool brewpub/restaurant after hitting beach. Good food, standard better lineup with a few specials.“
DialSquare 693 days ago
72 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Visited 15-OCT-2019, with the family. Quality of beers is good. Food is fine, though nothing special. Interior is old-fashioned and fits the neigbourhood. Service is friendly. OK but not a must-visit-place.“
jesperhammer 1674 days ago
76 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Big brewpub, very crowded at our visit a sunday afternoon, big line out the door and up to a hour wait for a table. Found a small spot by the bar and had a flight. 20 or so beers on tap, IPA heavy but a few stouts to. Good quality of the beer. Service was good even if the place stuffed, they worked hard to keep up. Fine prices.“
Camons 2124 days ago
70 /100 178 ORANGE AVE.
“Deli / Liquer store next door to Coronado brewpub. Good selection of beer, again mostly bombers and 4 packs, locals, some belgium classics, and a few high end imperial stouts, including some The Abyss BA variants. Fine prices and fast service.“
Camons 2124 days ago
64 /100 1000 PARK PL
“Visited on our way to the Beach. Big store / deli with a good selection of beers, locals mostly. Bombers and 4 packs dominating. Worth a visit if you need a sandwich and some beer going to/home from the Beach.“
Camons 2124 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Well ... what can one say. Terrific location on cool island (with parking in the back, so don't overlook that). Good looking facility with bar area on one side and restaurant on the other. Many of their taps (24? More?). The food was excellent, in a nice restaurant-y SoCal/island-y vibe. The beer was a bit of a disappointment. Many, many taps, but they were out of 3 or 4 of them, without replacements. And the existing ones were a lot of IPAs varietals, which was fine, but also is limited, and lighter brews. Was hoping for a couple of dark beer options, myself. (No brews over 9%? No stouts at all, of which I would posit is some of their best offerings??) Perhaps perfect for covering non beer snobs, and the family seemed fine, but thought there were some limitations that didn't need to be there. Great vibe. Enjoyed (almost) thoroughly. Oh, and the brews had on site all wound up rating somewhat mediocre. Possibly as I'd had 20 some already, so their base good stuff, so was hoping for specials ... which, interestingly, if looking at their website, there are on their taplist here. Just not that good, or were missing. Would say leans toward the tourist crowd.“
AWISLguy 2132 days ago
74 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Visited on a Sunday during lunch in February 2018. A large place that was not too crowded. The service was good and the beers were ok, although with some rather boring ones. Flights available.“
gyllenbock 2279 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“A typical island bar and restaurant with huge plantation shutters on the windows, slightly open to allow the breeze through. This place was quite busy during our mid-afternoon visit but we scored a table quicker than the hostess hypothesized. Our server was a bit awkward and odd, but brought us our food and beverages nonetheless. The food is pretty good and beer good, though we stuck to the non-core beers.“
BeerandBlues2 2565 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Cool spot, spitting distance from the beach, so that means lots of people always, and the real estate is probably pretty expensive, so cramped is an understatement. Service was good at the bar, but one dude with a full bar means he is busy. Selection was good, varied and all decent. Food is like upscale bar food with a pizza added. A bit pricier than other places in town. Worth a stop if you’re heading to Coronado for something else, but otherwise there are better options in San Diego.“
jbruner 2700 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“The food is good, the service very good and the beer variable. Their IPAs are very good most other styles range from awful to average. Well worth the visit.“
Luvystypotables 2813 days ago
82 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Really nice place...coronado though doesnt produce really good stuff.The food is ok but i expected more regarding the beer.“
Owl83 2816 days ago
66 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
DSG 2843 days ago
78 /100 178 ORANGE AVE.
“Large liquor store with a great selection of beers. Really good prices for some great bombers.“
melush 2906 days ago
58 /100 178 ORANGE AVE.
“Very serviceable shop right next to Coronado brewery. Several coolers full of beer, and lots of goodies. No 12-oz singles, which is a bummer, but the bombers were very well priced, at least as compared to what I’m used to in Minneapolis. Lots of $4-$7 bombers of very good beer. A couple gems in here as well - Sucaba, BA Narwhal. Several 6-packs and variety 12-packs. Didn’t take me long to walk out with 2 bags of beer.“
BVery 2990 days ago
88 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Excellent spot. Really nice relaxed yet classy vibe. 24 beers on, flights available. Great service. Some really excellent beers as well - not all of them, but several.“
BVery 2991 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Nice brewpub on Coronado Island. great atmosphere.“
beryll 3019 days ago
82 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Great stop-in on Coronado Island. Great list of seasonals and regular features, samples easy to achieve. Food was pretty good.“
bulldogops 3066 days ago
74 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Family Restaurant like pub. Selection of their regular home brews. The liquor store next door is a better visit for a beer geek.“
melush 3166 days ago
72 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Relatively busy during the night times with a 15-20 minute wait. Beer selection is all Coronado’s stuff. Food is generously sized and reasonably priced. Staff are as expected. Ambiance is a simple open air patio-like dining and TV’s in every corner showing the latest ball game.“
jc1762 3176 days ago
78 /100 1000 PARK PL
“A pretty rocking selection and awesome sandwiches. Loads of hte local stuff in bombers or 4/6 packs, though not a lot of singles available. Easily the best selection in Coronado. I was hoping you’d be able to sit down and eat your sandwhich and have a bottle of beer with it but that is not the case. Still, worth a stop if you are in the area for a bite and a bottle to go.“
Capa 3306 days ago
74 /100 1015 ORANGE AVE
“Pretty hip looking bar and restaurant along Orange Ave. I stopped in after working up a thirst wandering the streets. The lineup was IPA heavy with most of them local breweries. I snagged an Alpine Hoppy birthday, which was served in good condition, though a bit too chilled. It warmed up quickly and drank rather well. Barkeeper seemd a bit overwhelmed but she was nice and my beer came fast enough. i didn’t eat but the sights and smells of their dishes were lovely. Two big TVs over the bar showing sports. A couple big windows that open up to the street provided some enjoyable fresh air and slight breeze. A good spot and I’d come back.“
Capa 3306 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“I stopped in here while killing time in Coronado. They have 20 taps (only 19 were on when I was there) of their brews going. Six regulars and the rest are seasonal or special brews. The atmosphere initially struck me like an Applebees, which was kind of depressing. The bar area was way too small. When I was there it was busy but the small bar made it seem packed. I was going to get a flight but since I had no place to sit I ended up grabbing a couple of pints instead. The service was pretty good- the bar keepers were busy but fairly attentive. This is a pretty solid stop in Coronado.“
Capa 3307 days ago
70 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“A bit soulless brewpub in Coronado. Service was friendly and prompt, beers decent and prices reasonable but something was missing. But it wasn’t the wi-fi. This might sound negative but it isn’t.“
rosenbergh 3315 days ago
82 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Visited during SD Beer Week, a 5 or so minute stroll from the ferry terminal a modern looking brewpub, tasting flights are available, just fill in a postcard with you choice of 5. Offer a few souvenirs and some unusual items, nice feel to the place, sat at the bar and got served efficiently, scooping in the range quickly. Nice place. Worth the journey and some nice views of San Diego into the bargain.“
WingmanWillis 3453 days ago
86 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Cool spot on Orange street in Coronado. Nice tap selection of house brews. We didn’t eat but the food is supposed to be awesome. Friendly staff, good atmosphere. Awesome place.“
50belair 3485 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Stopped by on a weekend afternoon, a little crowded, but not too bad. There were over 10 beers on tap, good selection to choose from. Service was decent, might have been a little short staffed. Food was good. Most of their beers were sold in the liquor store right next door, very convenient. Definitely worth a stop.“
jandd1983 3502 days ago
84 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Super place great food and terrific beer. This is a must for a beer geek. Nice tasters and a beautiful area to visit.“
BrewDad 3561 days ago
68 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Whoever voted this top 2014 World Beer Cup Mid size brewpub needs to get out a bit more. Sure its a fun spot, in an idealic location, but the top to bottom beer quality isn’t there. Inside is a bit dark, wish the bar was larger as it was packed despite a slow day. Only 3 tables outside was strange. The regular lineup was extremely disappointing. The Idiot was ok the rest should be skipped. They did have another 16 or so one off draft beers. I had 3 lovely ipas, but the rest where sub standard. Service was nice and helpful. I’d come by if I lived here but this isn’t a destination spot nor should it be on the top of any lists.“
chibuck 3614 days ago
80 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“19 specialitybeers + 1 cider + 6 regular taps. Bar, tables and a little outdoor seating. Very fast and friendly service.“
chinchill 3617 days ago
80 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Visited on Sunday 20/04/14 around 5pm, located just over 5 minutes walk from the ferry stop to SD. The place was starting to fill out with Sunday evening diners but they were happy for me to take a table of 4 despite the fact I wasnt eating. Modern looking brewpub with brew kit visible, function kind of place, patio out front which was full and a decent vibe about the place. 23 taps dispensing 6 regulars and fairly impressive 17 seasonals/one offs. Tasting flight was $11 for 5, the service was prompt and most beers decent. Well worth a trip out to!“
Theydon_Bois 3629 days ago
82 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Stopped in twice, once for lunch and once for a beer. Cool place on an awesome island, reasonable prices ($9 for 5 pour flight), food was excellent and service was very good. About 20 beers available on tap.“
TheHOFF43 3750 days ago
66 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Nice building and location. It was good to visit, but not the best beer around. The beer is okay, just not comparable to many other san diego breweries. Food was pretty good. Nice atmosphere.“
mrhoppy 3792 days ago
86 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“I checked this place out while on vacation in San Diego earlier in the year. I was impressed with the inside of the restaurant, with the open kitchen and pizza oven in full view. The service was warm and the beers were pretty decent overall. I was a bit disappointed that two that I had asked for were unavailable despite being on the menu but I got over it quickly. They do flights and I had not tried many of there beers so I was able to try 5-6 new ones that day which was nice. I was there during the afternoon and decided to get some food and went with the calzone, and I was glad I did as it was some of the best food I have had at a brewpub. I’ll definitely be back for more“
Thrillhouse35 3853 days ago
82 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Visited October 2013.

I’ve been wanting to check out Coronado for a number of years now and finally got the chance. There’s always some reason why I couldn’t. They do a really cool vintage car race out here every year that I was hoping to couple with a trip to the brewery the last few years. Maybe next year... Anyway, the pub is only two blocks from the water and if you’re on the patio you can see San Diego a little bit. Inside is a bit disappointing compared to outside but it’s still a nice place. The tables aren’t too smashed together, the servers were nice, the food was good, and they have a lot of beers on tap, many of which I had never had before.

The burger was the Islander Burger and was pretty good. I’ll mention that it was cooked about medium when I ordered it medium rare, so that’s not bad. The burger had some pineapple and teriyaki on it. I’m a sucker for peppers on burgers (in this case the Baja Burger) but the server talked me into the Islander instead. The beer list is kind of ridiculous. I’ve been ticking Coronado beers for five years and they managed to have at least half a dozen new ones for me, some of which were pretty good.

Parking can be a pain, the prices are high, and the place can be crowded, but all in all I enjoyed this quite a bit and would gladly return. Maybe next year in October for the vintage car race.“
t0rin0 3857 days ago
92 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Visited here for dinner while on vacation in early August ’13. Very crowded for a Sunday night - friendly talkative clientele and staff - we sat at the bar. Well furnished, not too fancy, has a nautical feel to it. Has about 15 of their beers on taps - all of their regulars and a few special releases. Have some taps from other brewers as well. Food was excellent and the barkeeps were attentive but not overbearing. Would be a regular eating place if I lived in the San Diego area. Parking not too much of an issue - found street parking about a block away behind the restaurant. A must stop if on Coronado and in the San Diego area as well.“
PorterPounder 3933 days ago
80 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Hit or miss with this place. Some beers are just OK, others are amazing. Sometimes the place seems dark and socially dreary, and other times its lively and happy. Worth the stop if you’re on the island, or relaxing after a soccer/softball tournament.“
Lagunitasfan 3962 days ago
84 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“My wife and I arrived here about 10 minutes after it opened on a Friday mid-morning after paying a visit to the historic Del Coronado Hotel. We parked just off of Orange Ave. and walked up Orange to get to the brewpub. What a cute, clean area. We stopped to say hi to a snow white, long haired Tom cat named Sam. He was just chillin’ on the sidewalk. Coronado Brewing’s storefront is very attractive--brick with a hanging wooden sign, brass lettering above, with an adjacent painted Coronado emblem. The inside is very nice with wood everywhere. Brew kettles and fermenters are visible behind the bar. The service was pleasant, accommodating, and friendly. In fact, Ron Chapman, the CEO and co-founder had observed me taking notes on all the beers I was trying. He came over to introduce himself and tell me a little about the history of the brewery and his excitement about the craft brew explosion in San Diego. Coronado was among a handful of craft brewers in the San Diego area before anyone even really knew what "craft beer" meant. Flights are available. I won’t review the beers here, I’ve done that for each individual one I tried. Suffice it to say that Coronado has positioned itself solidly in one of the most competitive, growing artisan beer markets in the world. I was very impressed. I can’t wait to go back. This time for some lunch or dinner in addition to a few pints.“
DocJitsu 4072 days ago
62 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“We sat at the bar as everyone at tables was eating, and it was a busy evening. Some beers better than others. The Baby Idiot IPA at just 3.9% abv was very tasty. An interesting boat ride from San Diego (which goes from the quayside by the railroad station)“
b727trijet 4104 days ago
84 /100 1015 ORANGE AVE
“Nice little restaurant on Orange Avenue in Coronado. Very friendly service, and chic decor. They have several (10+) interesting beers from around the region on tap - Avery, Boulder, Alesmith, Ballast Point, etc. The food here is fantastic. Good place for someone who likes good service, good food and good craft beer on tap.“
wheresyourball 4106 days ago
72 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“When I came first some years ago they had a rule in place to serve only 3 pints by person. Seems they have lifted this now. Great food, like the Weisswurst Burger, beers are above average. If you combine a round of Golf at Coronado municipal GC with some pints at this brewery thereafter you will have a great day.“
Schlenkerla 4161 days ago
68 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“I’ve been to CBC several times. The ambiance is great, with firepits and cool craftsman style to the place. The beers are limited to CBC offerings, which are ok but not great. The food is above average.“
wheresyourball 4259 days ago
74 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“We visit the brewpub just during lunch time. So it was pleasant busy. A nice decorated bar. On one side the brewery behing a glass wall and at the other side the kitchen. In the middle there was the bas. With a friendly staff. There were several beers of there own available.“
Ober 4300 days ago
80 /100 1000 PARK PL
“great bottle shop on tiny coronado island. close to our hotel and good selection. decent price too“
mikem409 4330 days ago
96 /100 1000 PARK PL
“Awesome guys here. Rus and niles are very very helpful and for some odd reason they always have tactical nuclear penguin and utopia chilling on the shelves lol. There deli is top notch A+ there selection could use some help seem to be a little low on micros believe it or not. Btw is your looking for wine it’s pretty easy to get a few here while shopping for beer.“
Benfrank 4331 days ago
78 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“This is a popular place. On July 3rd we had to wait at least 45 min. for a table while the other joints on the strip were half full. We were lucky to get a parking spot just one block away. While waiting, I bought one of their T-shirts. Also at the Deli next door I got a nice Scottish Imp. Stout to take home. Our waiter was friendly and brought the beer sampler right away. Later he brought the 3 remaining Coronado beers that they had on tap. The Philly cheese steak was good.“
Ron 4337 days ago
100 /100 1000 PARK PL
“This is hands down the best store if your in the coronado area. Everything from craft beers to 200$ specialty (extremely rare) beers. Such as Nuclear Penguin from "Brew Dawg" Always in stock with the hardest to find beers such as Pliney the Elder and there always in STOCK! In addition to the amazing selection of beers they have the most amazing deli in coronado. The sandwiches have been featured on rock 105.3 FM and they have awards proving there excellence in sandwich making. If your ever in the area and want to get a phenomenal beer and a 5 star sandwich Park Place Liquor is a must see.“
vista755 4486 days ago
70 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“decent place, but not great. However, they do make a few really tasty beers. The food is so-so (patty melt) and the service is just above average. usually have about 12 beers on at a time with a couple guest taps. The easiest way to get there is to take the water taxi from the SD convention center and just walk a couple blocks. It was fast and inexpensive because parking can be a bitch on the island.“
Terminus 4693 days ago
70 /100 170 ORANGE AVE
“Ambience a bit lacking during a weekday lunch and decor is standard brewpub. Selection of CBC beers represents most styles and the Idiot IPA and Black IPA I had were very good. Had the ahi sandwich seared, but the fish wasn’t fresh enough to be served that way and the waitress should have known that. Service was quick and attentive, prices on the high side, which you’d expect for Coronado. I’d visit again and would like to go back in the evening.“
TheRealMGD 4836 days ago