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72 /100 6855 CAMINO ARROYO
“When my family spent money at Gilroy Premium Outlets, I drove to BevMo! which is only a short drive. Traffic was heavy, as bytemesis wrote. Parking was no problem. The store was neat and welcoming. Lots of Californian craft beers, but hardly any small singles. Nice service. (Visited July 3rd 2016)“
Bryne 1627 days ago
66 /100 6855 CAMINO ARROYO
“Traffic sucks here. Just thought I would say that. Of course I needed to rake the only other place tick in Gilroy while I was here. This particular BevMo appears pretty new, is a lot smaller than average, and has correspondingly less space devoted to beer. There. Dune.“
bytemesis 1810 days ago
66 /100
Barbecue 152 (Restaurant)
“It took a second to track this place down as it was listed here as BBQ 152, but the signs on the door (and more importantly the listing on Google Maps) is Barbecue 152. Once that was taken care of, it was an easy find on the main drag in Gilroy. Ample parking in the lot. This place is pretty small; least tables of any of the three I have been to so far [Barbecue 152, Aptos St., Mission St.]. Counter service like the rest. 20 taps when I was there, almost all California beers, including some interesting things like Fieldwork. Taplist is basically a bit worse than a typical SmokeEaters. BBQ is quite good; something I have found to be true at all locations thus far. Counter service was efficient and friendly, but after that the wheels came off. There were like 8 people in the restaurant when I sat down. In the 25 minutes it took for my food to come, one left after complaining that he had waited 45 minutes and was out of time, another with a takeout order spend a good 15 minutes going over things because they had apparently messed his order up pretty bad. My food was basically cold when it arrived, delivered with an apologetic -- "sorry, were totally slammed," as I looked around at the three other occupied tables. I can’t imagine what its like when they are busy.“
bytemesis 1810 days ago
64 /100
Barbecue 152 (Restaurant)
“Visited on my way back down south after Thanksgiving. Having read Bobby’s rating, I figured I’d stop and eat here, but having just watched the Raiders get beat by 100 points by St. Louis, I wasn’t too hungry.

If you’re just stopping for beer, this place will work but it’s not going to blow your mind. The tap list is around maybe 12 long and they had a couple seasonal/limited offerings, but otherwise it’s kind of your typical Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, Stone, etc. selection. But, it seems like they do get some interesting stuff from time to time just from looking at their facebook page and what not.“
brokensail 2195 days ago
70 /100 6855 CAMINO ARROYO
“I should say that stopping in any of these outlet shopping malls is a bit of a deathwish, particularly if you’re just stopping to check out the BevMo that’s basically the same as every other BevMo you’ve ever been to. But hey, I got some cheap Nikes too...

The layout, selection, and pricing is pretty much on par with other stores of the chain. They have some coolers and some warm/shelf stored beers, as usual. The typical selection of German, Belgian, Japanese imports. Stuff from Lost Abbey, Firestone, Deschutes, New Belgium, Bruery, etc. from the American side...

I guess if you don’t have another option, it works. But I’d try to go to any number of other stores first.“
brokensail 2195 days ago
74 /100 6855 CAMINO ARROYO
“(Visited 11/2014): The Gilroy BevMo location is on Camino Arroyo in a shopping plaza. Parking is ample in front of the building.

The inside of the store is brightly lit and laid out similar to other locations. The beer is located in the right rear of the store both on shelves and in coolers, segregated by geography.

BevMo has several hundred brands available, including many CA craft breweries like Port, Lost Abbey, Bruery, Calicraft and Hangar 24. Many other domestic craft breweries as well as imports.

Service shortly after opening on a Friday was pretty typical. I was asked if I needed help finding anything and checkout was friendly.

Overall BevMo is predictable like most chain retailers and can always be counted on to pick up some regional goodies.“
Dogbrick 2219 days ago
68 /100
Barbecue 152 (Restaurant)
“Visited January 19, 2014.

Ever since I stopped in at Aptos St BBQ I’ve been hooked and have been making it a point to try all five locations owned by the group of brothers that decided to make a BBQ chain and pour good beer. I’ve now been to Aptos St (Aptos), Traildust (Morgan Hill), and BBQ 152 (Gilroy). Still on the to-try list is Mission St (Santa Cruz) and Salinas City BBQ (Salinas).

The food is pretty much the same at all the locations. I’ve tried the spicy beef sandwich and the non spicy version (both are cubes of smoked tri trip cooked in BBQ sauce, freaking awesome) as well as the tri tip sandwich. I’m officially done with tri tip sandwiches, unless I see them slice the tri tip myself so I can make sure that it isn’t dry. Seriously, how hard is it to not make the tri tip dried out and crappy? Apparently the answer is: moderately. The point of tri tip is that it’s a thick cut so that you can smoke it for a long time (or just grill it) and keep it good and red in the center. Usually when I order tri tip by itself it’s just fine, but when it comes sliced on bread it goes to shit. [:37]. Every place says that their tri tip is better. Wrong. I’m done.

The beer list wasn’t amazing but of the 10 taps (3 of which were blown) they had a couple decent ones to pick from. I went with the tick, which was a beer camp beer from Sierra Nevada that one of the owners apparently participated in. Unibrown. Not bad for a brown ale I suppose, but a bit light. This particular place is probably the least beery of the three that I’ve been to but you can find something good (like a Lagunitas IPA) to go with your food. They offer everything by the pint or by the "half glass" which is actually a 4 oz taster glass.“
t0rin0 2559 days ago
72 /100 6855 CAMINO ARROYO
“Visited December 1, 2013.

This is a relatively new location and it’s right on the heavily travelled highway 152 that connects 101 and 5. Actually this whole (monstrosity of a) shopping center is relatively new. As far as a Bevmo goes it’s about average. Nothing overly special regarding the inventory but they do have several beer aisles. They have the standard Belgian selection which consists of mostly good beers like Chimay, Rochefort, Westmalle, Orval, and St Bernardus. They have the same German selection as the rest as well like Weihenstapher and Spaten. They have a slightly more regional selection of California-made beers which is about the only difference in most Bevmos. The beers that you might not find in Bevmos in the other half of the state include Heretic and Figueroa Mountain. Prices are fixed across all locations and are generally pretty good. Service was slightly better than usual in that they actually reached out and asked if I wanted some help and asked what I was looking for. If you’re driving to Southern California and don’t want to spend an extra couple hours driving down 101 this is the last stop until LA.“
t0rin0 2610 days ago
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